The Amazing Race to START its 13th Season…

Our favorite CBS Reality TV show is about to begin. The Amazing Race will start airing on September 28, 2008. The CBS website seems to want to conceal this. We have no idea why they would be so stupid as to conceal information about the start of one of their best shows. (As of this writing, there is no update at all on its official website.)

We don’t have much information on the premiere yet as CBS is apparently keeping it close to the vest. So much so, you would think the it was a show about to air on Fox.

We were able to pick this tidbit up from Entertainment Weekly:

Some of the locations will be La Paz, Bolivia and the Cambodian Ruins of Angkor Wat. Wat? We are not sure, but you will find out. There were also some hints at the contestants, but none were worth including here. Something about a divorcing couple looking to restore their marriage. Could yield some very interesting exchanges on the way to Tijuana as their last stop for a quickie divorce.

Fox does such a better job at advertising and promoting their shows, it is no wonder how they became the leading network with the old diehards scratching their heads wondering how it could have happened.

We would have to lie to tell you we knew more, and you know what, either CBS has nothing to hide and this season is more of the same and there really is nothing new to say, or they are blowing a huge chance to promote their new show.

CBS, Clumsy Broadcasting Spastics.

The Amazing Race RoundUp

Amazing Race on CBS

Created by
Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster

Presented by Phil Keoghan

Theme music composer John M. Keane
Composer(s) Mark Phillips
Erik Aho
Dan Beyer
Christopher Holden

Running time 42 minutes

Original channel CBS

Original run September 5, 2001 – present

Premise: An American multiple award-winning TV reality adventure game show; Select the team of two or four among the competitors to win $1 million grand prize.

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