Kangaroos Can’t Jump. US Olympic BasketBall Team Hops Over Australia.

The Australians played close for a while, but the Redeem Team would prove to just be too much for the Aussies.

Despite a run that brought the Aussies back to 25-24 by the end of the first quarter, and that run reminded us of an exhibition game in which the US had a tough time with Australia. Much of the media, especially ESPN, were quick to dump on Team USA after that exhibition Game despite a US team 9 point victory.  Not this time.  ESPN and company kept their mouths shut.

The US strategy throughout these Olympics is to keep up the speed and momentum with fast substitutions.  The opposing team barely gets used to playing one set of Americans just to turn around and face another.  Because every player is stellar, it just keeps everyone fresh and beats down any opposition.

We won’t bore you with detailed coverage of this game.  It was not close.  Another US blow-out 116-85.  And it could have been much worse for the Aussies.  A 31 point whooping was merciful.

There will now be a semi-final between Team USA and Argentina (the defending Olympic Gold Champions).  Argentina barely nipped the Greek team the US destroyed by two points 80-78.

This team has Gold written all over it.  They are playing incredible basketball and could easily contend in the NBA.  The biggest surprise is the coaching and team play.  The US is looking like a true team, not a group of disparate selfish players.  And the coaches are driving team play with frequent substitutions and clever offensive and defensive strategies.

Lithuania is still undefeated after wiping the floor with China.  That will likely be the team the US faces for the Gold.

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