US Women’s Water Polo Team Wins With GOLD-a! Men’s Team Stymies Italians

The Chinese were playing with their hearts and souls, but the USA women would not back down, matching them score for score.  1-0.  1-1. 1-2. 2-2. 2-3. 3-3.  This was getting tough.

Again another tie at 5-5, and the USA and China were showing that neither was going to back down or go under.  Natalie Golda already had 3 goals for the United States team.

6-5 US!!  Nope. 6-6.  Wow.  7-6 US!!  Nope 7-7.  Yikes.  8-7 US!!  And finally a 2 goal margin at 9-7!

9-8, Uh oh.  10-8. Phew.  10-9.  You have to be kidding!!!!  10-10.  Oh C’mon!  11-10 China.  OK, now we are starting to get worried.  11-11.

With 3 minutes to go the US scored again.  Lauren Wenger made a perfect pitch past the Chinese goaltender for a score.  12-11.  Lauren’s score would win the game.

The Chinese came down and made a wonderful shot.  It barely missed hitting the left post, and the Chinese returned to defense.

China had earned major respect.  This is a US team that had held opposing teams to single digits for 8 consecutive years.  Oh my!

The US pulled it out 12-11.  Natalie Golda finished with 4 goals.

Men’s Waterpolo Team Stymies Italians

The USA played Italy in Waterpolo and it was a relatively high scoring affair. With 6 minutes to go in the 4th, the US team led 9-7.

Team USA’s #4, Jeffrey Powers, threw a side-arm and skipped the ball past Italy’s goaltender for his second goal and a 10-7 lead.

The US team would need the cushion, as Italy charged back bring it to 10-9 and generating a look of concern on the US coach.

Lyne Beaubien, #7, positioned himself dead center in front of the net. Within a split second of receiving the ball, he pitched a hard shot on goal and scored for the US, bringing them back to a 2 point lead 11-9.

That would prove to be enough for the US squad, but Italy was not done. After an exchange of goals, the Italian team drove back with just over a minute left and scored to bring the score to 12-11.

The US burned the clock down to 24 seconds before giving Italy possession. Italy took a time out to set up at least one shot. Italy was on a power play for the bottom 15 seconds and could not get off a shot in time as the clock ran down.

US 12-11 in a nail-biter, and the US remains undefeated at 2-0.

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Americans Silver In 4x100M Free Relay for the Women! Men’s Water Polo Team Douses China

Dara Torres of the US team debuts in this Olympics!! Team China was the top qualifier!!

Torres is now 24 years in the Olympics!! A repeating champion and a hero of everyone in the US.

Current world record holders are the Netherlands, and believe it or not, despite holding the record they are NOT the favorites!

The US took the lead early, but this race was tight. Germany took the lead on the 2nd lap. Lacey Nymyer takes the second leg behind, and cannot come back. The US is falling behind. If it stays like this, they will not medal.

Germany is still in the lead as they enter the next to last leg. But the Netherlands break to first place. The US is coming on strong, so now the they are starting to shine!

The Netherlands were in the lead in the last race and they are there now. This was now down to the US and the Netherlands. But the Netherlands swimmer for the final leg had a strong lead. Torres could not take back the lead on the final leg from the Netherlands, the US takes the silver and it is a new Olympic record for the Dutch.

US Medals again!

A Great Kick off

The Men’s USA Water polo team, almost all from the state of California, except for Brandon Brooks from Honolulu, easily disposed of China.  The game started off with the USA taking a 3 goal lead and looking unstoppable, but China had a sudden rally and within a period tied the score.

The remainder of the game easily favored the USA team as they spread their lead to 7-4.  To punctuate the game, Jesse Smith of Coronado CA put the final nail in the coffin with 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter and the USA took the game 8-4.

The USA is only ranked 9th in the world, but won a silver medal in the 2008 FINA World League Super Final in Genoa, Italy and, on May 31, beat number one ranked Croatia.

In this game, they showed their dominance, but there are much tougher teams down the road.