How the…? These Mind Bending Perspective Pics Will Make You Question Reality. #23 Is Crazy.

The Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa are two of the most iconic places for tourists looking to take what are known as forced perspective pictures. You’ve definitely seen them before. They’re the pictures where it looks like someone is holding the Eiffel Tower in their hand, or propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Forced perspective employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. This how they used to make old monster movies, but the technique can also be used to create some great photos. Somehow though the best forced perspective shots always seem to be vacation photos. Here are some of the best ones we found:

1.) It’s pretty windy out there. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

2.) Anyone in there? – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

3.) Hold on tight! – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

4.) Looks comfortable. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

5.) I wish I was that strong. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

6.) Amazing natural rock formations. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

7.) Straight out of Jurassic Park. – Kansas City, Missouri

8.) He’s a giant. – Mojave Desert, California

9.) Let me just grab that real quick. – Laguna Beach, California

10.) I wonder how solid this rock is. – Arches National Park, Utah

11.) Get over here! – Spokane, Washington

12.) This doesn’t look comfortable. – Chicago, Illinois

13.) Umm…ok? – Chicago, Illinois

14.) Set it down here boys! – Washington, DC

15.) Where do you think you’re going? – Seattle, Washington

16.) Kind of like Inception. – Disney World, Orlando, Florida

17.) Be careful not to break it. – London, England

18.) Just putting the finishing touches on it. – Loughborough, England

19.) Go my minions! – Manchester, England

20.) Watch out below! -Stonehenge, England

21.) Of course we had to include the Leaning Tower of Pisa. – Pisa, Italy

22.) I wonder if he stuck the landing. – Pisa, Italy

23.) Whoa. I don’t even know how they managed that. – Florence, Italy

24.) What a view. – Rocca di Papa, Rome, Italy

25.) Don’t forget about the Eiffel Tower. – Paris, France

26.) On her tip toes. – Paris, France

27.) We’re sinking! Abandon ship! – Montmartre, Paris, France

28.) Very nice to meet you. -Cairo, Egypt

29.) Don’t lose your balance. – Cairo, Egypt

30.) Yum delicious. – Tokyo, Japan

31.) No PDA please. – Turkey

32.) Just making sure the ground is solid. – Sombrio Point, BC, Canada

33.) We’ll just leave this here then… – Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, Swiss Alps

34.) Please don’t push me! -Yealgiri, Tamil Nadu, India

35.) His cup runneth over. -Scotland

36.) Boop! – Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I still can’t get my head around #23, that’s amazing. Share these crazy photos by clicking below.

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26 Tips That Are About To Make Your Next Long-Haul Flight A Million Times Better

Short flights are bad enough, but having to deal with long-haul flights feels like punishment.

Every time I have to sit on a plane for hours and hours, I ask the gods what I’ve done to make them smite me. Does it have something to do with the exorbitant amount of money I spend on makeup? My tendency to leave laundry in six-foot piles on the floor? Probably. In any case, I’ve felt the universe’s flying wrath quite a few times since I caught the travel bug a few years ago. You probably have, too.

Luckily, the internet is here to counteract some of the world’s suckage. (That might be the most ironic thing I’ve ever said.) Here are a few little tips and tricks that’ll make your next long-haul flying experience decidedly less terrible.

1. Go for a pre-flight jog.


Although most of the time I’d never, ever suggest jogging, working out before a flight is a great way to stave off the jitters. Just think about how long you’re going to be sitting. You’ll want to sprint by the time you get off that plane.

2. Step away from the fancy clothes.


This is an example of me needing to take a dose of my own medicine. As much as I love being overdressed for every occasion (and I can’t be the only one), comfort is key when you’re running to gates and cramming yourself into tiny seats. Ladies, opt for pieces like leggings, flats, and slouchy tees. Gents, ditch the suit and tie and try some comfy jeans, a tee, and a hoodie.

3. In that vein, become one with layering.


On your flight from, say, Los Angeles to Sydney, you will without a doubt experience every season. One second, you’ll sweat your face off, and the next, you’ll start to freeze solid. By layering pieces you can take on and off easily, you’ll stay one step ahead of the in-flight elements. Plus, it’ll save room in your luggage!

4. Minimize carry-on baggage.


There are few things more terrible than struggling with heavy luggage full of stuff you don’t need after enduring a marathon flight. Pare down on what you’re carrying on and then do it again two more times. Get yourself down to one small personal bag and a lightweight carry-on suitcase.

