What Michael Phelps is About to do… And by Golly He did!!

Here are all of Mark Spitz’s medals from the 1968 and 1972 Olympics:

* 1968 — 4×100 m freestyle relay Gold

* 1968 — 4×200 m freestyle relay Gold

* 1968 — 100 m butterfly Silver

* 1968 — 100 m freestyle Bronze

* 1972 — 100 m butterfly Gold

* 1972 — 100 m freestyle Gold

* 1972 — 200 m butterfly Gold

* 1972 — 200 m freestyle Gold

* 1972 — 4×100 m freestyle relay Gold

* 1972 — 4×100 m medley relay Gold

* 1972 — 4×200 m freestyle relay Gold

Michael Phelps current standing in Beijing 20008 Olympics:

So far: Eight finals, Eight gold medals, Seven world records, One Olympic Record.

His Events:

200m free- won Gold, Aug. 12

100m fly- won Gold, Aug.15

200m fly- won Gold, Aug. 12

200m IM- won Gold Aug. 15

400m IM- won Gold, Aug. 10

4x100m free relay- won Gold, Aug.11 with Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak, and Garrett Weber-Gale

4x200m free relay – won Gold, Aug. 12 with Peter VanderKaay

4x100m medley relay- won Gold with Aaron Peirsol, Jason Lezak, and Brendan Hansen

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US Dominates Swimming: Peirsol, Coughlin, Phelps Make Olympic History

Swimming was big last night

Oh Say Can You See, Olympic History, US Takes 1 and 3!! Coughlin Takes GOLD in Women’s 100M Backstroke

The 100 Meter Backstroke saw Natalie Coughlin and Kirsty Coventry likely to be in a tight race. Coughlin broke out beautifully and took a strong lead early.

Coughlin was off strong, and well ahead of Coventry, but was drawing near the lane line and needed to center herself. Coughlin turned strong holding the lead and still looked to be well in front by about 2/3 of a body length, but we have seen how in prior races that can dissipate quickly.

Halfway through the final lap you could clearly see Coughlin drifting. And the rest of the pack started to catch up. Coventry was making her push for Gold and Coughlin was just inches ahead.

At the touch, Coughlin TAKES THE GOLD!!! Coventry of Zimbabwe took the Silver and Coughlin’s US teammate Margaret Holzer took the Bronze!!!

Two more US Medals. “Oh Say Can You SEEEEEE!!!!” Olympic HISTORY! Coughlin is the first ever to defend the title successfully in the Women’s 100 Meter Backstroke in Olympic History!

Phelps Makes Olympic Medal History, Wins Men’s 200M Freestyle for GOLD!

Phelps broke out to the lead early with a strong leap into the pool and reached the turn first, but was under his record pace.

Phelps had a body length lead on the second turn, and was looking stronger as he progressed. Phelps passed World Record Pace just before the last turn, and following the turn was a full second under with 40 meters left. Not one racer in the pool was close.

Phelps was going for a World Record all the way and touched at 1:42.96 almost a full second ahead of the World Record. Peter VanderKaay of the US touched third for the Bronze.

Phelps now has 9 golds and 11 total medals in the Olympics. One more, and he will be the new record holder of total medals.

In 1972, Mark Spitz took 7 Golds. He has held that record now for 36 years. Phelps could break that record as well and has 3 Golds so far in this Olympics thanks to the heroic win of the US Relay Team in the Freestyle 4×100 Meter race.

Soni!!! No Bologna!!! USA’s Rebecca Soni takes Silver in Women’s 100M Backstroke

This was clearly Leisel Jones race. Jones from Australia left little doubt throughout the race who was going to touch first.

But Rebecca Soni put in a spectacular performance to take the Silver. Soni is stronger in the longer distance. Could we be looking at a Soni GOLD???

Peirsol “Peirces” WORLD RECORD TO TAKE GOLD. US 1-2 in Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke

Peirsol got off to a weak start leaving Tancock ahead at the first turn, but Peirsol executed a great turn, and started to pour it on. Peirsol hasn’t lost this race in 7 years!! It wasn’t going to start today.

Peirsol surged to a WORLD RECORD at 53.54. Matt Grevers had an awesome swim and received the Silver!!!

One has to wonder, what could Peirsol have done if his start had been just a tad more crisp?

This American Team is amazing! Two more medals for the US. Keep ‘EM COMIN’!!

PHOTO CREDITS: NBC and Getty Images

Hits and Misses as the Competition Continues in the Olympic Waters

Katie Hoff Heartbreaker in the Women’s 400 Meter Freestyle Final, Misses Gold

At the first turn, it was Laure Manadou of France.  But this is a very long race.  On the 3rd turn, Manadou continued to lead.  No one has defended this event in the Olympics in 80 years!

