Seeing This Is All I Needed Today. What This Boy With Autism And His Dog Do Is Priceless.

One reddit user recently shared these magical photos of his autistic son and the amazing bond he has with his service dog, Tucker. As a companion dog Tucker’s job is to provide a bridge for a child with autism to connect with the world. Autism service dogs provide a sense of security and they help keep kids calm in new or fearful situations. They can be an ice breaker in social or school settings – you’re the kid with the dog, not the kid with autism. Each companion dog is trained to meet the unique needs of the child they are paired with. Be it autism like in this case or to help a child with poor motor skills, to help steady and brace them or even be there to give them something soft to land on should they stumble and fall. Dogs really are man’s best friend!

Tucker and his little master/best friend have a very special bond. They go on the trampoline together.

They cuddle in the car together.

They go trick or treating together.

They go to the movies together.

They go to the store together.

They opened Christmas presents together.

They hide out during boring IEP meetings together (IEP = Individualized Education Program).

They enjoy breakfast on the patio at the family’s favorite restaurant together.

They enjoy breakfast at the house together.

They play at the dog park together.

Tucker really is a part of their family.

Here’s Tucker all tuckered out from being a good dog.

In short, Tucker is one cool dog.

For this young boy with autism, Tucker serves as a loyal and constant friend who doesn’t judge and provides unconditional companionship. All he asks for in return is love…and the occasional treat. 😉 Source: reddit Share Tucker’s inspirational story with your friends below.

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