Mount Roraima Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of The Movies, But It’s Entirely Real

This is probably what comes to mind when you picture a mountain — triangular, snowcapped peaks piercing the sky.

But Mount Roraima is about to change that notion.

The flat-faced tepui, or tabletop mountain, spans three countries’ borders in South America: Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana.

From afar, it might not look particularly impressive…

But upon closer inspection, the 1,300-foot cliffs are quite breathtaking.

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Roraima is part of Canaima National Park and the tabletop peaks are some of the oldest geological formations on Earth.

They date back to two billion years ago.

Because of this, tepuis like Roraima are inhabited by plants and animals that aren’t found anywhere else on the planet.

It’s not uncommon for the sky-high mountain to be enveloped in cloud cover.


While it might seem impossible, people actually climb the plateau.

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Obviously, the view is worth the dangerous trek.



If you’re lucky to witness a sunrise or sunset from the summit, you can count yourself as one of the luckiest hikers in the world.


If that shot right there doesn’t inspire you to take a trip to the south, I don’t know what will! Who’s coming with me?!

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