5/13 American Idol Top 3 Results: Paula Abdul Trashes Danny Gokey

If a judge ever had a negative impact on a contestant, Paula Abdul did it to Danny Gokey.

Each judge had to pick a song for an artist and Paula picked an outdated and mismatched song, “Dance Little Sister” by Terence Trent D’Arby. Danny performed it well, but it was not memorable and it was unfair. There clearly should have been a restriction on what the judges could pick so the song choices were all relevant.

So tonight, we watched Danny get eliminated from the final 3. That leaves Kris and Adam to duke it out next week. Fact is, neither Danny nor Kris can touch Adam. So, that probably won’t matter much. But we are nearly certain, had Paula been forced to be more fair in her choice of song, it would likely have been Kris that was eliminated. But there was never any doubt about Adam.


Well, Kris is good, no doubt. Better than we thought and better than we expected. There is nearly nothing he could do to win next week. Adam would have to get laryngitis or die. Short of that, this one is a done deal.

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5/6 American Idol Top 4 Results, “Cry Baby” Night

Tonight was a bit of a travesty. The second best performer from last night got sent home, and we have little idea how the voting could have had this result. But we have been surprised before.

Adam was no surprise. He was great, and safe. But of the other three, we would have expected either Kris (because of overall mediocrity) and Danny (because of the worst performance we have seen in the final four) to go home.

But sadly, it was Allison, who belted out a massive performance of Joplin’s Cry Baby. And the only thing wrong with the performance was perhaps the songs obscurity to a modern audience. Janis is barely known now and her style was an acquired taste, so perhaps the more ubiquitous sounds of the Beatles, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin laid Allison to waste.


Allison did an even better performance of the song tonight, with a fitting tear in her eye. Yes, Cry Baby, and realize how incredibly talented you are. At 16, a gal that will be remembered for years to come and perhaps have her first hit CD by next year.

Appearances by Daughtry and No Doubt rounded out a great show and we have to give kudos to Idol for having the guts to finally do an all out rock night. A night where even Led Zeppelin allowed a tune to be done on American Idol for the very first time.

From the best screams (Adam) to the worst (Danny) we loved the entire show, but we are saddened that Allison was the one to go. She is more deserving.

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4/29 American Idol Top 5 Results, Adam Lambert Elimination Shocker?

The show really started when they picked the bottom 3. As we expected, there was no surprise when Matt and Kris ended up in the low crowd. And as we expected, Danny was easily in the safe group. We said last night that Allison was fantastic and that Simon was way off the mark, and it is possible that the audience so strongly disagreed with him that it worked in her favor and put her with Danny, sitting safe, high and dry.

The only surprise, but not all that much, is that Adam ended up likely coming in third. Danny beat him in the votes. Allison did too. It shows he is not invulnerable and if he gets too cocky, he could lose even with his range. Many feel Daughtry got cocky and he went at number 4, and Taylor Hicks, clearly an inferior talent, won the year. And it is not clear at all that Allison and Danny are inferior talents to Adam. A good night in the finals or a bad night for Adam and we could easily see a different #1 than most expect.

The three entered the stage and we got to find out that Kris was safe. Adam lost to Kris too. And now was in the bottom 2. This was not truly believable. We started to believe it was staged by Idol to make things exciting. We have suspected that Idol has done this in the past to build the ratings and suspense.

So, would it be the season shocker? No. Adam was safe and Matt goes home. It had to be Kris or Matt in our eyes and it was Matt. Adam was a suspense thriller likely staged by Idol to keep us on the edge of our seats.


All it proves is that Idol wasted the save on Matt. What if Adam had a fluke tonight and ended up at the bottom like Daughtry. The judges could not have corrected a truly flawed decision. Matt could not win. He is not in Danny and Adam’s league. Allison is. Kris, not really.

So, here we are. Matt is gone. The top four are what they are. No one deserved to be there more this year. These are indeed the best of the best.

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4/22 American Idol Top 7 Double Elimination Results, No True Surprises

Except that Matt survived without being in the bottom 3 and Allison was in the bottom 3 when she clearly outperformed him. But the jig was up for Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. Not really any surprise.

We think Matt could have gone too, but we don’t expect Kris or Matt to last much longer.

The double elimination was abrupt and early for Lil.

They dragged out Anoop’s to the end of the show. The result was the same.


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4/15 American Idol on Tax Day, The Judges Waste the Save

The bottom three we picked weren’t quite the way it played out. However, we still think there are only two performers that can win this, Adam or Danny. There really is no one else and we could jump to the final today and save us all a bunch of bad commercial segments.

So, who got into the bottom three? Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. Anoop did not deserve it, Allison was weak last night and he was on the money. But we can also see that he likely doesn’t have much of a fan base because he just plain has no star appeal in his blue jeans and tie. We think he needs to come out next week with some pizazz. A tailored suit perhaps. Something to get people to think differently of him. The nerd look is getting old.

Anyway, Anoop was the first to be safe. Then the first bad mistake. Lil Rounds was safe. She was clearly painful to listen to last night and we dread hearing her again. But even singing in a flat pitch and screaming off key as she did last night, perhaps in this case, it was her professional look that saved her.

So, that left Matt. Matt cannot win. He is just plain not in the same league as Danny or Adam and he has been in the bottom 3 twice. The judges used their save this week to save someone that is likely to get eliminated next week in a double elimination.

The save was supposed to be only for cases in which the audience got it completely wrong. Like when they eliminated Daughtry against mediocre competition. A save should have only been used if something shocking happened like Adam was at the bottom. Then, you have to save him, because the audience got it totally wrong.

Well, Matt was saved. Lil Rounds is safe. Everyone is safe. Lil should go home. Matt, Anoop and Kris round out the next crowd to get eliminated. But Kris could give Allison a run on a good week. And then the finale. Danny versus (gulp) Adam.

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4/8 American Idol Results: “The Search is Over” for Top 8. Scott MacIntyre is Over and Out.


Scott MacIntyre has stayed far too long in the competition. We’re still not over the fact that America has booted out Alexis Grace ahead of him and evenĀ  Michael Sarver. That was not right. Tonight, America finally got it right. We could not bear another week listening to Scott and show any more of his versatility that doesn’t add anything to his performances. He can’t sing.

He has great personality and good sense of humor but we are looking for the overall package here to be the next American Idol. Number one criteria is you must be able to carry a tune and carry it right if not perfectly. If you can’t, you have no place in the competition.

Scott’s search is over and he is going home. The pressure is on for Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud who are in danger of leaving next.

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4/7 Dancing With The Stars 8 Results- No Comic Standing

davidalangrierWe feel kind of bad about David Alan Grier. He was eliminated tonight and he is much better than Lawrence Taylor or Ty Murray. His strange mannerisms, however, may have been his downfall in the voting of the audience which killed him despite getting top scores from the judges.

We expect Lawrence to be next to go. He dances like Frankenstein. Clumsy, stiff and straining from dance to dance, he just isn’t in this competition.

Gilles Marini is killing this crowd. He could be training other stars next year. We don’t believe he got this good this year and have to believe this man has danced professionally before. His consistent 9s and 10s could even take out Shawn Johnson and Lil Kim.

In the meantime, though, we will enjoy watching the three leading teams all the way to the final three and we are adding a fourth. Lil Kim, Shawn, Melissa and Gilles. We could just have gone to these four several weeks ago and saved time. They are two points above the others. And Gilles is a point above the other three. If he keeps it up, there is little question about the outcome.