These Are The Coolest Celebs Ever. They Must Really Love Their Fans.

Some people will tell you to never meet your idols because it always ends in disappointment, shattering the perfect image you had of them. Well, I guess whoever those people are, they must not have met Aaron Paul.

The Breaking Bad alum, and several of his co-stars, are among the coolest celebrities out there. They will go out of their way to show their fans how much they care. These incredibly awesome celebrities will restore your faith in the famous.

(At least until you see someone playing the Kim Kardashian game again.)

1. Richard Simmons

2. Fabio

3. LeVar Burton

4. Rihanna

5. One Direction

6. Daniel Radcliffe

7. Christopher Eccleston

8. Matt Smith

9. Jenna-Louise Coleman

10. Jeff Bridges

11. Bill Cosby

12. Blake Shelton

13. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

14. David Bradley

15. RJ Mitte

16. Giancarlo Esposito

17. Aaron Paul

Basically, my new goal in life is to meet Aaron Paul.

Share with your friends and see if they have any good celebrity-encounter stories up their sleeve.

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Community Post: 18 Times One Direction Were Definitely Singing About Sex

Mr. Horan/Malik/Payne/Styles/Tomlinson, if you’re nasty.

1. “Live While We’re Young”

Hey girl it’s now or never, it’s now or never.
Don’t over-think, just let it go,
And if we get together, yeah, get together,
Don’t let the pictures leave your phone.

Mmhmm, and of what might those pictures be?

2. “Rock Me”

I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah,
I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah,
I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal, show me you care:
I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me, yeah.


3. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”

Yeah the taste of your lips on the tip of my tongue,
It’s at the top of the list of the things I want.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what else is on that list.

BONUS: Harry Styles’ lyric change from “Will you ever love me again?” to “Will you ever fuck me again?

4. “They Don’t Know About Us”

They don’t know about the up all nights.
They don’t know I’ve waited all my life
Just to find a love that feels this right.
Baby, they don’t know about, they don’t know about us

They don’t know what we do best
It’s between me and you, our little secret.

The secret thing that y’all do best during the “up all nights.” What could that be?

5. “18”

Oh love, let’s split the night wide open and we’ll see everything.
We can live in love in slow motion, motion, motion.
So kiss me where I lay down, my hands press to your cheeks,
A long way from the playground.

Nothing says “we’re not kids anymore” like some nighttime slow-mo love.

6. “Up All Night”

People going all the way
Yeah, all the way.
I’m still wide awake.

I wanna stay up all night
And find a girl and tell her she’s the one.
Hold on to the feeling
And don’t let it go
‘Cause we got the floor now,
Get out of control!
I wanna stay up all night
And do it all with you.

People are going all the way and you want to find a random girl with whom you can 1) get out of control and b) “do it all.” Sounds like the perfect recipe for a one night stand.

7. “No Control”

Sweet where you lay,
Still a trace of innocence on the pillow case.
Waking up beside you I’m a loaded gun,
I can’t contain this anymore.
I’m all yours, I’ve got no control, no control.

Taste on my tongue,
I don’t want to wash away the night before.
In the heat where you lay,
I could stay right here and burn in it all day.

OK, this doesn’t really need interpretation.

8. “Happily”

It’s four a.m. and I know that you’re with him.
I wonder if he knows that I’ve touched your skin?
And if he feels my traces in your hair?
I’m sorry, love, but I don’t really care.

You’ve touched her skin and gotten something in her hair. ‘Nuff said.

9. “Little Black Dress”

Little black dress,
Who you doin’ it for?
Little black dress,
I can’t take anymore.

I wanna see the way you move for me, baby.
I wanna see the way you move for me, baby.
I wanna see the way you move for me.

Translation: you’re damn fine, let’s go back to my place.


10. “Last First Kiss”

Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this.

There aren’t many things that “take it all the way” represents. At least this is kind of sweet.

11. “Change Your Ticket”

Come get back in bed, we still got time left, this don’t have to be over.
And you say it’s hard to keep a secret;
Girl don’t leave me all alone in this hotel.
And these shades can hide us from the streets, yeah,
One weekend, I promise that I’ll never tell.

Don’t play innocent, I know what you meant
When you said you’d come over.

Secret rendezvous in a hotel room. Wonder what that could be.

12. “Another World”

Baby, let me find out your secret.
Just let me in and let me show you that I keep it
Close to my heart; jump in the deep end,
Just let me in and let me show you what I’m meaning.

He just wants to take the plunge — and I’m guessing it isn’t a vampire movie reference when he says “let me in.”

13. “Little White Lies”

Your hands touching me, they’re touching me,
And your eyes keep saying things.
They say of what we do
When it’s only me and you.

Well, you know what they say: the eyes are the windows to the bedroom. Er, soul.

14. “Moments”

Shut the door,
Turn the light off.
I wanna be with you,
I wanna feel your love,
I wanna lay beside you.
I cannot hide this
Even though I try.
Heart beats harder,
Time escapes me,
Trembling hands
Touch skin.

OK, let me get this straight: You’re in a closed room. It’s dark and you’re lying down. Your heart is beating fast and “trembling hands touch skin.” Smells like sex.

15. “Better Than Words”

Every time we touch
I’m all shook up.
You make me wanna…
How deep is your love?

Best I ever had,
Hips don’t lie.
You make me wanna sss
One more night.

I’m thinking he wants to do a little more than kiss her goodnight. Also, “hips don’t lie?” Is she Shakira?

16. “Why Don’t We Go There?”

If you give in tonight,
Just let me set you free,
We’ll touch the other side, just give me the key!
‘Cause we got all night
And we’re going nowhere-
Why don’t you stay?
Why don’t we go there?

Where are they going? Sexytown.

17. “Gotta Be You”

And, girl, what a mess I made upon your innocence.

Her “innocence.” Nice.

18. “Alive”

I met a girl, I took her right up to the balcony.
I whispered something in her ear that I just can’t repeat.
She said, “OK,” but she was worried what her friends will think.

Must be something pretty dirty if you can’t say it and she’s worried what her friends will think.

Bonus: Harry Styles singing “different dick” instead of “different date” during “I Want.”

Cheeky lad.

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