Katie Hoff took the lead on the 4th turn!!  She was spreading her lead and in the 5th turn was still in the lead and looked to be pulling away.

She turns again in the lead and had the US fans on their feet and screaming.  She has a full body length going into the final turn.  She is so far out ahead, but there is so much that can happen, and Katie couldn’t hold her lead and missed Gold by 7/100 second. Katie gets the Silver.

Sorry Katie, but we all loved your performance.

“Peirsing” the Compitition, Peirsol Takes 1st Place

USA Aaron Peirsol was behind Liam Tancock of Great Britain at the turn in Heat 6 of the Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke.

Seemingly with ease, following the turn, Peirsol overtook Tancock and touched first to win the heat.

The US is looking very strong in the 100M Backstroke and a Gold in the event is a strong possibility.  Peirsol is the defending Gold Medalist from 2004.

Peirsol holds six individual World titles and nine world records and was the first man in history to break 53 seconds in the 100 Meter Backstroke.

USA Swim Team Natalie Coughlin Takes First In 100M Backstroke

Natalie Coughlin outpaced Reiko Nakamura from Japan to take first in the Women’s 100 Meter Backstroke semifinal.

Christine Magnusun Nails Silver in the Women’s 100M Butterfly

Libby Trickett of Australia edged out Christine Magnusun in the Women’s 100 M Butterfly, taking a stronger turn after the first leg.  Christine gets the Silver Medal for the US.

USA Team Strikes GOLD over French Braggart in Men’s 4x100M Freestyle Relay

This was the most exciting race of the Olympic swimming events this year and possibly ever.  Michael Phelps led off for the US Swim Team.  The surprise at the start was Australia with a huge lead after the first turn.  A number of swimmers after the first leg were well ahead of the World Record.

Garrett Weber-Gale in his first Olympic swim jumped in for the second leg and took the lead.  The US remained in the lead with Cullen Jones swimming in the third leg, but France took it by the turn.

Going into the final leg, anchor man Jason Lezak jumped in the pool well behind.  It looked like the Frenchman Bernard was pulling away at the final turn.

Jason Lezak started to close with ½ of a lap to go and pulled off a miraculous finish to take the Gold for America!!  A clutch anchor swim we will remember forever.  The Frenchman Bernard had to eat his words from earlier in the day.

Lezak later said, “I’ve been on the last two relays, where we came up short, and to be honest with you, I was tired of losing.”

Bernard, the braggart Frenchman, blew the race in the final lap.  He had said earlier in the day, “The Americans?  We’re going to smash them.  That’s what we came for.”  He ate those words!!  Lezak, the US Team Captain, had much more heart and sportsmanship, and the US team destroyed the world record with a time of 3:08.24.

Better luck next time Bernard.

This keeps Phelps hopes for 8 gold medals in these Olympics alive.  He now has two!!

The sweetest part of this race was knowing the French were listening to the US National Anthem at the end.


Michael Phelps Sets Olympic Record in 200M Butterfly

OK, here is the answer to those that felt Michael Phelps may have trouble coming down after that victory yesterday in the men’s freestyle relay.

Michael set an Olympic record at 1:53.70 easily disposing of the competition in this prelim heat.

Phelps is on target still, and with last nights miraculous win, he could be well on his way to making Spitz’s record a memory!

Americans Silver In 4x100M Free Relay for the Women! Men’s Water Polo Team Douses China

Dara Torres of the US team debuts in this Olympics!! Team China was the top qualifier!!

Torres is now 24 years in the Olympics!! A repeating champion and a hero of everyone in the US.

Current world record holders are the Netherlands, and believe it or not, despite holding the record they are NOT the favorites!

The US took the lead early, but this race was tight. Germany took the lead on the 2nd lap. Lacey Nymyer takes the second leg behind, and cannot come back. The US is falling behind. If it stays like this, they will not medal.

Germany is still in the lead as they enter the next to last leg. But the Netherlands break to first place. The US is coming on strong, so now the they are starting to shine!

The Netherlands were in the lead in the last race and they are there now. This was now down to the US and the Netherlands. But the Netherlands swimmer for the final leg had a strong lead. Torres could not take back the lead on the final leg from the Netherlands, the US takes the silver and it is a new Olympic record for the Dutch.

US Medals again!

A Great Kick off

The Men’s USA Water polo team, almost all from the state of California, except for Brandon Brooks from Honolulu, easily disposed of China.  The game started off with the USA taking a 3 goal lead and looking unstoppable, but China had a sudden rally and within a period tied the score.

The remainder of the game easily favored the USA team as they spread their lead to 7-4.  To punctuate the game, Jesse Smith of Coronado CA put the final nail in the coffin with 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter and the USA took the game 8-4.

