The Actors Who Played The Lost Boys In ‘Hook’ Pay Tribute To Robin Williams

A little over two years ago, the comedic force of nature that was Robin Williams passed away.

He was a man who brought endless amounts of joy and entertainment to the world, but in the end, the fight against his own personal demons became too much to bear. That was when this planet lost a truly brilliant soul.

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Twenty-five years after Williams flew onto the silver screen as Peter Pan in “Hook,” the Lost Boys from the 1991 Steven Spielberg classic reunited for a trip down memory lane and paid tribute to the late actor.

Growing up, “Hook” was one of my favorite movies, so it’s incredibly reassuring to know that the feeling of warmth and love that came through the screen as I watched it wasn’t an act. Robin Williams was simply that wonderful. He may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten.

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