Watch The Creepy Moment This Wet Floor Sign Starts Moving On Its Own

In movies, ghosts smash glasses, rip curtains, and open cabinets, but this security footage just might be proof of the cleanest ghost ever.

Recently, 31-year-old Kathy Round was straightening up a back room of the pub she co-manages when security footage caught something odd. She’d heard rumors that ghosts haunted the 200-year-old joint, but she never experienced anything herself. That is, until a wet floor sign and a mop started moving.

Watch the bizarre footage below. As soon as Round’s back is turned, the sign begins to move.

After she uploaded the video, she was contacted by paranormal investigators. They plan to go ghost hunting in the old pub. Hopefully, they’ll find an explanation for whatever caused this.

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Would you work in a haunted pub? Let us know in the comments. As long as the ghost was tidy, I don’t think I would mind!

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