Denver Post writer sees racism in the renovation of Union Station!/bobolson8/status/524915082720206848

Can architecture be racist? Well, according to the Denver Post’s Ray Mark Rinaldi, YES IT CAN! Here’s his piece from October 19:

And his headline:

Did diversity miss the train in Union Station’s architecture?
The urban playground at Union Station isn’t drawing people of color and it may be the building’s fault

People of color don’t like the way the building is constructed so they’re avoiding it? That’s kind of a racist thing to say. And tweeters were quick to point out the inherent racism in Rinaldi’s claim:

Ah! So this piece was written in the course of calling other people racist, so that makes it OK. Got it?

More outrage and mockery at Rinald’s assertions:

But, hey … what do we know. Maybe African-Americans do avoid coming to Union Station. Just last week Hillary Clinton and Sen. Mark Udall were busy shaking hands and campaigning at the station, or as Rinaldi described it in his piece, “Denver in 1950″ and we don’t  see any African-Americans in the photo:

And this:

Vanilla ice cream, no doubt.

And here’s Udall from back in May at a ceremony for the opening of Denver’s finest example of, again in Rinaldi’s won words, “architecture of exclusivity”:

Kind of odd for two of the top politicians in Democratic circles — Sen. Mark Udall and Hillary Clinton — to be seen at such a monument to racism, no?

Come to think of it, President Obama has been noticeably absent from the campaign trail in Colorado. We’ve assumed that it’s because Sen. Udall didn’t want to be tied to the president’s failed policies, but could it bet that it’s actually President Obama who doesn’t want to be seen with Sen. Udall because of Udall’s love of racist structure? We’re just asking questions…


‘Just what we need now’: Jesse Jackson all set to battle Ebola-induced racism [photo]

‘Racism?’ WaPo’s Dana Milbank asks why Obama commands ‘little loyalty’ from Panetta, Clinton and Gates

‘Django Unchained’ actress Daniele Watts cries racism, cops say indecent exposure



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Gwyneth Paltrow neighbors seek ‘conscious uncoupling’ after Obama gridlock!/redsteeze/status/520936270688976896

Thursday night, as Hollywood celebrities fawned all over President Obama (and no doubt vice-versa) at a DNC fundraiser hosted by actress and “working mother” Gwyneth Paltrow, the tight security in the neighborhood reportedly angered some neighbors:

Obama Visit Fuels a Paltrow Neighborhood Feud @michaelsschmidt via @NYTPolitics

— Peter Baker (@peterbakernyt) October 11, 2014

Paltrow's neighbors disparage her right to worship Obama:

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) October 11, 2014

The children cried, the driveways were blocked — oh the calamity! Obama Visit Fuels a Paltrow Neighborhood Feud

— m.e. welman (@MEWelman) October 11, 2014

Say it ain’t so!

Just brutal via @AmyOtto8

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 11, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow.. Loved by even her neighbors.

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 11, 2014

Or, another way to state the reported anger from some of Paltrow’s neighbors:

Seems time for a conscious uncoupling "@peterbakernyt: Obama Visit Fuels Paltrow Neighborhood Feud @michaelsschmidt"

— Ben Feller (@BenFellerNY) October 11, 2014

@BenFellerNY @peterbakernyt @MichaelSSchmidt "Conscious Uncoupling" touché !

— Jack Hutton (@jackhutton) October 11, 2014

Don’t laugh. It’s a Paltrow thing.



A mix of real and fake, these #GwynethPaltrowQuotes are sure to crack you up

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Conservative street artist Sabo lashes out!/unsavoryagents/status/528701074601832448

Conservative guerrilla artist Sabo likes to make waves. His street art satirizes leftist icons like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and a host of left wing progressive celebrities. You may also know his famous tattooed Ted Cruz poster.

Earlier this year his artwork was used to promote the launch of “Breitbart California” a new branch of the web site that still bears the name of its late founder Andrew Breitbart. Some controversial tweets prompted the U.S. Secret Service to pay Sabo a visit recently and that may have made the new leadership at Breitbart skittish about associating with the artist.

Sabo, who tweets under the handle @unsavory agents, seems to think so. He’s not happy about it.

And maybe chill out with the caps-lock.




