Profile Spotlight: American Idol 9 Andrew Garcia


Name: Andrew Garcia
Age: 25
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Parents: Mary and George Garcia
Audition City: Los Angeles
Audition backstory: Lived through hardships, parents were struggling and were involved with gangs… a dad with hopes to succeed for his son and family.
Audition Song: “Sunday Morning” by Maroon Five
Band: The Adrian William Project
Fun Facts: can breakdance and he also loves to take care of his son, Caeland. He still can’t get over the good reviews Simon gave him! (Simon: “The only person who has walked through today who I genuinely believe is a good singer; a genuinely, genuinely good, good singer. I can tell you like music… I’m glad I met you. I like you.”)


Hollywood Week: Straight Up Cover (Paula Abdul)

Hollywood Interview

Other performances:

“The Cathy Song” (Original Song)

“Use Somebody” by Lings of Leon (Cover)

Andrew Garcia is on MySpace.

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