UPDATED: 15 February 2009

Happy 2009 everyone!  Last year has been great for us and we have you to thank for. In less than a year since its inception, My Reality television have come from Google PageRank 0 to 3. A PageRank is how the mighty Google gauge’s a website’s importance in the Internet. It is numbered 0 to 10, the latter being the highest. We’ve had had over 100,000 hits in seven months and counting!

Our highly successful coverage of the US Elections 2008 led us to dedicate an entire website covering the US Politics, naming it The Lie Politic. We opened the site in November of 2008 and in only four months climbed up to Google PageRank 3 from 0. We have over 50,000 page views and growing.

Thank you for all your support. As long as you keep reading, we’ll keep writing! 🙂

UPDATED: 30 August 2008

When we started myrealitytelevision.com, we were planning on covering only our favorite reality television shows. However, as we continued in our efforts, we started to realize that reality television covers much more than shows like American Idol.

Reality comes in all forms on television. News, Sports, Weather, Business and many events that shape our world and impact us all.

Of course, we cannot cover them all, and with our limited staff, we could not even hope to cover something as broad as The Olympics in their entirety, so we focused on providing a US perspective of the Olympics to our readers, and the site was quite successful in bringing those issues and events that were most important to our readers.

We have now decided to add a new reality, the Presidential election. We are, once again, not considering covering politics, nor even the Presidential election, in its entirety. We will try to find information and write articles that are pertinent to our readers.

We have decided to add the Presidential race because of its historic implications. The first black man to ever run for president has won the Democratic Nomination. The first woman ever to grace the Republican national ticket has been selected as a Vice Presidential candidate.

We think this race is worth covering in addition to our coverage of everything else we consider reality television. And we will do our best to bring it to you. Please make sure to throw in your comments and shake things up on our web site. We appreciate you all and welcome all newcomers to myrealitytelevision.com, the best reality television site on the internet!

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Over the past few years, as reality television has become such a dominant medium, I got ADDICTED!!!  So did my family.  Now, we are helpless.  We have to watch all our favorites and we are slaves to knowing who was eliminated each and every week.  It gets so there is something missing on nights our favorite shows are not on.


Now, we know the judges are probably better at this and more experienced, but they seem to totally miss the “real” in reality.  Like when Simon Cowell said David Archuletta swept the American Idol finals only to find out David Cook won by a landslide, and Simon had to apologize with egg on his face.  I don’t think anyone out there believed for a minute that David Cook lost no matter what Simon said!!

So, our objective on this site, my manifesto, my mission, is to review the performances myself.  Giving our favorites to win and our likely to lose candidates.  We will offer polls, allow contributions and comments from you and provide links to performances.  Just please be kind and realize that if you are insulting or mean to any member or our staff you will be banned.

Before each show airs, the night before, I will enter my review (which will be short) and my personal choice for who will win or be eliminated.  And you can all choose your own.  And we will see how we all do picking the winners of each episode.

We will not review every reality show.  Only our favorites.  If you would like us to add a reality show, please email us and let us know.  We will surely consider it, time allowing.  But we do have our favorites and we will do our best to cover those every week!!

Our initial shows will be, in no particular order:

1. American Idol
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. America’s Got Talent
4. Last Comic Standing
5. Dexter (whoops, just kidding)
6. The Amazing Race (not covering this 14th season)

We welcome your ideas.  Please post often and frequently.  Positive comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.  And we will do our level best to get back to each of you.

Thank you and enjoy myrealitytelevision.com.  Maybe it will change each of our realities.

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