6 Places You Could Easily Move To From The U.S. If You Just Can’t Cope Anymore

The 2016 presidential election has taken such a toll on millions of Americans on both sides. Many feel threatened, shocked, and unsafe in light of what’s unfolded over the last two days.

No matter which way you slice it, this nation is divided. Some want to bring about change at any cost, while others now fear for their rights. Many have even actively discussed fleeing the country on the basis of those fears. But moving is never easy, especially given the state of migration worldwide. National interest in moving to Canada was so high last night, in fact, that the Canadian immigration site crashed.

That being said, the process of emigrating to Canada is not an easy one. Canada might not be the best choice for relocation, but if you’re dead set on leaving the U.S., these six countries have made it incredibly easy for Americans to earn citizenship. The kicker is that they’re beautiful, too.

1. Sweden

Despite its high taxes and cost of living, a residential permit can be quickly obtained for as little as $117. The entire permit process can be completed online, cutting down on expensive postage costs and delays in acceptance notices. In 2014, Sweden had one of the largest residence permit acceptance rates in the world. More than 110,000 permits were issued that year.

2. Mexico

Mexico may just be the closest alternative to living in the U.S. For just $21 every six months, U.S. residents can obtain an FFM Visa, which can be renewed indefinitely. The one downside to these permits is that they are only good for those who do not wish to work in Mexico.

3. New Zealand

If the “Lord of the Rings” movies taught us anything, it’s how beautiful this country is. It also has a relatively simple immigration process. The country gives potential residents a variety of methods to help them achieve citizenship.

When applying for a visa, you must meet one of five criteria: reside in New Zealand for 184 days as a resident before applying to make that status permanent, have a tax residence status in the country, invest money into the New Zealand economy, own a business in the country, or simply establish a base in New Zealand for 41 days living with another permanent resident.

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12 Ridiculous Jobs That Thankfully Don’t Exist Anymore

Everyone complains about work every now and then. It’s impossible not to.

Most people are expected to undergo at least four career changes by the time they turn 32. For those of you looking for a new career path or just standing around the water cooler complaining about your current job, remember that thanks to technology and other advancements, the possibilities are endless. (After all, a “social media specialist” was not a thing a few years ago.)

Although we have our fair share of bizarre jobs, these 12 occupations from the past are pretty odd, too.

1. Rat Catcher

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but rat catchers would travel the streets of London during the Victorian Era, catching mice and rats with their bare hands. Sometimes, they used poison and terriers to help them out.

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2. Body Snatcher

Also known as resurrectionists, body snatchers would dig up bodies from graves and sell them to medical schools.

3. Ornatrices

This is the Ancient Roman equivalent of a beautician. An ornatrice would be hired to ensure that members of the nobility were always up on the latest trends.

4. Barber-Surgeon

Barber shops still are quite popular today, but in the 1500s, your neighborhood barber would be responsible for trimming hair, removing lice, pulling teeth, and administering blood work. Fun.

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5. Roman Orgy Planner

This takes party planning to the extreme. In Ancient Rome, orgy planners were in charge of planning every aspect of these sexual events. This included the guest lists, the food, and the locations of the orgies.

6. Litter Carrier

We’ve all seen royals making grand entrances in movies while being carried by four strong men. Luckily, this form of transportation was made obsolete by carriages.

7. Knock Knobbler


Perhaps a boring job, knock knobbler’s were tasked with shooing stray dogs out of churches in Elizabethan times.

8. Computer

Believe it or not, before there were Macbook Pros or Dells, there were human beings that would perform all the tasks now associated with our laptops. NASA used to hire people for the job of “computer.” This female-dominated industry would require them to generate error-free mental calculations for hours at a time.

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9. Groom of the Stool

These helpers, who aided the king with going to the bathroom, received their own places on the king’s court. That being said, it was still a crappy job.

10. Cat Meat Deliverer

Some lucky cats were able to have their meals delivered daily by a cat meat deliverer. They would go from slaughterhouse to slaughterhouse collecting meat scraps to serve to kitties belonging to wealthy families.

11. Lector

These factory workers were tasked with reading the news and other forms of literature aloud to the other employees over the course of the day.

