NY Post: Comedy writers don’t make fun of Obama because he’s ‘unmockable’


Editor’s note: This post has been updated to correct the wrong premise of the post. The original title of ‘This is a joke, right?’ New York Post: Comedy writers don’t make fun of Obama because he is ‘completely unmockable’ has been changed to the current title which more accurately reflects the NY Post article.

The author’s intent was erroneously mischaracterized. We regret the error and apologize to Mr. Smith. We are also including his tweets here:


Mr. Smith’s article, which actually takes the entertainment industry to task for shielding Obama, can (and should) be read here.

The original post follows below as Twitchy has a policy of transparency and does not unpublish posts.

Here is the New York Post’s rationale as to why many comedy writers avoid making fun of President Obama:


Unfortunately, no.


Apparently not.


Then again.


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Darrell Issa to require Obama to present a strategic plan to defeat ISIS


Nearly everyone, from everyday citizens to politicians to celebrities, has been calling on President Obama to present a plan on dealing with ISIS. Add House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Darrell Issa to that list. Rep. Issa on Monday will introduce a joint resolution to require President Obama to present to Congress a strategic plan to defeat ISIS.



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Space-bound Leonardo DiCaprio thanks Obama for ‘cutting carbon pollution’


Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been known to charter private jets, is thrilled that President Obama has issued new rules to the EPA to curb carbon emissions:


DiCaprio is scheduled to be on board one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceships soon. No doubt the engines that will propel DiCaprio and his high paying guest into suborbital flight are solar-powered.

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Bette Midler swallows then regurgitates Obama’s bogus ‘equal pay’ stat


You can always count on some of the empty-headed parrots in the entertainment field to greedily devour whatever the liberals tell them is true, and then spew it out to their fawning, witless fans. Case in point: Bette Midler showered her more than half a million followers with the debunked statistic that President Obama keeps repeating in order to revive his midterm election hopes:


Not so fast, Bette! While Obama’s propaganda might be the wind beneath your wings, not everyone is so gullible:


Even Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler seemed a little skeptical of the pay-gap argument in 2012, although in the end he awarded the White House only one Pinocchio(!):

The gap is even smaller when you look at hourly wages — it is 86 cents vs. 100 (see Table 9) — but then not every wage earner is paid on an hourly basis, so that statistic excludes salaried workers. But, under this metric for people with a college degree, there is virtually no pay gap at all.

By all accounts, there is a wage gap, but it has declined over the decades — and depending on how the data are viewed, in some cases it barely exists.

Since Obama continues to push the discredited statistic (and his luck), Kessler put out a new rating this morning: two Pinocchios.


Bottom line? It appears that Bette knows as much about economics as she does history and climatology.


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‘Empty bleachers’: As Obama peddles hope, Md. Dems head for the exits


President Obama was in Upper Marlboro, Md. earlier tonight at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown, and, believe it or not, it was his first campaign event of 2014.

Everything got off to good start, with what one would expect from a gathering of the Obama faithful, complete with upbeat tunes and the now obligatory selfies:

Backstage with @BrownforMD & @RepCummings before the event w/ @BarackObama. Early vote starts on Oct. 23. #MDVotes pic.twitter.com/B1NVZUrBgv

— Martin O'Malley (@GovernorOMalley) October 19, 2014

Obama comes out to "City of Blinding Lights" … his old school campaign rally anthem

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Martin O'Malley and Elijah Cummings taking a selfie with the Obama crowd in PG County pic.twitter.com/Mk39cier6K

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

The president hit on his usual themes, including Obamacare, the greatness of the economic rebound and reminding those gathered of the importance of turnout on election day:

"Thanks to Obamacare" – Obama

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Obama to supporters of Anthony Brown, candidate for governor in Maryland. Get "cousin Pookie" to the polls pic.twitter.com/9xEEvg7PRm

— Toluse Olorunnipa (@ToluseO) October 19, 2014

Cousin “Pookie,” again? How many times is the president going to bring him up? Sheesh.

Immigration protesters were on hand, as well, chiding the president for his lack of action on their signature issue:

Obama to immigration protester: "Of course he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK"

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Sign says #NOT1more — an immigration protester at Obama's Maryland rally

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Obama to immigration protester: "Of course he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK"

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Hey, the president said “bring your cousin,” not “su primo.”

