1/29 American Idol Final Auditions: New York And Puerto Rico Zzzzzzzzz…

UPDATE: Alexis Cohen was struck, killed by ‘hit and run’ in NJ. Read the story here.


here are times when you watch television and after you are done you feel guilty. What you watched was a complete waste of time and you could have accomplished more reading a bad novel. Such was this week on Idol.

The show was so poorly presented that even with New York (mixed in with Puerto Rico) wasn’t enough to stimulate us. The show was downright bland. Even the freaks weren’t freaky. And the best of the best on this show were mediocre.

We cannot give you one name from this show that was a stand-out. As far as we are concerned, the show could have skipped this week and no one would notice. Not one person was good enough to be a finalist.

So, what do we say? 26 got through from New York, and we are hoping Idol just skipped showing us the real talent. In Puerto Rico there were cutesy performers, but no American Idols. 9 made the cut. So what are we left with? From what we saw… 35 cut outs. 39 if you count the poor judges that had to suffer though it all.

If you missed this week, you missed nothing. If you didn’t miss this week, you should have.

Alexis Cohen’s American Idol Audition in Season 8, her second time to be seen on Idol.

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