12. Pinsetter

Prior to automatic resetting machines, bowling pins had to be set up manually.

See? Your job doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

(via AllDay)

After all, just think about how horrible it’d be to scream the news in a noisy factory all day.

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You’ll Never Believe Who Makes The Most Money On TV

In Hollywood, there’s an unspoken rule that the bigger the star, the bigger the paycheck. And while most celebrities can make a killing by starring in a box-office smash, not everyone can (or wants to) break out into the movies. In fact, actors, actresses, and TV personalities are proving that television might just be where the real money’s at.

In a recent report from Variety, the top-earning men and women in television were broken down into three categories: drama, comedy, and reality/host/news. Some of the celebs below may come as no surprise, but I bet you can’t guess the daytime star that tops the list as the highest-paid person in television.

1. Sofia Vergara – $250,000 per episode

Getty Images

Since 2009, Vergara has portrayed Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s smash-hit comedy “Modern Family,” which is now in its eighth season. This Colombian-American actress rakes in an estimated $6 million per season.

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2. Kevin Spacey – $500,000 per episode

Getty Images

Netflix has given traditional broadcast television a run for its money over the last decade, and it’s really beginning to show. Kevin Spacey stars in the lead role of the streaming service’s Emmy-winning drama “House of Cards,” and each season, he walks away with $6.5 million.

3. Ellen DeGeneres – $20 million per year

Getty Images

Since starting her own daytime talk show in 2003, Ellen DeGeneres has been serving up witty jokes and laughing her way to the bank. Not including her numerous endorsement deals, this hysterical comedian takes home an estimated $20 million a year. Not too shabby!

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4. Matt Lauer – $22-25 million per year

Getty Images

Matt Lauer has been delighting viewers as a co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” show since 1997. Now in his 19th year with the program, Lauer brings home between $22-25 million per year for his early-morning antics.

5. Jim Parsons – $1 million per episode

Getty Images

Parsons is known for playing the egocentric Sheldon Cooper on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” now in its tenth season. Parsons, along with fellow cast members Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, make an estimated $1 million per episode.

But you might be surprised to learn that the person earning the most money on television is…Judge Judy.

Getty Images

Judge Judy Sheindlin might just be the hardest-working woman on TV, and her earnings certainly reflect that. America’s favorite small claims court judge makes a whopping $47 million a year. With an income like that, who are we to judge?

(via Jezebel)

To find out how much your favorite television star is earning, you can check out the full list here.

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HuffPo moves Donald Trump coverage ‘back’ to news section

Back in July, the Huffington Post devoted its home page to a photo of Donald Trump and the headline, “You’re Fired! From Our Political Reporting.” What followed was “An Important Note On Our Coverage Of Donald Trump’s ‘Campaign.’”

In short, the editorial board of the Huffington Post declared Trump a “sideshow” and announced that any future coverage of Trump would be found under HuffPo’s entertainment section. HuffPo’s adherence to its own rule was spotty at best, but tonight, the Huffington Post has another important announcement:

HuffPo, smelling blood in the water as Trump announced a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” just couldn’t hold out any longer. Arianna Huffington herself declaredin a lengthy essay that, from now on,the Huffington Post will“not only be covering the ways Trump’s campaign is unique in recent American politics, but also the disastrous impact it continues to have on his fellow candidates and the national conversation.” Or it could just cover the news as news. Or not bother at all.

Something tells us the whole “covering Trump under our entertainment section” smackdown didn’t sting quite like it was meant to.

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These Incredibly Stupid News Stories Will Make You Despair For Humanity Even More

Oh, humans. They’re such a difficult bunch, right? One day they’re creating amazing works of art and feats of science, and the next they’re blowing each other up. And if their actions aren’t on a large scale, well, don’t worry, the local news has a way of getting even the dumbest things to you.

Take a look at some of the stupidest things the news has covered. Some are so bad, it’s ridiculous that they even made it to the news. Reading about them might make you feel better about yourself or it might make you weep for humanity. Either way, it’s still entertaining.

