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  1. I wish you guys were running the country – we would be so happy! i mean you are obviously very intelligent and if only people would listen to you – we could have some HOPE! Hope that all the crimes committed against us these last 8 years – including the ones that resulted in our complete economic destruction and the rape of our bill of rights – well with you very intelligent people running the federal and state and local governments – everythng would be so much better!! God I wish more people had voted for you reality tv guys to become rulers of our once great nation – then we would put all those nasty bush and cheney criminals in prison and fix the theft of all of our money – ohh wait – i forget – it’s Obama’s fault – shicks – for a second there I thought Obama was president from 2000 – 2008 – man I sure wish bush was king without these stupid elections – i mean he lost to gore but still ruled us into 911 – he should get a medal for letting cheney be king all these years cheney is the smart one – not as smart a syou genuises though – god I miss your counrty – you know the one where you can say anything you want – like Obama is a terrorist – and people – really smart people like you – will believe it!!! Yeah!!!

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