Profile Spotlight on Allison Iraheta, American Idol Season 8 Finalist


Favorite Quote:

“I’ll never let you go, if you promise not to fade away.”

Favorite Male Artists:

Michael Jackson

Favorite Female Artists:



Allison Iraheta made it into the top 12 (which later turned out to be top 13) in week 2 of the competition, singing Alone” by Heart. We indicated then we were quite impressed because the song is such an icon that it is hard to do well without being compared to the original and Allison did it amazingly well and outperformed some past Idols that had attempted to sing it.

Allison auditioned in San Francisco. She sang “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin and that pushed her through to Hollywood.

This isn’t Allison’s first competition. She has proven to be a winner in prior battles, winning “Quinceanera,” a Telemundo reality show. She took home the $50,000 prize, which included a recording contract.


Allison began singing at age 5 and also enjoys playing the guitar. She currently lives in Downey, California and is originally from Sherman Oaks, California. At age 16, Allison is the youngest performer this year to reach the final 13. Her parents are from El Salvador. When asked about her age as a factor, Allison calmly stated, “We’re all here for the same thing and it depends on how much we want it,” Allison’s trademark feature is her flame-red hair which makes her incredibly memorable. If she can continue to perform at the caliber she did to make the finals, she will be giving this elite group of challengers a run for their money.

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Profile Spotlight on Adam Lambert, American Idol Season 8 Finalist


Favorite Quote:

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

– Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Male Artists:

Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie

Favorite Female Artists:

katy Perry, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Goldfrapp, Madonna


Many American Idol Contestants, among which are such memorable Idol performers as Fantasia, Diana DeGarmo, Constantine Maroulis, Frenchie Davis, Clay Aiken and Taylor Hicks have found their way to the Broadway stage. Adam Lambert did things in reverse, performing in the Broadway Production Wicked in Los Angeles before auditioning for Idol. Adam played Fiyero.

Wicked wasn’t Adam’s first professional stint. Prior to joining Wicked, he performed in The Ten Commandments as “Joshua” at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Lambert’s Idol audition was broadcast on the Jan. 20 show from San Francisco, and he sang Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to get a unanimous pass to Hollywood. In later weeks he sang a Cher tune though and the likeness in his voice to that of Cher combined with his make up made us worry about his apparent penchant to be a female impersonator.

To get to the final 12, Adam belted out a screamingly ostentatious version of The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction,” to which we said, the scream is back! Adam can scream, with ease, and that is an incredibly difficult feat for most singers. His scream is on par with Stephen Tyler and Roger Daltry who identified their songs with powerful screams.


Some very risqué photos of Adam tongue-ing it up with his favorite boy toy kind of left us wondering if his image is what Idol is really looking for at this point.  The images which we are not even publishing here- were intended to be private on his social network page, but it is questionable putting pictures like this up on any web page at all.  Adam has talent, but is America willing to buy into his sexually explicit image?  We are not sure and it could be a problem for Adam going forward. Adam is 27 years old and is from Los Angeles, California.

We found a fan site for Adam here.

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Profile Spotlight on Alexis Grace, American Idol Season 8 Finalist


Favorite Quote:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite Male Artists:
Justin Timberlake

Favorite Female Artists:


Alexis Grace is a 21 year old single mom from Memphis, Tennessee. She got to the final 12 by belting out a soulful and sexy version of “Never Loved a Man” by Aretha Franklin, dressing in a sexy, almost cabaret style with a blues twist.

Top 12 Performance Night “Never Loved A Man”

alexisgracetop11Alexis is extremely petite at 4’11” and 99 pounds, but her size does not limit her vocal range or her ability to perform.

She was born June 9, 1987 and auditioned for Idol in Louisville Kentucky. She was voted through with a unanimous vote which started her trek to the top 12. Surprisingly, she had auditioned twice for Idol and never made it to Hollywood. “Three time’s a charm,”  she says on her Hollywood introduction.

Her full name is Alexis Grace Middleton. She graduated from Overton High School.

