Profile Spotlight on Paul McDonald American idol 10

Name: Paul McDonald
Age: 26
Hometown: Huntsville, Ala.
Audition City: Nashville, TN
Audition song: “Maggie May”

Audition: (Mixed with other auditions)

Road to Hollywood interview:

“Blackbird” with Kendra Chantelle (Las Vegas, Beatles Night)

“American Dreams” original song (Top 24 results)

Profile Spotlight on Stefano Langone American idol 10

Name: Stefano Langone
Age: 21
Hometown: Kent ,Wash.
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition song: “Heard it through the grapevine” by Marvin Gaye


Road to Hollywood interview:

“Come Home” original piece (Top 24 results)

“You can feel it all over” by Sir Duke

Profile Spotlight on Scott McCreery American idol 10

Name: Scott McCreery
Age: 17
Hometown: Garner, N.C.
Audition City: Milwaukee, WI
Audition song: “Your Man and Drive in their Country”


Road to Hollywood audition:

“Long Black Train” by Josh Turner (Top 24 results)

“Your Man” (Hollywood round 1)

Profile Spotlight on Karen Rodriguez American idol 10

Name: Karen Rodriguez
Age: 21
Hometown: New York, N.Y.
Audition City: Los Angeles, CA (via MySpace)
AudiTION SONG: “You give good love”


Road to Hollywood interview:

“No Me Queda Mas” (Making it to Top 24)

“Can’t buy me love” duet with Pia Toscano. Las Vegas, Beatles Night

American Idol Top 24: The ‘chosen ones’ of Season 10

Finally a reveal of the Top 24 on American Idol Season 10.

After weeks and weeks of showing us drama and hype, from wailing contestants, odd auditions to crying judges– we get down to the serious stuff.

Presenting the Top 24 in no particular order: Lauren Alaina, Brett Loewenstern, Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone, James Durbin, Jovany Barreto, Jordan Dorsey, Karen Rodriguez, Pia Toscano, Thia Megia, Rachel Zevita, Lauren Turner, Julie Zorrilla, Scotty McCreery, Clint Jun Gamboa, Paul Mc Donald, Jacob Lusk, Robbie Rosen, Tim Halperin, Kendra Chantelle, Ashton Jones, Naima Adepapo, Haley Reinhart and Ta-Tynisa Wilson.

This season, American Idol introduces online voting for the first time ever. Residents of the US can log on to the official American Idol site via their Facebook accounts and have the option to vote up to 50 times during the open voting period. There will also be a wild card round; we’re not sure how they’re doing that just of yet.