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‘Dear Bestie’: Ace gives desperate Dems a taste of their own creepy medicine!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/516728895962619905

Yeah … the Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their desperation anymore. With fundraising emails featuring headlines like “I need you” and “begging…BEGGING,” they’re throwing out their last shred of dignity in the hopes of getting sympathetic suckers to fork over a few bucks.

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg was among the lucky recipients of a plea from Nancy Pelosi:

Nancy, don't beg.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) September 29, 2014

That creepy missive got Ace of Spades to thinking … what if the tables were turned?

Jonah, we HAVE to talk. Why are you not answering your phone? Why are you not standing in your window like you used to? @JonahNRO

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

We like where this is going.

i understand that this faux breathless/presumptuously intimate form of email solicitation actually works on the emotionally fragile.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

So I know they won't stop doing it until it stops working. I pray it will stop working soon, though.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

here's an idea: someone cobble together an epistolatory (letter-based) short story from the desperate pleadings of Democratic fund-raisers.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Insert ghosts, Huns, and smugglers as required to achieve a narrative flow.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Jonah, you must help me. We are desperate. There are strange marauders ranging across our farm, riding wolves, with snakes in their hair.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Think about the story: Interviews with insiders could reveal how the faux-intimate, feigned-desperate tone manipulates people into donating.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

And it particularly manipulates the unsophisticated — that is, the "afflicted," to the benefit of "The comfortable."

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

It's an easily-written story. So why not write it?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

per @danielwinlander, a similar story was written by Wired

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

But not with the judgmental angle I propose. The media supposedly wants to protect "the afflicted" from scamsters, right?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

In that case, the media should take a cue from the master:

Hey I've got an idea. Hey, @nancypelosi, we are desperate. We need your help. Will you send each person who RT's this $3 ?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- @nancypelosi, you have walked with me in the past. Will you stand with me now? Please send me $15 for Arby's.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- Time is running out. @nancypelosi, we're at a crisis. I thought Arby's was doing 2-for-1 roast beef but that's OVER. Please send $20.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- @BarackObama, Republicans want to roll the clock back to 2008. Please send $20. I want to rent X-Men on PPV. I also want candy.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

.@barackobama, will you stand and fight? X-Men is doing that annoying thing where you have to buy it for $20. I need $5 more for candy.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- @barackobama, the time for choosing is NOW. I need $25, all told, for the X-Men, and candy. Only *you* can save me.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- The Republicans have given us the back of their hand, @dwstweets. Please send me $5. @barackobama has not gotten back to me re: candy.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- TIME IS RUNNING SHORT. @dwstweets, you might as well send me the full $25. The X-Men isn't going to rent itself.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? @nancypelosi, since I told you about the desperate Arby's situation, a new X-Man calamity has arisen. Please send $30.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

A NEW GOP WAR ON ARBY'S? @nancypelosi, while you sit idle, the GOP agenda of keeping roast beef out of my mouth is succeeding. Send $20.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Dear Bestie, @nancypelosi, we've become very close during this short period of internet begs. Please send me $50 in "friendship money."

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Hey- @nancypelosi, every hour a Planned Parenthood center closes forever. OK maybe not but you know what closes at 9? Arby's. Send $15.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 29, 2014

Awww … c’mon, Nancy. Please don’t say no!

THE FUTURE IS NOW @barackobama, the X-Men is just waiting to be rented. But I'm stuck in 2008 with Dancing with the Stars. Please send $20.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 30, 2014

President Obama, Ace needs you, too. Don’t leave him hangin’.

um i can't help but notice that none of these people have sent me any money yet

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 30, 2014

it's almost as if this "friendship" thing on the internet is a one-way street.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 30, 2014

Funny, that.



DCCC email: ‘We’re getting steamrolled by Karl Rove,’ ‘worst week so far’

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Giddy journalists prepare for #NerdProm 2014!/exjon/status/462052810675068928

Will the organizers of Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner — also known as #nerdprom — tone things down after last year’s glitzy red carpet affair? Of course not. Journalists are busy getting ready for the big night, when reporters sit with celebrities to be roasted by the president.!/BecketAdams/status/462084881808633856!/lachlan/status/462209725242028032

The Hill has the rundown on who’s taking whom. For example, Patrick Duffy of “Dallas” fame will attend as a guest of Fortune magazine.!/rickklein/status/462387208562163712!/PatrickRuffini/status/462395408854286336!/MelissaTweets/status/462404958596259840

A point well worth remembering:!/BecketAdams/status/462084223328079872

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‘Empty bleachers’: As Obama peddles hope, Md. Dems head for the exits!/KatMcKinley/status/523955414052773888

President Obama was in Upper Marlboro, Md. earlier tonight at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown, and, believe it or not, it was his first campaign event of 2014.

