This Terrifying Deep-Sea Shark Really Earns Its Spooky Name

Sharks have been the nightmare of fishermen and beach-goers for ages.

When I picture a shark, it’s usually a great white or a hammerhead, because that’s what I’ve grown up seeing in movies and nature documentaries.

But lurking down in the deep sea is a truly terrifying creature that really lives up to its name: the goblin shark.

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Between its pink skin, needle teeth, and retractable jaw, this thing has got all the makings of a monster.

Even though they’re found pretty much worldwide and have been around for 125 million years, goblin sharks are usually no threat to humans.

Because they live so far below the ocean’s surface, they rarely even interact with us. Instead, they prefer to eat small fish and crustaceans and mind their own business. They’re even called “lazy” and “sluggish” by scientists who study them.

When goblin sharks have been captured alive, they’ve only lived for a short time in aquariums before dying, so not much is known about their behavior or reproduction.

I wouldn’t get in a goblin shark’s way, though. This rare footage shows the shark’s jaw protruding as it bites the wetsuit-covered arm of a diver.

Yikes! As science advances, we can only hope to learn more about goblin sharks and all the other creepy creatures of the deep.

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Watching This Video Of A Sea Lion Eating A Shark Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

We all think of sharks as the top predators of the sea. They are lean, mean, chomping machines. They’ve had several movies written and produced about them, several documentaries, heck, Discovery Channel has a whole week dedicated to them every year.

But when you see this gang of sea lions take down some sharks, you will start to second-guess their position at the top of the sea’s food chain. This video was taken aboard The Western Pride out of Davey’s Locker Sportfishing and Whale Watching in Newport Beach, CA.

Move over, sharks, sea lions are top dog now.

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SEA-Lion vs Thresher Shark! Rare Footage! Fresh Kills!

Super Rare Footage of Three Sea-lions Taking Down Three Different Thresher Sharks!!!! 1 mile from Newport harbor !!!! *Davey’s Locker Sportfishing & Whale WatchingVideo: Slater Moore Photography

Posted by Slater Moore Photography on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just look at how ruthless this sea lion is as it attacks these sharks.

Not even an approaching bird can rip the shark away from the sea lion’s jaws.

Best for last: the fin.

Note to self: don’t mess with sea lions.

(via Huffington Post)

These incredible moments were captured by photographer Slater Moore — I imagine he felt pretty amazed by the occurrence. If you’d like to see more of his work, don’t forget to check out his Instagram.

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