But then a funny thing happened. The Obama faithful, who had waited in line “for hours” to get a chance to hear him speak, started leaving in the middle of his speech. Jeff Mason of Reuters reports:

Lots of people, at least up front near where journalists are sitting, appear to be leaving this rally now that Obama has started speaking.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) October 19, 2014

Steady stream of people leaving Maryland rally continues as Obama speaks. It's noticeable and noisy. They would have waited hours to get in.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) October 19, 2014

Maybe it was just Mason who noticed? Or, maybe not:

They got their iPhone photos, now they're streaming out: the 2014 Obama campaign rally story pic.twitter.com/gCbq6G7mjr

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Pool: "by the time [Obama] was about 10 minutes in, there was a traffic jam next to the pool's tables as folks tried to exit the gym. "

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) October 19, 2014

And here comes the boom:

Empty bleachers – all of these people left after Obama started speaking at a campaign rally in Maryland pic.twitter.com/xdYvwhp2K9

— Katie Zezima (@katiezez) October 19, 2014

How embarrassing! More gut-splitting reaction from around Twitter:

@jeffmason1 please tweet pics/vid if they start throwing tomatoes on exit.

— Pumpkin Czar (@Mrs__Met) October 19, 2014

@jeffmason1 @JimmyPrinceton Well then why did they come in the first place?

— DCinAZ (@DCinAZ) October 19, 2014

@jeffmason1 more surprised if they stayed.

— Eddie (@eddiecarl4468) October 19, 2014

.@jeneps Ya know, you could always pull up one the other thousands of speeches he's delivered the past 6 years. They're all the same

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 19, 2014

@jeneps People tend to do that with celebrities, not leaders

— Army Actor (@AAJAQUITS) October 19, 2014

@ZekeJMiller For a person who is so full of himself that's got to hurt his huge ego. #Obama #Shenanigans #lies

— Fran Farber (@FranMFarber) October 19, 2014

Maryland crowd walking out on Barack Obama just like his father walked out on him all those years ago, leaving us with a psychological mess.

— Harry (@Tark31) October 19, 2014

Oh, well. Not every rally can look like this:

Six Years Ago Today: Senator Obama in Berlin http://t.co/285nuj6Uph pic.twitter.com/0YFyH9nts8

— TheObamaDiary.com (@TheObamaDiary) July 24, 2014

As for coverage of tonight’s embarassment in the MSM, however, don’t hold your breath:

Watching @NBCNightlyNews now in which @kwelkernbc reported on Obama's Maryland rally but no mention of mass exodus #journalism

— Rick (@StrokesofCandor) October 19, 2014

The president’s next stop tonight is a rally to support the re-elections of Gov. Pat Quinn in Illinois. Let’s see if he gets a better crowd than the one he had in Maryland.



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‘Listens to Dr. Dre’: These #RonKlainQualifications boost new Ebola Czar’s cred


At first glance, you might be wondering what makes Ronald Klain a good choice for Ebola Czar. After all, the man’s background is in partisan hackery, not medicine.

But, as it turns out, he’s actually got a lot going for him. @TheMorningSpew kicked things off:

#RonKlainQualifications Worked for an idiot once, and can work for an idiot again.

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) October 17, 2014

And the train kept a-rollin’:

#RonKlainQualifications Lists "Out of Africa" as one of his favorite movies.

— Tea_Party_Princess (@CelesteAtkins) October 17, 2014

Has successfully spelled, pneumonia, on a questionnaire. #RonKlainQualifications

— D.B. Shumate (@shumad1) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Has an "O" an "L" and an "A" in his name, as does Ebola.

— Lizzy Lou Who (@_wintergirl93) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications He's been bowling. Bowling sounds kinda like Ebola. Close enough for #Obama.

— LimeInDaCoconut (@EgoAenigma) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Will admit to voting for Obama.

— Poinzy (@FreedomBruce) October 17, 2014

Deep down, he's convinced Ebola is due to climate change. #RonKlainQualifications

— ArtistUnplugged (@pinkartgurl59) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Already said he'd join Obama's golf foursome when necessary pic.twitter.com/JBeuSUAIVl

— EagleGraphs (@EagleGraphs) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Listens to Dr. Dre

— SF Giants Klown 2.0 (@realmyiq2xu2) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications He taught Joe Biden how to tie his shoes

— Glenn Amurgis (@gamurgis) October 17, 2014

#ronKlainQualifications Has already completed his brackets.

— Terri_Ball (@tlynnleggie) October 17, 2014

He went to Jarrett #RonKlainQualifications

— ACSpollen (@ACSpollen) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Already lives in a bubble.

— Christy (@desertgardens) October 17, 2014

Owns Patch Adams on VHS #RonKlainQualifications

— Bossy Mom w/Strategy (@lindarutter) October 17, 2014

He's good at blaming Bush for stuff #RonKlainQualifications

— J. Bonner (@Bonnerific) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Owns a thermometer.

— Laura (@lauraliz126) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications He knows how to wear latex gloves. pic.twitter.com/ITNmjY7S81

— Richard Jamesson (@soyouknowwme) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications He knows all about the country of Africa.

— ScottInSC (@ScottInSC) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications He watched "Outbreak." Twice.

