This Guy Plays The Best Pranks On His Little Old Grandmother

YouTuber Julius Dein is a skilled magician, but his greatest talent to date is pranking his grandma.

Dein usually visits malls, parks, and street corners to find victims for his pranks and show off his magic tricks. Recently, though, he made one of his all-time best videos by simply staying home for a day and pranking his sweet grandmother. In less than a week, it’s been viewed almost 60,000,000 times on Facebook.

The YouTuber told Daily Mail that it was his grandmother who got him into magic in the first place. He said, “We have a great relationship — she loves the magic and she is a very energetic woman.”

Watch the hilarity that unfolds when Dein pranks his grandmother. Each one of his tricks is brilliant, but the Samsung phone explosion really takes the cake.

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These two are a hoot! Here’s hoping they team up for more videos in the future.

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These Dogs Aren’t Man’s Best Friend… Or Yours. They’re Just The Worst.

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. That’s what movies tell us, right? What they neglected to mention is that dogs can be downright sinister when they want to be, and revenge is their forte. Just see what these 26 perfectly evil dogs did to their owners and you’ll discover the hidden canine agenda. Watch out!

1.) “Remember all those nights you cried at 3 am as a baby? Revenge!”

2.) “I told you I wanted ORGANIC!”

3.) “I’m 2. Did you forget how to count?!”

4.) “Oh? This is your pizza?”

5.) Just don’t forget his pepperoni…

6.) He just marked his territory on everyone watching TV.

7.) “Dude, you gotta do something about yo breath.”

8.) “That’ll teach you to leave me in the car.”

9.) These kids shouldn’t exclude him.

10.) “I see you sitting on that couch, too lazy to get up.”

11.) Stop with the “get the mail” dog tricks, alright?

12.) Use the Bat Dog Spray!

13.) I guess we know who’s the smartest trainee.

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