The USA is only ranked 9th in the world, but won a silver medal in the 2008 FINA World League Super Final in Genoa, Italy and, on May 31, beat number one ranked Croatia.

In this game, they showed their dominance, but there are much tougher teams down the road.

US Gets 2 Medals in 400 Meter Individual Medley!! PHELPS, GREVERS WORLD RECORD!!

Michael Phelps is an American hero that has not lost this medley in 6 years!! He calls this his toughest race. Michael won his first gold four years ago, and Phelps is more promising this year! They announce the contestants, and it sounds like Phelps will be challenged. Michael said before the event, “This race is so important because it sets the pace for the rest of the Olympics”. Indeed.

Phelps looked spectacular and after two laps was at a record pace. As he entered the backstroke, the US challenger Lochte looked strong and stole the lead. It was a horse race, all US.

Phelps kept it going and ended up in the lead at the end of Lochte’s strongest stroke, and as they went to the breast stroke. Lochte and Phelps were stride for stride, but Phelps started to pull away, and Phelps entered into the Freestyle in the lead. On the turn, Phelps had a full body length lead and was well ahead of the world record. Michael destroyed everyone. A new world’s record and no one was close!! Lochte of the US gets the Bronze!!

Career Olympic medal number 9! And Phelps sets a new world record at 4:03.84 in the 400 meter individual medley!!

Matt Grevers Sets Olympic Record in 100M Backstroke

Grevers broke to the lead on the first lap of the backstroke, but the turn had four swimmers in tight.

Grevers fought off everyone and cruised into the finish to make first touch in the Men’s 100M backstroke.

Grevers, at 6’8″, set a new Olympic record at 53.41, finishing first in the heat.

Photo Credits: Adam Petty / Getty Images

The US is NOT the World! Sets Olympic Record; Settles for Bronze and 4th in 400m Medley…

Hoffing and Poffing: Katie Hoff Sets Olympic Record in Women’s 400M Individual Medley

Katie Hoff collapsed four years ago in the Olympics, but she has not lost this race since.  She is a US hero and has won 2 world championships!!

Time for the gun!

Hoff was was lagging after the first lap, and it looked bad for Hoff in the butterfly but this is a long race.  The turn was not good and Hoff looked to be falling further behind.  Hoff was in close with Joanne Jackson from Great Britain in the lead at the half way mark. The backstroke is not helping Katie as they enter the end of the 3rd lap. Hoff is the first female Olympic swimmer to compete in five official events.

The problem for Hoff is that she has to compete in multiple heats during each day and the question was how well she would hold up.  It is also incredibly difficult to train for all those different races.

Hoff looked smooth and easy in her stroke.  She looked like she could win as they entered the final two legs.  Katie had a beautiful turn and kicked it in, taking a sudden and decisive lead.

But no one was giving it up, the pack caught up.  Another strong turn and Hoff maintained her lead going into the finish.  Hoff lowered her head and went to the wall for a new Olympic record that had stood for 20 years!  That says it all.  This woman continually makes us all proud.  A Gold will bring tears to our eyes! Hoff won a Bronze for this race and the world recordholder. 15 year old Elizabeth Beisel finished fourth.

Larsen Jensen could not overcome Park Tae Hwan from Korea and Zhang Lin from China and took the Bronze.

Internationally, the competition is as strong as ever, and the Asian nations are showing what power houses they can be!!

Is Hansen Pacing Himself?

Brendan Hansen had the lead at the end of the 1st lap in the 100M Breast Stroke, but it was so close.  Hansen qualified for the finals in the 2nd semi-final, but he could only muster 3rd place behind Alexander Dale Oen of Norway, who set an Olympic Record!

Kitajima of Japan Leads in 100 M Breast Stroke! US Record Holder Lagging!

There is a huge competitive build-up between Brendan Hansen from America and Kosuke Kitajima from Japan. These two have met before and the rivalry is well established. Kosuke is one good looking young man and looks hard to beat continually taking the first place times in this competition.

Kitajima blew out his competition in his heat in the 100 M Breast Stroke, finishing under 1 minute at 59.52. His time was not a world record, but no one was close, including Mark Gagloff from the US.

Hansen, the world record holder, was not strong in his heat. He placed 4th, well off the mark and well over a minute at 1:00:36. He gave off a disgusted smirk as he finished. In an interview, Hansen commented, “I am playing a hand of poker here, and I have something in my hand I don’t want to show just yet”, implying this was a strategic swim and that he will have more in the tank and swim faster as the qualification rounds progress.

He will need to swim at his world record performance level to beat Kitajima, so we hope his secret weapon is genuinely there.