This Couple Transformed An Old Play Room Into A Gaming Room Of Epic Proportions

As kids grow up, their needs change.

They grow out of clothes, go to different schools, and eventually end up liking new and different toys. For these boys, they were too old for a traditional “play room.”

That’s why their mom decided to convert that old play room into something epic (with a little help from dad, too).

Rorie, also know as Reddit user rdlizenby, drew up some simple plans and got to work.

She started off by putting some new paint up on the walls.

Pretty soon, it was obvious what that big gray blob was going to be.

(And it was going to be awesome.)

A cut-out of the Nintendo D-pad was created, too, instead of just painting it on.

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(Nostalgia levels intensifying.)

To keep the area organized, she put the cords in a 1.5″ diameter cord sheathing.

The entertainment center was purchased from Overstock…but adjustments were soon made to the piece.

It was advertised as a lowboard.

She added a faux bottom to it, blocked it off, and painted the main areas to look like the original Nintendo console.

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PERFECT (complete with labels).

Admiring her amazing handiwork (as she should).

Now…it’s time to get gaming!

You can view Rorie’s original post here on Reddit, inspiring hundreds of others to finally put their extra rooms in the house to good use.

No longer need a nursery? Bored with your living room? Tired of looking at a dining room you don’t use? Make a game room!

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