Jennifer Aniston wants to be the next YouTube sensation with SmartWater “sex tape” (Video)

There isn’t really one. A ‘sex tape’ doesn’t exist but that’s the whole point of trying to attract ‘hits’. The title has to be sensational and provocative if need be… Did Jennifer Aniston succeed? So far she’s had over 6 million views on YouTube for the video since it was uploaded a week ago.


Jennifer Aniston is poking fun at today’s marketing methods in her new YouTube video for SmartWater.

Aniston remarks that she can’t just tell people how great her product is —she has to go viral, which apparently includes animals, dancing babies and double rainbow guy.

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She ends by asking her video helpers, “What are we going to call this video?”

“Jen Aniston’s sex tape?” they say.

Aniston’s response: “I love it.”

via FOX News