Miss Washington Paris Torres “Toxic” SYTYCD 5 Audition Video Plus Contemporary Dancers Montage


Paris Torres, Henry Rivero, Megan Kinney and Alex Wong Audition

French-Israeli singer Yael Naim in a live performance of the Britney Spears hit song “Toxic”

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Final Auditions in Los Angeles and Seattle, They Did not Save the Best for Last…


We were down to the final destinations in Season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance Auditions- in Hollywood, California and Seattle, Washington yet we were left wanting for more. Six audition cities this season but we have yet to find the natural talents that really stood out for us like last year’s Katee Shean, Twitch Boss, Mark Kanemura and Joshua Allen from the moment we saw them.

We sure hope the Las Vegas callbacks will show more of this season’s finest and that we could be in for an exciting Top 20 to top all tops!

Funny and game Choreographer Adam Shankman joined Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe in the LA auditions and spiced up the stage showing off his dancing skills when challenged to partner with hopeful Swing/Lindy Hop dancer  Calico Sequeria, 30 from Irvine, CA who was passed on as a social skilled dancer but not good enough for the competition. It was a fun segment.

Visiting the LA audition were Season 4 stars Comfort Fedoke, Katee Shean and Winner Joshua Allen.

Bianca Revels 20 of Detroit MI wowed the judges and us with her excellent Tap routine. She was in last year’s Vegas callbacks but didn’t make the cut. Hoping she’s had some training in other types of dances because we want to see more of her in SYTYCD. International Latin Ballroom couple Asuka Kondoh and Ricky Sun are also back for a another try. Asuka was fabulous and can’t wait to see how she’ll fare in Vegas the second time. We thought we saw some other great dancers but Fox decided to have them “nameless’ for now. Geez, we hate speedy montages of people going to Vegas without getting to know them!

Contemporary dancer Nathan Trasoras was pretty impressive except that he is ineligible to participate because he’s only 17 years old. Dang! But Nigel gave him a fast pass straight to Vegas for next season so we’ll definitely see more of this kid in the fall.

Seattle, Washington was true to its trademark- it was raining during the auditions. Unfortunately the city wasn’t raining with talents. Most unfortunate was that the Mia Michaels of dance, Mia Michaels herself was in the panel of judges. What a shame she had to endure all the crazies and wannabes. They didn’t save the best for last in this instance. In day one, they only had 4 people go through to Vegas! That included Kelsea Taylor who enlivened the place up with her unique contemporary dance.

Hawaiian hopeful Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau brought some quirkiness on the dance floor, interestingly very similar in style with Mark Kanemura who finished 5th last season, also happens to hail from Hawaii. Pono (for short since no one could pronounce his name right) did choreography and was put through to Vegas. We really liked him!

In total 178 dancers battle it out in Las Vegas next week. As per Nigel Lythgoe’s Twitter- they already have the Top 20 dancers- the names top secret of course. In June 4th we will know. 178’s a lot of dancers and we have no clue who more than half of them are! So we don’t have a pick of the Top 20 because we’re positive we have not seen the best of the best from all the footages. Season 5 is about to kick off, we are so ready for it! Are you?