Everything got off to good start, with what one would expect from a gathering of the Obama faithful, complete with upbeat tunes and the now obligatory selfies:

Backstage with @BrownforMD & @RepCummings before the event w/ @BarackObama. Early vote starts on Oct. 23. #MDVotes

— Martin O'Malley (@GovernorOMalley) October 19, 2014

Obama comes out to "City of Blinding Lights" … his old school campaign rally anthem

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Martin O'Malley and Elijah Cummings taking a selfie with the Obama crowd in PG County

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

The president hit on his usual themes, including Obamacare, the greatness of the economic rebound and reminding those gathered of the importance of turnout on election day:

"Thanks to Obamacare" – Obama

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Obama to supporters of Anthony Brown, candidate for governor in Maryland. Get "cousin Pookie" to the polls

— Toluse Olorunnipa (@ToluseO) October 19, 2014

Cousin “Pookie,” again? How many times is the president going to bring him up? Sheesh.

Immigration protesters were on hand, as well, chiding the president for his lack of action on their signature issue:

Obama to immigration protester: "Of course he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK"

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Sign says #NOT1more — an immigration protester at Obama's Maryland rally

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Obama to immigration protester: "Of course he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK"

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Hey, the president said “bring your cousin,” not “su primo.”

But then a funny thing happened. The Obama faithful, who had waited in line “for hours” to get a chance to hear him speak, started leaving in the middle of his speech. Jeff Mason of Reuters reports:

Lots of people, at least up front near where journalists are sitting, appear to be leaving this rally now that Obama has started speaking.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) October 19, 2014

Steady stream of people leaving Maryland rally continues as Obama speaks. It's noticeable and noisy. They would have waited hours to get in.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) October 19, 2014

Maybe it was just Mason who noticed? Or, maybe not:

They got their iPhone photos, now they're streaming out: the 2014 Obama campaign rally story

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Pool: "by the time [Obama] was about 10 minutes in, there was a traffic jam next to the pool's tables as folks tried to exit the gym. "

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) October 19, 2014

And here comes the boom:

Empty bleachers – all of these people left after Obama started speaking at a campaign rally in Maryland

— Katie Zezima (@katiezez) October 19, 2014

How embarrassing! More gut-splitting reaction from around Twitter:

@jeffmason1 please tweet pics/vid if they start throwing tomatoes on exit.

— Pumpkin Czar (@Mrs__Met) October 19, 2014

@jeffmason1 @JimmyPrinceton Well then why did they come in the first place?

— DCinAZ (@DCinAZ) October 19, 2014

@jeffmason1 more surprised if they stayed.

— Eddie (@eddiecarl4468) October 19, 2014

.@jeneps Ya know, you could always pull up one the other thousands of speeches he's delivered the past 6 years. They're all the same

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 19, 2014

@jeneps People tend to do that with celebrities, not leaders

— Army Actor (@AAJAQUITS) October 19, 2014

@ZekeJMiller For a person who is so full of himself that's got to hurt his huge ego. #Obama #Shenanigans #lies

— Fran Farber (@FranMFarber) October 19, 2014

Maryland crowd walking out on Barack Obama just like his father walked out on him all those years ago, leaving us with a psychological mess.

— Harry (@Tark31) October 19, 2014

Oh, well. Not every rally can look like this:

Six Years Ago Today: Senator Obama in Berlin

— (@TheObamaDiary) July 24, 2014

As for coverage of tonight’s embarassment in the MSM, however, don’t hold your breath:

Watching @NBCNightlyNews now in which @kwelkernbc reported on Obama's Maryland rally but no mention of mass exodus #journalism

— Rick (@StrokesofCandor) October 19, 2014

The president’s next stop tonight is a rally to support the re-elections of Gov. Pat Quinn in Illinois. Let’s see if he gets a better crowd than the one he had in Maryland.



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