She Was Sleeping Quietly In The Back Seat…And Then The Music Came On!

There’s nothing that this adorable trio of sisters enjoys more than dancing in the car. Every time their favorite song plays over the speakers, they simply drop everything and dance the day away…even if they’re asleep.

But what on Earth could provoke such a response? It’s not what you’d expect — not Sesame Street, or that that song from Frozen. Instead, it’s the theme song from one of the most popular movies of the ’80s.

Who knew that an Eddie Murphy movie could have such a positive effect on toddlers?

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19 Images That’ll Teach You Some Cool Things About The World Around You

Even if you’re a full-grown adult with a degree, job experience, or a family under your belt, you don’t know everything there is to know about this world. As we get older, we should realize how little each of us knows (and how small we truly are in the world).

Did you know…

1. This is how people collect lava?

Fun fact: If you fall in a pool of lava, you will not sink into it. The density of lava is three times greater than a human body and between a hundred thousand to a million times more viscous than water.

2. This is how refraction works?

3. This is how puffer fish deflate?

Fun Fact: Dolphins like to get high off of puffer fish toxin.

4. How dolls get their eyes?

5. How camouflage helmets are painted?

Fun fact: It is illegal for anyone, even children, to wear camouflage clothing of any kind in Barbados.

6. How pelicans eat?

7. What happens in your toilet when you flush?

Fun fact: It wasn’t until the 1930s that production techniques improved to the point where toilet paper could be advertised as “splinter-free.”

8. How a VCR really worked?

9. Exactly how the Pythagorean theorem works?

Fun fact: The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz got the Pythagorean theorem wrong after the Wizard gave him his diploma.

10. That cameras can auto-stabilize like this?

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251604_566521aa786b6”, auid: “537251604” });

11. What happens inside a mother’s body during a pregnancy?

Fun fact: MTV’s 16 and Pregnant has been linked to a decrease in teen pregnancies.

12. What movies look like before adding CGI?

13. What the world looks like to someone who is color-blind?

Fun fact: After making 1.4 billion crayons, the senior crayon maker for Crayola admitted he was color-blind.

14. How waffle fries are really made?

15. What swallowing looks like on the inside?

Fun fact: NASA cannot bring birds into space because they need gravity to swallow.

16. How big the sun really is?

17. What NFL players feel on EVERY SINGLE HIT?

18. What oysters really do for our oceans?

19. What a self-driving intersection would look like?

Fun fact: Google’s self-driving cars have an “Aggressive” mode.

(via BuzzFeed)

…Yep, the world really is an interesting place (and I know nothing about it).

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17 Reasons Cardiff Is The Perfect Hen Do Location

It will probably beat the wedding, to be honest.

1. It’s very easy to get to.

There are plenty of train links from all over the UK, plus the Megabus from cities including Swansea, London and Manchester. Just don’t forget the bridge toll if you’re driving – it’s now £6.50!

2. Once you arrive, you’ll find LOADS of pubs within metres of the station.

St Mary Street is home to more bars than you can shake a willy-shaped straw at. Because it never hurts to start the party early, right? The Prince of Wales opens at 7am, and has a lovely ceiling.

3. And you won’t be left weeping at the price of booze.

Prepare to have change from a tenner when you buy a bottle of wine. Now you’re talking, boyo.

4. Activities? There are loads to choose from, including white water rafting.

Sophie Hines

Let your hens have a proper bonding experience as they cling on for dear life through Cardiff Bay’s white water rafting course.

5. Paintballing.

Getting pelted with paint is so much fun. Honest.

6. And dressing up as a daffodil to play in the Welsh Games.

From Sheep Rodeo to Pit Pony Tug ‘O’ War, this nine game competition is as ridiculous and brilliant as you could ever hope for.

7. You can even hire a freaking boat.

Basically the same as being in the Greek Islands, except with paler men and a far higher likelihood of needing a jumper.

8. Fancy something more sedate? Try the gorgeous spa at St David’s Hotel.

The Marine Spa features a heated pool overlooking the bay, a jacuzzi, sauna and lots of lovely treatments. Basically, it’s lush.

9. Or unleash your inner Picasso by painting a teapot.

You can paint a variety of ceramics at Dotty Pots. Oh, and you can bring your own bottle to ease along the creative process. Enough said.

10. When it comes to your evening meal, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Forget about any thoughts of a wedding dress diet, and get your chops round as many of the 18 Things Everyone Must Eat In Cardiff as possible.

11. There’s plenty of accommodation within crawling distance of the town centre.

Whether you want to keep it budget at Cardiff’s two central Travelodges, or swank it up at The Hilton, there’ll be something to suit your needs.

12. You will be absolutely spoilt for choice with bars to spend your evening in.

Disney / Via

Ten Mill Lane is a popular choice, and offers cocktail masterclasses.

13. From caterwauling your way through karaoke at Tiger Tiger.

Gold Circle Films / Via

Sing your heart out, bust some moves, and probably bump into at least eight stag dos while you’re at it.

14. To getting your shoes stuck to the floor at Metros.

Prefer your rock to your R’n’B? Metros is the place for you. Plus, if you make until the end of the night, they give out free toast.

15. And believe us, no one will bat an eyelid at your hen do shenanigans.

Academy Awards / Via Twitter: @MTV

If anything, they’ll salute you as you attempt to do a handstand on the bar after one too many cheap bottles of wine. Very supportive people, the Welsh.

16. The array of chips available is just beyond compare.

Chippy Lane is literally A WHOLE LANE DEDICATED TO CHIPS. We know where you’ll be ending your night…

17. And you can even pay £500 for a city centre billboard to welcome the bride to her hen do.

No, seriously, that’s what one lucky lady’s friends did.

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