1.) Jar Jar Binks’ Approval Rating More Than Twice That of Congress

Congress approval ratings

You know you’re failing as a country when the Gungan representative is ranked higher than the actualrepresentatives. To be fair, the characters of the Star Wars were granted a “neutral” option, which is not usually a choice on political polls. Still, Binks has a 29% favorable rating while Congress has 11.6%. Of course, this doesn’t actually mean anything because despite everyone supposedly hating them so much, 85% of House incumbents managed to get reelected anyway. And the Empire rose to power in Star Wars, so Binks’ relative success was moot, too.

2.) Huge Distance of Parking Lot Covered Thanks to Technology

While covering an actually serious story, two anchors held a world-shrinking correspondence via split-screen. That distance was about half a parking lot. It’s likely that this “satellite”-style interaction was due to the fact that the anchors, Ashleigh Banfield (left) and Nancy Grace, are on different networks (CNN and Headline, respectively, though both are owned by the same company), but when you can see the same bus in the background of both shots, it’s just silly.

3.) Most Americans Think Children Playing Should Be a Criminal Act

Despite the fact that the US is enjoying an all-time low in crime in several decades, and that studies show that unsupervised play is beneficial, and even necessary, to childhood development, a lot of people seem to prefer living in the Law and Order: SVU land and assume that each moment is fraught with impending doom. To that end, many would like to see unsupervised play of all children under 12 criminalized. Presumably the age cut-off is due to the fact that the kids become criminals themselves once they hit puberty. This includes kids playing in their own yards as well as at local parks, despite the fact that many parents grew up doing just these activities. But, you know, facts. Who believes those?

4.) Walmart Demands Charity for its Underpaid Employees…From You.

Walmart has come under fire for not providing its employees a decent living wage, even though their 2012 profits were $15.7 billion. But hey, bloated corporations have to eat too! That’s why Walmart came up with the ideas to make its customers fund its employees by encouraging them to donate food items so that the employees can do luxurious things like eat. Walmart spokespeople describe it as “caring,” while others use terms like “moral outrage.”

5.) Quick Thinking Response to Medical Emergency

I mean, there’s really nothing I have to add to this. The original writer’s opinion of this incident comes through pretty loud and clear if you ask me.

6.) Expectant Father Learns Girlfriend Just Wanted to Eat for Six

Things were going great for this couple, who were expecting the birth of quintuplets back in March. Barbara Bienvenue made it all the way to the delivery room when it came out that she was not actually pregnant. Just a bit, um, plump. She had her boyfriend, Paul Servat, and quite a number of other people going for all 34 weeks of the “pregnancy.”Needless to say, they’re a bit miffed. And it’s not a case of phantom pregnancy, either; friends and family have said Bienvenue has lied about physical conditions before, too, including having twins and having cancer. If that doesn’t make you want to get a full psych history on your next date, I don’t know what does.

7.) Interpreter Provides Translation for Those Who Speak Flail

Everyone remembers when the “sign language interpreter,” pictured to the right of Obama, at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service was outed as a fraud by deaf communities around the world, describing him as “a fake who merely flapped his arms during the speeches.” No one knew who the guy was or where he came from, or why no one noticed his flappy movements during the multiple speeches. Turns out, the guy suffered from a severe case of schizophrenia, which contributed to his actions here, and has had a violent past. Now it’s a little less funny.

8.) Sarah Palin Loves Christmas and So Can You for $19.59

No stranger to bringing mass-scale humiliation on herself, Sarah Palin decided to pour her heart out into a new book about the true meaning of Christmas–you know, how we should focus on the religious and family traditions rather than the rampant commercialization. Of course, she was careful to make sure it came out right around Christmas. You know, so her readers would be reminded not to spend too much money…on anything else.

9.) Kim Kardashian Wows the People with her Philanthropy

It’s nothing shocking that Kim K. is the popular symbol for excess, bad makeup highlights and terrible blazers, but her “charity” stunt in 2013 was pretty bad, even by Kardashian standards. She sold off a bunch of clothes to raise proceeds for survivors of the typhoon that devastated the Philippines that year. It sounds like a good idea, but the thing was, she kept 90% of the profit. I guess she realized that she’d have to replace her wardrobe. I’m almost impressed she agreed to only replace 90% of it. What a giving soul.

