Beach Volleyball Olympic Double Gold, Dalhausser/Rogers in US GOLD RUSH!! Misty May/Kerri Combine for History!

The USA Team struck gold outplaying the Brazilian team, once gain proving that the color of the Brazilian flag is yellow and green.  There is no gold.

Dalhausser (The Thin Beast) and Rogers (The Professor) fell behind early 6-1 and looked like today was not their day.

But they fought back in that first set to win 23-21.  Yes, that close.

In the second set it was point for point.  At 11-10 US, Rogers blew it past the Brazilians.  12-10.

The Brazilians gave up an easy point, Rogers set up Dalhouser for a mean spike.  13-10.

Dalhausser block went out of bounds. 13-11.

Brazilian Service Ace with the Americans staring.  13-12.

Another great service.  13-13.   Uh oh.

Brazil plays nice touch ball and takes a 14-13 lead.  4 unanswered points.

Are the American’s champs?  Let’s see…

Rogers incredible shot from well behind the net blows past the Brazilians.  14 all.

Rogers could not get a clean return on the next volley and it hit sand.  14-15.

Great volley next, and Dalhausser makes a smash that catches the line by a hair.  15 all.

Fabio Spike.  Dalhausser has not been able to block it hardly at all.  15-16.

Rogers Spike, stuffed by Marcio.  In your face.  15-17.

Dalhausser into the net.  15-18.  Oh no.  And 8-2 scoring run.

Beautiful Dalhausser set, Rogers Kill.  16-18.

Fabio Spike. 16-19.

4 set points Brazil 16-20.  Sad play by the Americans and stellar Brazilian play makes for a Brazilian set.

Rogers doesn’t let it go easy.  17-20.

Brazil Ace.  17-21.  Set Brazil.  1-1.

OK, now it was time for someone to come to the table.  It was Dalhausser.  His serve was mean.  The US went up fast 6-1 in the shortened set.

Dalhausser and Rogers have won the last 13 matches that went to 3 sets and haven’t lost a 3rd set since 2006.  That does not take into consideration sets in which they were up 6-1.

Stuff Dalhausser 7-1.  The smash wasn’t working like it was earlier for Fabio, and the Thin Beast was eating him alive now.  Fabio (Jaws) had no teeth left and Dalhausser wasn’t going to let him spike with aplomb anymore.

Serve amazing to Fabio, Dalhausser stuff, 8-1 US!!

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  9-1 US!!

Finally, a Brazilian score.  9-2.

No country has ever doubled in beach volleyball.  The next Brazilian serve went into the net.  10-2 US and the Brazilian team looked spent.

Fabio tried a spike, but it went long.  11-2 US.  No way Brazil can come back from this.

Long US.  11-3.  Brazilians don’t quit.

Nice serve by Brazil, but touch is what it is all about, and a perfect light touch drop shot left the Brazilians staring at each other.  12-3.

Dalhausser block goes out.  12-4.

Brazil service out.  13-4 US!!

Light serve by Rogers, Brazil spike OOB!!  14-4!!  Set/Match Point.  Set/Match Point.  Set/Match Point…GOLD MEDAL OLYMPICS!!

Stuff and block Dalhausser.  Bye bye Brazil.  Stick to Yellow.  Gold belongs to the Beast, the Professor and the USA!!

With Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh winning yesterday, this is the first time in history a nation has won both the women’s and men’s beach volleyball Gold in the same year.

Pathetic Coverage of US Dalhausser/Rogers over Swiss Laciga/Schnider in Beach Volleyball by NBC in Olympics

In an incredible match between Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, and Switzerland’s Martin Laciga and Jan Schnider, the Americans had, after splitting the first two sets, come back from a 6 love deficit.  The battle was incredible, with each team exchanging leads.  This was one of the most exciting matches of the Olympics!!! Suddenly, in the middle of a tied match, NBC cut to the pool.

Michael Phelps was to make his swim for history and his 7th Gold Medal.  And we do not question the fact that Michael was more important at this juncture, so going to that live was a no-brainer.

But after Michael won, NBC showed that they are a no-brainer.  They turned to meaningless track qualifications that could have been shown anytime, and left the fans of one of the best US Beach Volleyball Teams in history dangling.

As it turns out, Dalhausser and Rogers overcame a 6-0 deficit in the final set to beat Switzerland 21-16, 21-23, 15-13 advancing to the quarterfinals.