— 50 Shades of BELLA (@AskBellaWagner) October 17, 2014

Kool aid runs through his veins. #RonKlainQualifications

— ArtistUnplugged (@pinkartgurl59) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications He once saw a guy sneeze on an international flight and successfully coordinated Operation Paper Tissue.

— it's a meh meh world (@hezster) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Has actually called his doctor to discuss acid reflux.

— Kim_D (@_kim37) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Has "House" on his Netflix list.

— Tea_Party_Princess (@CelesteAtkins) October 17, 2014

Has previously voiced his respect for the design of the sneeze guards at the Golden Corral buffet line. #RonKlainQualifications

— Discarded Virtue (@DiscardedVirtue) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Undefeated Champion pic.twitter.com/iR9ArqZJHX

— Luke (@Luke108) October 17, 2014

#RonKlainQualifications Once delivered a pregnant chad.

— ContagiousGordon (@CrankyGordon) October 17, 2014

Never pulls at the leash, even when he sees a squirrel. #RonKlainQualifications

— Free Ebolacare (@lheal) October 17, 2014

We don’t know what we were worried about.



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NCLR President Will Attack Republicans: You Don’t Care About Latinos

A year after NCLR President Janet Murguia called Obama the “deporter-in-chief,” she will rip into Republicans at the NCLR Capital Awards Tuesday, in prepared remarks viewed by BuzzFeed News. “Our complaint is not partisan, it is personal.”

Janet Murguia will say the Republican Party needs to get it right with the Hispanic community before the 2016 election Tuesday at the NCLR Capital Awards. Alex Wong / Getty Images

Almost a year to the day National Council of La Raza (NCLR) President Janet Murguia called President Obama the “deporter-in-chief,” she will lay into Republicans for opposition to his executive actions and immigration legislation, saying they don’t care about Latinos and have made it “personal” with the community ahead of the 2016 election, according to prepared remarks provided to BuzzFeed News.

Murguia will make the speech at Tuesday’s NCLR’s annual Capital Awards in Washington, D.C., an event recognizing officials from both parties for their support of issues that affect the Hispanic community. In her remarks, she makes clear she is now training her ire and that of her organization at Republicans, lumping together those who support tying Department of Homeland Security funding with ending Obama’s immigration actions and the governors and attorney generals leading the 26-state legal fight against the president.

“This feels like it is about us — that when it comes to Latinos and their families, too many in the Republican Party simply don’t care,” she will say, according to the remarks. “They don’t care about the human toll their inaction has on our community. They don’t care how many of our children will lose a parent. They don’t care about the financial devastation they cause to our families and our communities.”

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Murguia said Republicans should see her tough words through the prism of the coming 2016 election.

“We’re taking the opportunity to make it crystal clear to Speaker Boehner and the Republican Party that if they don’t change course, they will lose the Latino vote for a generation,” she said, arguing former California Gov. Pete Wilson’s perceived anti-Latino rhetoric in the early 1990s made the state a bastion for Democrats.

She also addressed a concern recently shared by DREAMer activists who met with advocates close to the White House. The activists see an opportunity to attack Republicans on the issue, but worry doing so could stoke fears in the undocumented immigrant community and prevent people from even considering applying, if the program is reinstated during or after the legal challenge.

“We need to do both,” she said of the balance between partisan attacks and informing the community about the status of the legal challenge to Obama’s actions.

Murguia incurred Obama’s wrath after calling him the “deporter-in-chief” last March — she wasn’t invited back to the White House again until late last year — but many advocates highlight the moment as a turning point in the fight for immigration actions.

This year Murguia won’t hit Obama — she’ll thank him.

“The reason I’m thanking the president is we have had our differences on timing but at the end of the day he acted, he had a lot of options, but he did act boldly,” she said.

The awards will also honor New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Frank Sharry of America’s Voice.

With her speech framed toward the 2016 election, Murguia not-so-subtly hinted at what she wants to hear and see from presidential candidates, like Hillary Clinton, whose shadow looms over the entire field.

“That they can articulate their positions on policy issues that we care about and their campaigns reflect our community in staff, including in their inner circles, and that they’re present in our communities with outreach and messaging,” she said.

“Nobody is going to get by on their past record, we need to understand what they are committed to doing in the future.”

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/adriancarrasquillo/nclr-president-will-attack-republicans-you-dont-care-about-l

Obama Promised Change. The First Thing He Changed Was His Mind!

Apparently, today President-Elect Barack Obama backed away from his campaign promise to impose a windfall tax on the Oil Companies.  While we can appreciate his motivations with oil prices this low, it breaks from very basic tenets of his plans for alternative energy and a cleaner environment.  Once again, it is money driving the forces of change, not Obama.

This is exactly the type of concern explained clearly in this article about Obama’s campaign.

We will begin the list of failed campaign promises and retain them on our site.  Here is our first, and he didn’t even wait to actually become President.

1. Windfall Tax on Oil Companies abandoned.