American Idol 11 Profile Spotlight: Heejun Han

Name: Heejun Han
Age: 22
Hometown: Originally from Korea; currently lives in Flushing, NY
Music: R&B, Soul
Audition number: 8002
Audition song: ‘How Am I Supposed To Live Without You’ by Michael Bolton

Road to Hollywood Interview


American Idol 11 Profile Spotlight: Erika Van Pelt

Name: Erika Van Pelt
Age: 25
Hometown: South Kingstown, Rhode Island
Favorite Idol: Kelly Clarkson
Audition number: 6118
Audition song: ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ by Carol King

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American Idol 11 Profile Spotlight: Colton Dixon

Name: Colton Dixon
Age: 19
Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Music: Rock, Acoustic, Pop
Trivia: Auditioned in Season 10, made it to Hollywood, all the way to “Green Mile” where they cut to Top 24. In Season 11, was in the audition to support her sister, Schyler but judges (staged) ‘forced’ him to try out and got a ticket to Hollywood!
Audition song: ‘Permanent’ by David Cook

Making it to Top 24

“Sing for your Life”

Road to Hollywood Interview