5. But don’t forget the essentials, even if they’re clunky.


You know what the most annoying thing to carry around an airport is? A neck pillow. You know what you’ll be really angry about not having on your flight? A neck pillow. Even though packing light is essential, especially when it comes to the stuff you personally have to lug around, don’t skimp on things like pillows, travel blankets, eye masks, headphones, and so on. Slay that creature comfort game, people!

6. Become BFFs with


SeatGuru (linked above) will help you tackle boarding with a game plan. You can enter your flight number on the site and it’ll show you the plane’s layout. Never go in blind, folks.

7. Pack the essentials you’ll need to freshen up, like extra underwear, toothpaste, and face wash.


You’ll probably take off and land on two different days, so treat your carry-on bag like the one you carried to sleepovers in third grade. You don’t need to channel your inner Kim Kardashian and pull off a full-blown outfit change, but changing your socks and underwear and washing up will make you feel all shiny and new.

8. Your skin is going to go through the ringer, so guys and girls alike, pack moisturizers and introduce sheet masks into your flying routine.

Plane air wreaks havoc on your skin, so be sure to pack moisturizer, lip balm, and my personal flying favorite, sheet masks. These things look seriously alarming, but they’re packed with serum that’ll bring your skin back to life. They’re also great for scaring babies and getting back at them for the complimentary migraine.

9. Bring forms of entertainment that won’t kill your battery.


Books can be clunky, but bringing along stuff to keep yourself busy without scrolling through your phone is never a bad idea. Into drawing? Pack a sketchpad. If journaling is your thing, write about your experiences the old-fashioned way.

10. Get your shop on.


Sitting for hours on end isn’t healthy, so take advantage of the fact that most terminals are shopping hubs. It’s for science.

11. Stop fighting for outlets.

Everyone’s least favorite thing to do in airports is share outlets, so be your sneakiest self and get in a little USB charging action by plugging into the back of one of the 6,000 televisions in your terminal.

12. Put your work down and relax.


Nothing says “I’m totally chill and ready to do this” quite like working in a total frenzy until you step in line to board, right? Wrong. Sure, terminals have free Wi-Fi. And yes, you probably have a few assignments that need to get done, but for the sake of your mental health, veg out a little before getting on a plane for what will ultimately feel like 35 years.

13. Buy enough food to cover your meals to avoid loading up on sodium.


Airplane meals are full of sodium, which is a nightmare when it comes to staying hydrated. Enjoy a healthy meal in the terminal before takeoff and pick something up to eat during mealtime on the plane, like a sandwich, a side, and the biggest bottle of water you can find. Just don’t buy anything smelly, okay? Oh, and if you can, eat at the same time as everyone else as a common courtesy to the other passengers who are also starving.

14. Get to the end of the boarding line.


Patience is a virtue, friends. Everyone’s always in a rush to board, but waiting until the end has its perks. While everyone in front of you is rushing to their seats, hang back and ask a flight attendant if there are any upgrades available. You can sometimes score a free upgrade to business (or even first) class if there are empty seats!

15. Avoid the first few rows of seating sections at all costs.

Airlines usually seat large groups (like families) on the ends of seating blocks. Say no to sitting near angry babies. We all detest long flights, but as adults, we’re not allowed to scream about it. Go hate flying quietly elsewhere.

16. Sit near the wing if you can.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced awful bouts of turbulence that still give me nightmares. To cut down on the terror factor, try to sit near the wing. Because planes are designed to rock like seesaws in turbulent conditions, you’ll experience less movement in the middle. You know…physics and stuff.

17. While you’re waiting to take off, sync your watch and devices to your destination’s time zone.


Fall into your destination’s rhythm by getting your brain used to it early. That way you can adjust your sleeping schedule on the plane accordingly and cut down on disorientation upon landing.

18. Move around and elevate your legs as often as possible.


Deep-vein thrombosis is the least cute, so if you can’t bust out compression socks, try to walk around every hour or so to keep your blood pumping. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting in business class and you have actual leg room, you can also kick back and elevate your legs for a similar effect.

19. Starving? Order a special meal, like the vegetarian option.


If you skipped packing your own dinner and you feel like you’re going to pass out, request a special meal option to get served first.

20. Avoid carbs if flying leaves you feeling bloated.


Try not to load up on carbs if you become a bloated, monstrous version of yourself on planes like I do. Things like pasta are great for keeping hunger pangs at bay, but they’ll also cause your body to hold water. That’s especially bad if you’re not following this advice and not staying sufficiently hydrated, which leads me to my next point.

