This Map Shows Famous Movies & TV Shows Set In Each U.S. State

Ever wondered where your favourite US-based film or TV show was set? Here they are on a handy map. Spoiler: Nebraska is just Nebraska.

Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

Last year I was asked to try and label each US State on a map from memory. I didn’t want to, so added a TV show or movie from each state instead. Now I’ve made a hi-res version.

For states with an abundance of options, like New York, Texas, or California I’ve picked one or two favourites. For others, like Arkansas and North Dakota, I’ve picked the only thing available (next to nothing is set in North Dakota. Even the movie Fargo, named for a North Dakotan town, is set in Minnesota).


Here’s a ~slidey thing~ version with the states labelled…

Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

In places I’ve tried to drop the logo close to the area of action within that state, but for the most part I put them where they fit. Here are some close ups:

The West:

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The middle bit:

Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

The South East:

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The North East:

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And Alaska / Hawaii:

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Feel free to add your favourites below…

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Beach Volleyball in the Olympics: Treanor/Walsh and Gibb/Rosenthal Win!!

What man doesn’t love women in bikinis!! But here is a chance for everyone in the world to love them. The beach volleyball competition in the Olympics. Japan had to compete against the taller Americans. The Japanese are the specialists in finesse and the Americans the champions in smashes and kills.

It was a close match, because Japan had such incredible athleticism. They played wonderfully, but they had a major disadvantage in any net game. Height matters if you are above the net, and the US ladies were above the net.

We tend not to like sports that offer a height advantage. We like sports with rules that make it equal among athletes regardless of their height. Let’s see how well shorter athletes perform in events where the net is 5 feet tall, but we don’t make Olympic rules. The Japanese are the shortest in this competition at 5’8″ and 5’9″.

Misty May Treanor/Kerri Walsh did beat Kusuhara/Saiki; it was not easy. These ladies could be on their way to gold having won 102 matches in a row AND DEFENDING THEIR GOLD MEDAL!

Gibb/Rosenthal Win Volleyball In Torrential Downpour

It was raining cats and dogs, but that didn’t slow down the Americans as they took the Netherlands team in consecutive sets 21/16 and 21/15.  The Dutch looked like they were just glad to get it over with.

The crowd had thinned considerably, leaving most of the seats in the stadium empty for the game, with only diehard fans staying through the entire match.

The Dutch looked completely helpless against Gibb and Rosenthal as they couldn’t seem to keep the ball within the lines on kills and could not defend kill shots by the Americans.