SYTYCD 5 Results Night: First Cut is the Deepest, Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo Go Home


When they only get one shot to showcase what they can do after going through the ‘ordeal’ of the auditions, battling it out in Vegas- it doesn’t seem fair that two people are going home most especially in the first week of the entire season. But such is this type of show. America votes on their favorites and if the contestants don’t leave that first GREAT impression, that’s it for them.

Beauty queen Contemporary dancer Paris Torres and pretty boy Hip hop dancer Tony Bellissimo are cut in SYTYCD’s first elimination of the season. There is ‘justice’ after all, that or America is getting wiser in picking up who should go home. A “pretty face” is no longer enough to keep one in the competition- but the exceptional dancing does. We didn’t particularly like Tony and we think his “crying” stints in Vegas put him in the competition more than his hiphop- that or he looks good on TV. Paris we would have wanted to see more of. The Hiphop routine they did with no charracter or storyline to work on with unlike Philip and Jeanine’s routine was their downfall.

The judges kept Contemporary dancer Karla who did a better solo over Paris. Asuka was picked accounting to her previous performances in Vegas week despite being limited to latin ballroom and jive in doing her solo. All the guys performed their solos poorly. Vitolio who fared ok than Tony and Jonathan was picked to safety first. Tony was let go for his “locking” solo that didn’t really lock it for him or the judges. Because of that, Jonathan was safe.

Top 20 Elimination Recap, Judges talks about Paris and Tony leaving the competition

The Results:

top20elimination1Couples who are safe and performing next week:

    Kayla and Max

    Evan and Randi

    Philip and Jeanine

    Caitlin and Jason

    Melissa and Ade

    Ashley and Kupono

    Brandon and Janette

The Bottom Three Couple:

  • Paris and Tony
  • Asuka and Vitolio
  • Karla and Jonathan


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Meet the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 5


Introducing the Top 20 Dancers of So You Think You Can Dance Season 5

We’ll just gonna bring it to you quick and easy:

Top 10 Girls

1. Janette Manrara
2. Kayla Radomski
3. Karla Garcia
4. Paris Torres
5. Jeanine Mason
6. Caitlyn Kinney
7. Melissa Sandvig
8. Ashley Valero
9. Randi Strong-Evans
10. Asuka Kondoh


Top 10 Boys

1. Vitolio Jeune
2. Pono Aweau (Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau)
3. Ade Obayomi
4. Jonathan Platero
5. Brandon Bryant
6. Tony Bellissimo

7. Maksim Kapitannikov
8. Jason Glover
9. Philip Chbeeb
10. Evan Kasprzak

Dancers FOX “introduced” who got cut:

1. Henry Rivero
2. Brandon Dumlao
3. Alex Wong – he is under contract with Miami Ballet Company and the Director won’t let him get off the contract
4. Ricky Sun
5. Ryan Kasprzak
6. Diana Varden
7. Deanna Brickley

That’s it! Your thoughts?


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