But the coverage had to come from elsewhere, as NBC demonstrated their inability to understand the importance of one of the closest matches in this tournament.

US Men’s Beach Volleyball, a Power-Hausser as Dalhausser/Rogers Trash Argentina

Dalhausser/Rogers played Baracetti/Conde of Argentina.  The Argentinian team defeated the Latvian team that beat Dalhausser/Rogers in their opening match.

Dalhausser/Rogers opened the lead early, and continued to open it up.  Argentina was forced to call a time out after the US Team went up 15-9 following an uncontested spike by Rogers as the Argentinians just stood and watched.  The Argentinians were beginning to look more like spectators than participants, just watching the ball go past.

The timeout didn’t change anything.  Rogers, despite being the shorter American, was delivering winner after winner.  Another score delivered by Rogers and it was 19-11.  No one can come back against Dalhausser/Rogers in that situation.

Set over on a Dalhausser spike.  21-12.

The US team did not look as sharp in the second set, giving Argentinia numerous chances.  But the Argentinians never led in the set, despite blunders such as serves straight into the net by Dalhausser.

Dalhausser helped the US pull away with an Ace while all the Argentinians could do was stare, 14-10 .  Dalhausser at 16-10 made a super human move.   He went up to block but the ball went past, he fell backwards and placed the ball up for Rogers, who set up the spike.  Dalhausser actually got up in the air fast enough to deliver the winning spike.

It was déjà vu in the second set at 19-11.  And bye bye Argentina, 21-13.


Photo Credit: Thoma Coex / Getty Images

USA Olympic Men’s Beach Volleyball Team Knifes the Swiss, Just Watch! Aces Over Kings!

The American team, Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, ranked number 2 and the defending world champions were to face a difficult number 11 Swiss team of Patrick Heuscher and Sascha Heyer. The US had blown their first match in straight sets 19-21 and 18-21 to 23rd ranked Latvian team.  There were plenty of excuses as to why Dalhausser did not play up to his level, but let’s not take anything away from the opposing team that left Dalhausser and Rogers flat footed.

No excuses, only victory.  It really doesn’t matter how you play the game, it only matters if you win.  No one will remember the excuses after the games.  They will only remember those that take the medals.

So, let’s see if the US Team can redeem itself.

The USA team and Swiss played to a tie at 5-5 but then the USA team started to show their strength and spread the lead to 9-6.  Rogers served and the Swiss attempted a spike, only to get delivered the ball back in their face by a rejuvenated Dalhausser.  10-6 USA.  This is referred to as a roof, when the block is so high and strong, the ball goes straight down giving the opposing team no chance of any recovery.

The US continued to expand their lead at 14-8.  Rogers served again.   But this time, the Swiss spiked one through, right past Dalhausser, and the Swiss followed with another score on a nasty drop bringing the score to 14-10.  Dalhausser would not let that go unanswered, and he spiked the next ball home, and there was no doubt even before he touched the ball, that was not getting returned.  15-10.

Rogers finished the game with a spike to take out the Swiss easily in the first set 21-15.  This was not the same team that lost to the Latvians.

In set 2, the Swiss broke out to a 3-1 lead, proving you don’t have to be a beach boy to win on sand.  But the US tied it at 3-3 with a Dalhausser service ACE.  The Swiss pulled ahead again, but the US tied it at 5-5 on a Rogers service ACE!  Then it was all US.  Dalhausser spread the lead out 16-9.  The Swiss did their best on the next point trying to take out the US team, but Dalhausser continually blocked them, finishing off with a kill move down the line that clearly demonstrated, the Swiss team was not in this anymore.  17-9.  It wasn’t close at the end.  The US embarrassed the Swiss team in the second set 21-10.

Match USA!  Most still expect this team to win the Gold.  We will keep you posted!

Olympic Medal for Gibb/Rosenthal For Men’s Beach Volleyball??

The Germans were expected to offer a strong challenge to the US in this game.  Brink/Deickmann from Germany faced Gibb/Rosenthal from the US.

The US disposed of the German team in straight sets and in short order, barely giving NBC time to squeeze in a few commercials  Final score 21-15, 21-13 in straight sets.

With Gibb and Rosenthal playing like this, an Olympic medal is in their destiny.