1/21 American Idol 8 Louisville Audition: The Kentucky Derby that Never Was! (UPDATED)

Louisville, Kentucky is home to “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”: the Kentucky Derby, the first race for three year-old thoroughbred horses, held annually in May. American Idol played that out in the show but really there was no race or excitement at all in this episode. Thank heavens they squeezed the 2-day audition to an hour instead of 2!  Over 10,000 hopefuls showed up and only 19  made it to Hollywood.

Contestants to watch out for: Traveling musician: Brent Keith-Smith and Dueling Piano player Matt Giraud.

Idol’s “emotional story” for tonight was that of Leneshe Young, 18 years old from Cincinnati, OH who sang an impressive original R&B composition. She takes care of her siblings and helps out her single mom, struggled through most of her life living in shelter homes and poverty. Does she have talent?! If we were watching America’s Got Talent, we could easily picture David Hasselhoff exclaiming the only line he knows, “you’re what this show is all about!” Yes, she’s got it!

Joanna Pacitti
Joanna Pacitti

One more hopeful to take notice is 23-year old Joanna Pacitti from Philadelphia, PA who sang “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. We could say she shouldn’t be in Idol because she’s had a record deal already and had her chance but records and cds doesn’t seem to bother American Idol anymore.

As in usual, they showed a bunch of contestants who are so out of it and then there are those who plead “one more song, please…” when all we could say, why show this on national TV in the first place?! And then finally some hopefuls who could really sing! Let’s just say, you didn’t miss much on this one and be glad you didn’t have to sit through it all…

One final note: we think the judges specifically Paula Abdul and Simon Scowl Cowell should learn about Southern hospitality! They totally misjudged poor Mark Mudd, 25 year-old guy from Coxs Creek, Kentucky. Mark we thought was nice and gentlemanly in his demeanor even when they all turned him down. As Mark was leaving he bid our ignorant judges farewell and said “take care and be careful.” Paula then stopped him and repeated “be careful?” All four decided as initiated by Simon that Mark gave them a threat! Paula lectured Mark Mudd about how that’s not a normal thing to say and you don’t say that to people. Oh please!

We hear you Mark, we know you meant well and these judges ought to apologize to you and the people of Kentucky!!

UPDATE: January 28, 2008

Here’s something for you: American Idol makes a quiet but better-than-nothing statement of apology to Mark Mudd and the people of Louisville for misinterpreting Mark’s final words to the judges as he was leaving. So we were right in sensing that the judges may have misconstrued the whole thing as threatening when it wasn’t. Idol issues this short note on their website:

“We apologize to any viewers who were offended by the misinterpretation of the contestant’s comment to “be careful” upon completion of his audition in Louisville, KY. Our visits to audition cities are relatively brief and sometimes regional greetings and salutations are lost in translation. We had not heard that phrase from any other contestants during the day, so it took everyone by surprise. We now know better and look forward to visiting Louisville again someday.”

Very well. Hope we all learn from that…

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