So that’s a maybe? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson thanks National Review for insightful take on POTUS buzz

Last August, when the presidential debates were shaping up to look likeWrestleMania, Mary Katharine Ham asked on CNN, “Can we get The Rock on stage so I can vote for him and be done with it?”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted his thanks, but not before plenty of people warmed up to the idea. Now, months later, Johnson is sending his thanks again, this time to National Review’s David French who almost, sort of ran for president himself in 2016.

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POTUS chats with Ahmed ‘Clock Kid’ Mohamed on South Lawn

Thank goodness. There were rumors earlier today that the United States might miss out on the greatest meeting of scientific minds since that selfie of President Obama, Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson was taken.

Why downplay the possibility? As Twitchy reported, Ahmed Mohamed’s smiling selfie withSudanese President Omar al-Bashir, wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes in Darfur, might have proved problematic.

Speaking of stars, remember when A-list celebrities like George Clooney, Matt Damon,Brad Pitt, and Don Cheadle put their star power to work to push the #NotOnOurWatch campaign against atrocities in Darfur? Good times.

He won’t get to show his “cool clock” to the president, but will Mohamed at least get to add another selfie to his collection of world leaders? It’s not quite a selfie, but it is a shot of President Obama and Clock Kid.

Why stop at one exclamation point, Ken?

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Darrell Issa to require Obama to present a strategic plan to defeat ISIS!/DarrellIssa/status/507634967111692288

Nearly everyone, from everyday citizens to politicians to celebrities, has been calling on President Obama to present a plan on dealing with ISIS. Add House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Darrell Issa to that list. Rep. Issa on Monday will introduce a joint resolution to require President Obama to present to Congress a strategic plan to defeat ISIS.!/DarrellIssa/status/507635328447164416!/DarrellIssa/status/507635722270953472!/DarrellIssa/status/507635962403651584!/DarrellIssa/status/507636245040988160


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