Here’s What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now. Some Aged Gracefully, Others.. Not So Much.

Oh childhood stardom. Is there anything more quintessentially American? Probably. Regardless though it’s always interesting to see who yesterday’s child stars grew up to be. Some of them are still respected actors with great careers, Leonardo Dicaprio anyone? Others though…well I think I’m sure you think of few who have not aged so gracefully. Here are 31 of your favorite childhood stars and how they look today.  

1.) Andrew Lawrence – 1996 and now.

2.) Christian Bale – 1997 and now.

3.) Christina Ricci – 1990 and now.

4.) Dakota Fanning – 2001 and now.

5.) Daniel Radcliffe – 2000 and now.

6.) Daryl Sabara – 2001 and now.

7.) Drew Barrymore – 1982 and now.

8.) Elijah Wood – 1992 and now.

9.) Emma Watson – 2000 and now.

10.) Frankie Muniz – 2000 and now.

11.) Haley Joel Osment – 1997 and now.

12.) Hilary Duff – 2001 and now.

13.) Jake Lloyd – 1999 and now.

14.) Jaleel White – 1990 and now.

15.) Jodie Foster – 1973 and now.

16.) Jonathan Lipnicki – 1996 and now.

17.) Kirsten Dunst – 1993 and now.

18.) Kristen Stewart – 2002 and now.

19.) Lacey Chabert – 1996 and now.

20.) Leonardo DiCaprio – 1990 and now.

21.) Lindsay Lohan – 1998 and now.

22.) Macaulay Culkin – 1991 and now.

23.) Miley Cyrus – 2006 and now.

24.) Mischa Barton – 1997 and now.

25.) Scarlett Johansson – 1996 and now.

26.) Taylor Lautner – 2005 and now.

27.) Taylor Momsen – 2000 and now.

28.) Wil Wheaton – 1987 and now.

30.) Zac Efron – 2004 and now.

31.) Alyssa Milano – 1984 and now.

H/T: Piximus I really think Macaulay Culkin is due for a comeback. Don’t forget to share this list with your friends by clicking below.

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Jaimie Goodwin and Hokuto “Hok” Konishi of Season 3, performed Jazz, “The Chairman’s Waltz” from Memoirs of a Geisha, Choreography by: Wade Robson. Watch the Emmy winning performance here.

Group dance: “One” – A Chorus Line (Contemporary; Choreographer: Mia Michaels), Watch the performance here.

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