Ridiculous Movie Mistakes That Weren’t Fixed…Did You Notice Them?

If you’re a movie aficionado, you probably thrive on finding mistakes in plots, scenery, and all-around logic. It’s probably the only thing film buffs like more than the movies themselves. The tiny mistakes that go unnoticed to everyone, even the director, until it’s too late are like little golden nuggets when you uncover them.

Check out a few of our favorite film-editing flubs below…did you catch them when you originally watched the movies?

In “Jurassic Park,” when this raptor opens the door, take a close look at its butt. No, not like that, you weirdo. You can see someone place a hand on the tail to make sure the dino doesn’t tip over.

There’s a scene in the background of “Back to the Future Part III” where one of Doc Brown’s kids points to his crotch in a very strange way.

During this fight scene between Harry Potter and Draco, when Draco falls off the table, a camera man can be spotted in the crowd of onlookers.

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This classic Star Wars blooper made it into the movie. Watch the stormtrooper on the right — you’ll see that he hits his head on the door quite obviously.

“Gladiator” is apparently full of mistakes. One example that you can see here when the horse moves his face is a man in jeans trying to get out of the shot before being noticed.

Can’t get enough? Here are 20 movie mistakes that are so rewarding once you spot them.

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Now that you realize how many mistakes are in movies, you’ll probably keep your eyes peeled for them going forward. It might change how you watch films altogether, but if you catch a mistake, it’s so worth it when it comes to these mega-budget movies.

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Once You Realize These Gaping Plot Holes, These Films Will Be Ruined Forever.

There’s a thing called “suspension of disbelief” that’s integral to consuming fiction. It means that you know something is improbable, but because it works in the confines of the story, you’re okay with it. So long as everything lines up in the universe of the film, we’re good to go. 

But sometimes, things don’t line up. This is known as a plot inconsistency or, more casually, a gaping plot hole. Sometimes these are done unintentionally, as in, someone forgot the details of the world they were creating and made a misstep without even noticing it. Sometimes it’s done with full knowledge that it makes no sense, but the hope is that the audience will be too bamboozled by the special effects/attractive stars/diehard fandom to notice or care.

No, this is totally everyone’s favorite guy at the party. Honest.

Here are some of the best movie plot holes that blow your favorite (or maybe not-so-favorite) movies to smithereens. Have fun destroying peoples’ childhood memories at your next social gathering!

1.) Plot twist: both parties silently seethe at each other for careless spending. It ends in divorce. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

2.) It’s his Space Ranger training, you guys. You’d freeze if a giant walked in, too.

3.) But it looked so cool the judges were like, “Well, just this once…”

4.) Cops in movies are notoriously skeptical of any and all crimes reported. Wait, that actually happens.

5.) Someone get that weatherman a Pulitzer like NOW.

6.) We won’t even get into the part where Bruce Willis lights a fire in the vacuum of space. Bruce Willis > science.

7.) Truly thoughtful.

8.) Yeah, but his aliens sounded so silly.

9.) Well, they didn’t say that he came back immediately after the fight. He wanted to stick around and go on a vodka-tasting tour. Besides, everyone knows that time moves differently under communism.

10.) NYC evidently saw an influx of transplants between the Stay Puft Incident and the sequel.

11.) Let’s just gloss over the fact that no one noticed that this Maria was actually a white chick.

12.) Don’t worry. This is insignificant compared to the light-swallowing plot holes that are Episodes I, II and III.

13.) They were pen pals?

14.) If you needed another reason to quit smoking…

Okay, so maybe these movies aren’t completely ruined, but I’ll never see them the same way again.

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