White House hosts conference on gender stereotypes in toys

The LGBT community and its allies are looking to President Obama to make the next move after North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signedinto law a bill that excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from state anti-discrimination protections and bars transgender individuals from choosing which restroom to use based on their gender identities.

The White House ensured it could speak fromthe moral high ground on transgender issues byopening its first“all-gender restroom” last April.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was one ofthe first elected officials to retaliate against North Carolina’slaw, signing an executive order banningnon-essential state government travel to the state.

So, what action will the Obama administrationtake?White House press secretary Josh Earnest said on Monday that the new law was “mean-spirited” and that theWhite House was “taking a look” at its legal options.In the meantime, White House advisor Valerie Jarrett is taking a different approach to promoting LGBT acceptance, today hosting a day-long conference on gender stereotypes in toys and media with theWhite House Council on Women and Girls, the Department of Education, and the Media, Diversity, andSocial Change Initiative at the University of Southern California.

Would Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? We suspect the conference wasn’t President Obama’s idea.

Author Rosalind Wisemanenlightened the panel about “good yelling” and dealing with boys. Her best-selling “Queen Bees and Wannabes” series inspired Tina Fey’s “Mean Girls,” and possibly Hillary Clinton’s demand that rival Bernie Sanders “change his tone” before she would agree to another debate.

Jarrett noted that women currently holdonly 29 percent of high-paying STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) positions and suggested that “the TV, movies, and videos that kids watch, and the toys with which they play, can have a real impact on the skills they develop and their aspirations.”

It wouldn’t be a White House event without a “fact sheet,” which gives an overview of actions pledged by the Girl Scouts, Netflix, Scholastic, theToy Industry Association, and more.

Or not.

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White House pulls plug on press for Lionel Richie at African leaders dinner


Lionel Richie was the entertainment at Tuesday night’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit dinner at the White House, but as CBS News’ Mark Knoller points out, the press was limited to one song.




Now that we know what the press didn’t get to hear, here’s a look at what they didn’t get to eat. No #LiveTheWage here.


You know who got to eat and hear the entire Lionel Richie performance? Valerie Jarrett.





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