10.) Justin Beiber Pees in Mop Bucket. 10,000 Tween Girls Declare Undying Love


Another bastion of pure class, the Beebz was recently videoed relieving himself in a mop bucket at a restaurant. And no, he didn’t pull his pants down. That, my friends, is fashion. Leaving a club via a restaurant kitchen (yes, where the food is made). Not only is that, you know, illegal and disgusting, it also means that some poor employee had to change out that water (we hope), which means getting within a 15-foot radius of not only Beiber but also his pee. Why is this guy still a thing?

11.) Sexual Assault Prosecutor Accused of Sexual Assault at Sexual Assault Conference

In what might be the worst case of irony ever, the top prosecutor in the Army’s seemingly neverending investigations into sexual assault, Lt. Col. Joseph “Jay” Morse, was suspended after a lawyer who worked with him alleged that he had groped her and tried to kiss her–at a conference on sexual assault. The levels of ick in this are many.

12.) White Supremacist Learns About the Magic of Genetics

Craig Cobb is an outspoken white supremacist who became known when he announced that he wanted to turn the town of Leith, North Dakota (population 19) into a white-supremacist-only haven. To drum up suport (of which there was little), he went on The Trisha Goddard Show and took a DNA test to prove something about “racial purity.” If you’re waiting for some kind of divine payoff, you’ll get it: Turns out, Cobb’s ancestry includes 14% sub-Saharan DNA. So being white doesn’t mean you can’t have black ancestry, and whatever you look like or identify as, being a racist d-bag will always make you look stupid.

 If you have one life goal, it should be to not end up in one of these roundups. 

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NY Times Endorses McCain? Says Economy in Collapse! Reuters Says US Citizens Are Idiots. Hundreds Of Thousands DIE!

The New York Times reports we are in a total calamity according to our Federal Reserve.

If indeed this is factual in any way, which in the case of the NY Times, it most often is not, we have to examine how we got here.

We believe the primary cause is our dependency on foreign natural resources because of our NIMBY attitude.  We also believe this strongly suggests that Obama is not up for the job.  His proposal is to spend nearly the entire deficit on his programs without resolving the economic problems or our trade deficit first.

Obama wants health care that takes on people with pre-existing conditions.  This is either a hollow promise or one that puts us in the poor house as a nation.  He also wants to convert us over to alternative energy, but again has no plan and would keep on importing our natural resources at a huge rate at the expense of the dollar.  He also seems to want to blame our crisis on Republicans when the bulk of the problem was brought on by Alan Greenspan during his tenure along side Bill Clinton (when the stock market bubble occurred).

We believe if the economy is in this dire of a crisis, Obama is the last person we want at the helm.  We need to start now to tap our natural resources ASAP, creating American jobs in the process.  We cannot be NIMBY now.  The government cannot let ecology groups and liberals destroy our economy any longer.  Ecology has to take a back seat to economic destruction.  If our economy fails, ecology won’t matter one iota.

Reuters Says US Citizens Are Idiots. Hundreds Of Thousands DIE!!

We are seeing articles that totally question the intelligence of the American People. This liberal article tries to make a claim that hundreds of thousands died in a Shiite cleansing (compare that to the total death count of all American Soldiers in the war thus far, 4000 and the number killed in the 9/11 attacks, 3000).

How gullible does the liberal press think we are? Do they honestly believe hundreds of thousands of people were killed and their bodies disposed of in days? And do they have any evidence at all? Must have been one heck of a problem on garbage pick up day. Can’t just put those bodies in the recycle bin. Brings to mind the Monty Python parody, “Bring out your dead”.

Of course, this is all total nonsense… a fabrication to make the war look horrible, to refute the success of the Surge and to support Obama with lies.

This media nonsense should be “cleansed”. Maybe we can get the Shiites to visit Reuters?