Alexis misses her daughter Ryan Elizabeth, “I am nervous. Any mom would be nervous because, you know, it’s their kid and they are so attached to their child. That’s their responsibility. But it’s only for a little time, and this little time apart, as long as I work hard and dedicate myself to it, I know I can get it done because I have the best family in the world, and they’re there to help me out with whatever I need. And I know I’ll be traveling back and forth, so I’ll be able to get to see her — not as much as I’d like to. But, you know, this is all to better our lives.”

We think Alexis has the edge she needs but she has some stiff competition. We will see if she can pull off the performances week after week when she is forced to break out of her bluesy style.

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Profile Spotlight: Courtney Galiano

Courtney Galiano is a stunning brunette dancer in the finals of So You Think You Can Dance Season 4. Her specialty is contemporary dance and she turned 20 on June 12. Courtney is from Dix Hills, NY. She graduated Commack High School, and is now studying childhood education at St. Joseph’s University.

Courtney has had dance training in lyrical, tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop, so there is little that is out of her element. Her dancing throughout the competition has been phenomenal. Katee has overshadowed Courtney this year, but anything could happen in the finals. Sabra was a surprise for us last year, and we were surprised again last week as the television audience loved Courtney, pushing her past Chelsie into the final four of the contest.

Courtney auditioned in Charleston, SC and got there at 4 AM with her grandparents!! The show played her up from the get-go. It appears they recognize the talent well before the audition, and select them for the seemingly impromptu cameos we see during the auditions. So, the show already knew they had found a winner before she made it through the door.

And Courtney has NOT disappointed. She is a finalist in the show, and one of the most diverse dancers ever to appear on So You Think You Can Dance. She picked a highly competitive year to audition, and she is at the very least in the top 4 of all those talents, and at the very least number 2 of the women with an excellent shot at number 1!

Courtney looks punished of late. She has paid her dues in this competition and her legs are bruised over what looks like about 80% of the surface. She has earned her way through this competition, never giving any less than her best and never letting any one of her partners down.

She has been awesome in all her solos, and it clearly showed in her audition! Mary’s contribution to Courtney was “You are a real cutie patuti up there”. Guest Judge Tyce Diorio said she has a “beautiful face, and beautiful body”. Seems that they got so wrapped up in Courtney’s captivating appeal that they forgot it was a dance competition, but they are right, Courtney is a knock-out, and it is sometimes difficult to separate that fact from how well she dances!

Courtney said “Send me to Vegas!”. They did, and she has proven to be one of the best selections the judges have ever made!!

Know more about Courtney at Fox.

Profile Spotlight: Stephen Laurel “Twitch” Boss

Twitch is the shocker of the season 4, busting into the finale on personality and talent. Last year, Twitch auditioned, but was sent home. “Hok” was selected instead. “Hok” had a very interesting season, and made the tour as a runner up for his hummingbird dance.

“Hok” was strong enough to perform wonderfully in the final 20, but did not even make the final 10!! Twitch is in the finale this year!!

Twitch’s real name is Stephen Laurel Boss, and is the eldest of the dancers in the finale at age 25. He is from Montgomery Alabama and considers himself a freestyle dancer. Hip Hop is his specialty, but he has proven he can act!! And he has also demonstrated this season he can dance contemporary on par with the best in the business.

During the season, Twitch has taken a bit of commercial advantage, creating a new line of clothing. The clever logo of a T in the Superman symbol is a winner!!

He has performed professionally, performing in the video “Thriller” with Wade Robson in 2003.

Robson was involved in the Michael Jackson trial at about the same time based on alleged relations he had with Michael Jackson, but Robson testified at Jackson’s trial that none of the allegations were true and Jackson was acquitted. According to wikipedia, in 2007, Robson won an Emmy in Outstanding Choreography for the routine Ramalama (Bang Bang), which was a sensational piece, and, it was no accident it reflected the same style that made the “Thriller” video a huge hit.

We cannot prove it, nor has there been reference to it, but we believe Twitch was initially discovered by Robson in 2002, when he initiated a nation-wide search for Hip Hop talent.

The most interesting aspect of Twitch is he made the finals with almost no training, although one site said he has had formal training. He is a street trained dancer as far as we know. Raw talent with buff body and amazing expression. He drew a huge crowd at his audition.