21. Drink water like it’s your job.


Remember that comically large water bottle you grabbed in the terminal? Finish that, and then ask the flight attendant (politely) to fill it every time a food or drink service rolls around. Staying hydrated might send you to the airplane restroom more often than you’d like, but getting through long-haul flights while you’re running on fumes isn’t fun.

22. I’m only going to say this once: BE NICE TO FLIGHT ATTENDANTS.


These people work hard (and, you know, fly around the world) to ensure that we’re as safe and comfortable as possible. The least we could do is be friendly. It just makes life easier for everyone involved, and there could even be some added perks in it for you in the end. After all, who doesn’t want extra pillows?

23. Don’t get wasted, even though you definitely want to.


As tempting as it is to get drunk and drown out the obnoxious cries of equally intoxicated frat bros on their first trip abroad, nothing will make you feel worse than pairing your jet lag with a healthy side of hangover.

24. Need a pick-me-up? Choose wisely.


I’m just going to slip into my hypocrite suit and tell you not to drink coffee on long flights. If it’s available, opt for green tea instead. It’ll give you the zing you need without the crash and jitters that, like a hangover, don’t go well with jet lag.

25. Trick your brain into sleeping.


Sleeping on planes will never be easy, but you can trick your brain into sleeping by carrying out your normal routine (or some version of it, anyway). If you can, change into a comfier shirt, wash your face, brush your teeth, and convince your mind that it’s bedtime.

26. If they look like they’re up to it, have a nice chat with your neighbor.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly a chatty person. That being said, a great conversation can eat up some serious time on long-haul flights. While flying home from the U.K. once, I gabbed away with the woman next to me for four hours. Obviously, you have to feel the situation out. If you have a basic grasp on body language, you’ll know if the person next to you is in the mood to talk.

Long-haul flights will never be fun, but you’ll be a pro if you master these tips. Where will the sky take you this summer?

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For Some Strange Reason, There’s An Airplane Inside Of This Hotel

In every hotel, there are some mysteries that are…well…best left unsolved. But Redditor yasbo found something inside his hotel that defies all explanation — a room designed to look like the interior of an airplane, complete with first-class seats and compartments to store fake luggage!

And you thought the sounds coming from the next room over were weird…

I looked it up, and Cloud 9 is not a real commercial airline. Not at all. Yet the Cork International Hotel in Ireland keeps a room designed to look like the inside of one of the fictitious airline’s planes.

The plane-themed room is filled with seats that are also massage chairs. For your entertainment, they always have a movie going.

It is eerily detailed.

There are even overhead compartments.

You can pretend to adjust the air on the fake console above, or even have an oxygen mask dropped on you!

I wonder what the view is like.

Why? Just…why?

A few Redditors believe that an airline may use it as a training facility for flight attendants, but this isn’t actually true. The Cork International Hotel says that the space is merely an airplane-themed room designed for businessmen to “relax.” Because what’s more relaxing after a long flight than tricking yourself into thinking that you’re still on an airplane?

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A reboot for ‘Vacation’ and more James Bond, Jason Bourne and Zoolander!/MarnieLevy/status/511856511417851904

Because Hollywood can’t seem to come up with any new ideas, here are a few of the films America will be burdened with in the near future.

First up, a reboot of the Chevy Chase–Christie Brinkley masterpiece from 1983, ‘Vacation’:

Leslie Mann joins New Line’s ‘Vacation’ reboot as Audrey Griswold

— Variety (@Variety) September 15, 2014

Next, who’s ready for more James Bond? With Sam Mendes (“Skyfall”) directing:

Bond 24: New James Bond movie 'to begin filming on December 6'

— DS Breaking News (@digitalspybrk) September 16, 2014

And how about Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne?

Happy but surprising news. Bourne is back.

— Sarah Crompton (@Sarahc_k) September 16, 2014

That’s depressing as we were looking forward to another Bourne movie where would could compare Andy Levy of Fox to Jeremy Renner:

Andy Levy Totally Looks Like Jeremy Renner @andylevy and @JerRenner

— Jordan Olling (@jordanolling) March 17, 2013

But this confuses us. More “Zoolander”? People really want more of this?

Will Ferrell says Magatu will return for 'Zoolander 2' #WillFerrell

— Reality TV World (@realitytvworld2) September 16, 2014

Exit question: when will we get the remake of “Casablanca” or “The Godfather”? You just know that eventually Hollywood will do it and we might as well get it over with now.


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