Profile Spotlight: Stephen Laurel “Twitch” Boss

Twitch is the shocker of the season 4, busting into the finale on personality and talent. Last year, Twitch auditioned, but was sent home. “Hok” was selected instead. “Hok” had a very interesting season, and made the tour as a runner up for his hummingbird dance.

“Hok” was strong enough to perform wonderfully in the final 20, but did not even make the final 10!! Twitch is in the finale this year!!

Twitch’s real name is Stephen Laurel Boss, and is the eldest of the dancers in the finale at age 25. He is from Montgomery Alabama and considers himself a freestyle dancer. Hip Hop is his specialty, but he has proven he can act!! And he has also demonstrated this season he can dance contemporary on par with the best in the business.

During the season, Twitch has taken a bit of commercial advantage, creating a new line of clothing. The clever logo of a T in the Superman symbol is a winner!!

He has performed professionally, performing in the video “Thriller” with Wade Robson in 2003.

Robson was involved in the Michael Jackson trial at about the same time based on alleged relations he had with Michael Jackson, but Robson testified at Jackson’s trial that none of the allegations were true and Jackson was acquitted. According to wikipedia, in 2007, Robson won an Emmy in Outstanding Choreography for the routine Ramalama (Bang Bang), which was a sensational piece, and, it was no accident it reflected the same style that made the “Thriller” video a huge hit.

We cannot prove it, nor has there been reference to it, but we believe Twitch was initially discovered by Robson in 2002, when he initiated a nation-wide search for Hip Hop talent.

The most interesting aspect of Twitch is he made the finals with almost no training, although one site said he has had formal training. He is a street trained dancer as far as we know. Raw talent with buff body and amazing expression. He drew a huge crowd at his audition.

Nigel, before the interview, said, “Twitch, let’s be honest, if you don’t make it through to Vegas this year, I am going to kick yo’ ass.” He had the judges laughing and applauding by the end. Mary exclaimed, “Twitch, you are sick”. This year there was no doubt in putting him through to the top 20. But who knew that this “sick” raw talent would make it to the finale with his incredible dance and acting ability?

Some of Twitch’ Solo performances