Nigel, before the interview, said, “Twitch, let’s be honest, if you don’t make it through to Vegas this year, I am going to kick yo’ ass.” He had the judges laughing and applauding by the end. Mary exclaimed, “Twitch, you are sick”. This year there was no doubt in putting him through to the top 20. But who knew that this “sick” raw talent would make it to the finale with his incredible dance and acting ability?

Some of Twitch’ Solo performances

Profile Spotlight: Chelsie Hightower

Chelsie Hightower (Is that her real name?) is a strikingly beautiful dancer born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her specialty is Latin Ballroom, and she has the fastest legs we have ever seen. Last year, a Russian dancer named Anya struck us because of her incredible leg speed. Chelsie is faster.

Chelsie has danced since she was just 9 years old, and there are pictures of her from competitive dances from an age where most of us were being challenged by hide and seek. But in the world of dance, to be as great as Chelsie, most have to start very young.

We were very disappointed this week because Chelsie was eliminated from the finals, despite not once being in the bottom prior to this week. We think she beat Courtney this week and, while we love Courtney and think she is another incredible talent, we believe that Chelsie was dealt a bad hand. She received Twitch as a partner and he could not dance the Mambo well enough, and it hurt their performance. To boot, while Courtney got two dances that catered to her style, Chelsie got thrown Hip Hop. She still was fantastic, but Hip Hop was about as far from Latin Ballroom as it could be.

Chelsie graduated from Timpanagos High School in 2007 and is 19 years old, born July 21, 1989. She just celebrated her 19th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Chelsie!!! She is going to college at Utah Valley University.

Chelsie was discovered in Salt Lake City and wowed the judges with her audition. They played her up right away on that show and knew even before she danced she was special. Her partner was relatively good, certainly better than Twitch was last week in the Mambo, but he paled in comparison and was little more than a prop. Nigel said, at the audition, “I have to say you are truly tremendous.” Mary followed with “You are one hot tamale, that is for sure!” Of course, she was sent straight through to Vegas. Or is that back to Vegas?

In 2005, Chelsie was a finalist in the US Worlds Dance Competition as a member of Team USA. A scant 16 years old, and she was already tearing up the floor. She started dancing at the age of 9. In just two years, at the age of 11, she won her first national title. From what we gather, she is a talented singer as well.

Chelsie currently resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah, was raised in Orem, Utah, and born in Las Vegas, but she was no gamble for this show. You could tell from the outset she was on her way to the top 20 at the very least, and the top 6 wasn’t good enough; we think she should have made the finale.

Because of her extensive background, according to, Chelsie has worked with many world-renowned choreographers such as Louis VanAmstel, Goran Nordin, Vibeka Taus, Paul Green, Karina Sminoff, Jonathon Wilkins, and Katusha Demidova. The exposure she has already received would comprise an entire career for most dancers.

We will miss Chelsie and we know that all of her fans are destroyed by her elimination. Last week just turned out incredibly unfair for her as a dancer, seemingly being targeted for elimination by lady luck and her pairing with Twitch. She was our huge favorite to win. For more on Chelsie, videos and pictures, please read our review of the show.

Chelsie Goes Home tribute

Some of Chelsie’s solos on the show

Profile Spotlight: Joshua Allen

Joshua is America’s Favorite Dancer in 2008 for Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance

Joshua Allen was born in Fort Worth Texas. He says he started dancing at 8, but who could ever really know? He is now an ancient 19 years old, so old for a dancer his age. Joshua didn’t grab us at the audition; it was later, when he was paired with Katee, and no matter what they threw at this couple, they not only mastered it, they killed it.

Bollywood is a classic that will definitely be on the tour. It is amazing and a prime example of how shockingly great this man is. His strength as he suspends Katee in his arms is alarming. She barely moves. The strength in his arms to catch her that way is astonishing.

Joshua has dance training, so he is no accident, but it appears much less extensive than the other dancers. He believes he can sing, because he wants to become a recording artist.  Maybe he will make next year’s American Idol as well.  Wow, now that would be a major first!!