In the 2008 Presidential Election, We Don’t Care if We are Sexist, Racist or Biased

W e are what we are, fabricated over years of exposure to the realities of our lives.  If you were attacked or mugged by a member of a specific race, you likely harbor a prejudice against that race.  If you were impoverished, oppressed by or at war with a race of people, you likely have a bias against them.  And sexism touches us all from the “glass ceiling” to the destruction of “father’s rights” by the women’s movement to the horrors of rape.  There are so many other facets of racism and sexism that span the globe that one could write a book the size of “War and Peace” and not cover them all.

The sexist card is hard to totally understand.  Many men blame it on a women’s movement that has made every attempt to minimize the importance of men, especially fathers, in their children’s lives.  But sexism and abuse of women was around long before there was any solidified women’s movement.

Women, on the other hand, want equal wages and fair consideration, and because of physical differences, suffer at the hands of men.  Internationally, sexist acts against women are rampant and the indignations they suffer are broad-based.  In some societies, they are deprived of basic education to ensure their advancement in society is impaired and their social status retained as subservient to men.

In America, it is quite possible the pendulum has swung too far, when a female population that outnumbers men is treated like a minority.  But world-wide, that is anything but the truth.

The sexism issue is an important one from a political standpoint.  Statistically, women vote more than men, and women of voting age outnumber men.  One has to only go to political websites to find that almost every candidate addresses women’s rights, while few address the rights of men.  If you want the vote of women, you don’t mess with the sexist argument and if you want the vote of the aged, you don’t mess with Social Security and Medicare.  And what do we call the equivalent of racism against the aged?  Aged-ism?  Plenty of that against McCain, as there was against Reagan.

These two issues go way beyond what is stated here and they have become a central focal point of who we are as a nation.  Most of us do not wish to be classified as racist or sexist, but in some measure, we all are, whether we admit it or not.  In humor, Avenue Q, a Broadway Show has a tune they include in their performance, in which they sing, “Everyone’s a little bit racist…sometimes….”.  We would add sexist and just about every other bias to that.

And so enters politics, in which we expect the candidate to be a perfect reflection of our ideals.  As such, no politician wants to be considered sexist or racist, and yet, by their own nature they must be.  So, when you see one or the other play the racism or sexism card against their opponent, one has to examine the motivations behind their statements and the likely desire to cover up who they themselves truly are.

That aside, one thing to examine closely on the internet with respect to the Presidential Election is how both sides are playing the sexist and racist cards as we write this.

Here are the various claims:

1. If you don’t vote Republican, you are sexist.
2. If you don’t vote for Obama, you are racist.
3. The Republican’s choosing a woman as a VP candidate was sexist.
4. Had the Republicans chosen a black man as a VP candidate, that would be racist.
5. Obama choosing a white man as a running mate was racist.
6. If you think Obama is a Muslim, you are a racist.
7. If you voted for Obama over Hillary you are a sexist.
8. If you resent Obama’s choice of a male VP over Hillary, you are a sexist.
9. Obama was sexist for choosing a man as a VP when Hillary was available.
10. Bill was a pig for fooling around with Monica.

We have read some of these with disbelief in how twisted some people have become in classifying others as sexist or racist.  The reverse logic is the most twisted.  When one uses the logic that the only reason to choose a woman for a political office is because you are sexist, then, of course, that in and of itself is sexist against women by definition, the ultimate sexist catch 22, in which your opponent is damned if they do and damned if they do not.  When one says that you should never choose a black man for office because it would show you were trying to play the race card, again, you oppress all black men that were excellent choices for that office.

We would like to see this election steer clear of these issues, but we also know that other issues, such as Roe vs. Wade will find their way into the debates and they, in and of themselves have sexist overtones.

We just find most often, when one political candidate accuses the other of either sexism or racism, they are most often calling the kettle black.  It isn’t that simple, but in an effort to divide the nation into votes for their respective candidates, an attempt to simplify things into cut and dry categorizations is attempted, and life is not as simple as they paint it.

Our conclusion…

If a headline accuses the other side of being sexist or racist, realize it is most likely sensationalism to sway your vote.  You may, just may, find you want to read it with skepticism if not downright contempt, and possibly consider the authors’ desire to direct you away from their own weaknesses with respect to these broad-based issues.