One has to believe that Katee and Joshua drew the biggest lucky card in the competition when paired with each other. While both are great, their styles and strengths augmented each other and kept them out of the bottom three repeatedly, never to have to dance a solo for the judges to stay in the competition.

We have tried to find out where Joshua studied dance because the “So You Think You Can Dance” web site says he has had dance training.

We know he graduated from North Crowley High School. Apparently, from what we can garner, Joshua’s family did not have the money to pursue the traditional avenue of dance training, but in the 3rd grade, got introduced to the Debbie Allen Institute workshop. Dance captivated him right there and then, and he began to seek out any dance scholarship he could find. And in the process, got to where he is today.

Joshua is raw talent. Someone you love for his technique and quality as a person as well as talent as a dancer. How can you not love this dance with Courtney? Another dance that proves that his strength and diversity are universal.

Joshua is everything every leading lady could want. Strong, guided, and magical. If he does not take this competition, we will be quite surprised.

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JUST IN: This is a pic of Joshua and a high school bud of his, Charles Nolen, following their senior blowout taken at Putt Putt Miniature Golf and Arcade. Charles wanted us to send this wish to Joshua for the finale:

“GO JOSHUA!!!! I’m proud of ya!”

Note: Thanks Charles Nolen! If any of you have pictures of your favorites, please forward them with a brief description and we will do our best to publish them.

Profile Spotlight: Mark Kanemura

Mark Kanemura has worked masterfully to make his way to the top 6 of “So You Think You Can Dance”, and his prowess and talent cannot be denied. Mark is from a place most of us associate with the dream vacation. Honolulu, Hawaii. Wow, imagine growing up in paradise!! Well, Mark gets to bring a bit of paradise to us all with his talent.

Often, you get the impression from the reality shows that the talents are new and have no experience, but there is no such requirement. Mark has dance experience. He was trained with 24-VII Dance Force, danced with Tokyo Disney and choreographed performances on Norwegian Cruise Lines! He is far from an amateur.

While Mark’s specialty is contemporary dance, it is obvious from his performances that he is as diverse as dancers come. He has touched on every possible variation of dance in this competition, and this man is still standing, surprising many with his accomplishments.

This week, though, it looked like Mark was destined to be voted out of the competition. As Nigel stated, and Mary agreed, “I think Lady Luck walked in the room when you got your hip-hop routine, I think Lady Luck walked out of the room when you got your Fox Trot .”  Mary chimed in, “I’m sorry, it’s not going to get any better here, I have to agree with Nigel. It was tough. Nothing was melding together. The transitions were all rough. That was one of the worst close holds I have to say I’ve ever seen.”

We listened to these criticisms and had to believe that the judges were watching a different dance than we did. It was sad how bad the criticism was. Watching the dance repeatedly, we could see no reason for the negative input, and the result may actually have hurt the other dancers by drawing America to Mark’s defense.

Mark danced this beautifully, and even if Comfort contributed a bit to some of the negativity being so far out of her style, the judges totally ignored Mark’s effort and art. Interestingly enough, we have seen other sites criticizing this Fox Trot without any explanation. It is easy to blindly follow the judges’ words, and thus you will see those words echoed on many sites, but the fact is, the judges blew it.

So, what happened? The audience struck out and voted for Mark, demonstrating his strong talent and appeal. The audience came to his defense, seeing right through all the bad luck that had befallen the performer, such as drawing Comfort as his dance partner and being forced to do a Fox Trot while other performers were given contemporary or styles that were more suited to their strengths.

Mark has a very unique style, and it shows through his solos and performances. He does not allow it to diminish his technique in specific dance styles, but he does bring it to augment his performances.

Mark, in an interview earlier in the season said, “From what I’ve heard, the people in Hawaii have been really supportive and I’m really grateful for the support and love I’ve been getting. And I hope I’m representing Hawaii well.”

Mark is also incredibly loveable. One of his students Chanel Dragomanovich says “I think he’s the type that America will fall in love with. I think he really has that likable quality.” Does he ever!!

So Mark is in the final 6. And his personality, as well as his talent, could be the reason!

Mark’s solo performances…

Tribute video: Mark Goes Home, July 31, 2008.

Get to know Mark some more at Fox TV.