Ann Powers on Adam Lambert’s debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’


Pop music and resident Adam Lambert devotee Ann Powers gets her first taste of his debut album, "For Your Entertainment."

But does she like the goods? Some thoughts:

"For Your Entertainment" is a polished affair, but
stylistically, it shows Lambert running loose like a kid in a Comme des Garçons
store. With the Hollywood pop A-list at his disposal, he chose to go for it all:
The only names missing from his list of collaborators are those firmly in the
R&B camp (wouldn't it be great if he worked with fellow drama club type
Ne-Yo?) The results on "FYE" are inevitably mixed but never a bummer; Lambert's
deft enough to avoid getting stuck in any one of the tropes he

On many tracks, Lambert stretches himself by putting on the
style of his more seasoned collaborators. He's pleading and soulful on the Pink
co-write, sneering on the song Rivers Cuomo tossed his way, moody when it comes
to parsing Muse and appropriately silly on the neo-glam crusher penned for him
by Justin Hawkins, formerly of the English band the Darkness. Versatility is
Lambert's strategy here, one he might consider changing in the future — when
the material's second-rate, it sinks him a bit. 

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— Denise Martin

Photo credit: Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times

(VIDEO) 2012 Promo with Adam Lambert and single “Time for Miracles”

In stores Tuesday, November 24th, Adam Lambert’s yet untitled debut album already garnered number one spot in for presale orders! A-list collaborators for the album include Idol judge Kara Dioguardi, Green Day producer Rob Cavallo, Australian electro auteur Sam Sparro, glam-pop piano man Ferras, Swedish hitmaker Max Martin, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Lady Gaga producers RedOne and Claude Kelly, Nashville songwriter Aimee Mayo.

This anthem song “Time for Miracles” for the movie 2012 is a guaranteed hit. In the video, Adam shares a little bit about the song and this epic, mind blowing film. The movie is showing in November as well.


Billboard Meets Adam Lambert as he prepares for the Summer 2009 Idols Live Tour


Billboard talks with American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, as he prepares for the summer 2009 Idols Live tour. (Please wait for the video to load…)

Bonus Interview with Adam

American Idol 8 Tour Rehearsal: “Don’t Stop Believing” By Journey

The Idols run through their finale song at their rehearsal space before hitting the road- the classic Journey Song: “Don’t Stop Believing.” The American Idol Summer Live Tour kicks off in Portland, OR at the Rose Garden on July 5.

Sorry we’re not watching. Not paying to see Michael Sarver, Scott McIntyre and Lil Rounds mess up sing. Lil showed so much promise in the auditions and was an early favorite but she never delivered. Too bad. We think she really lost a lot of her fans- including us.

We want to see Alexis Grace!! We’ll pay to watch her perform anytime.

Adam Lambert Signs to 19 Records & RCA Records!

American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert has been signed to 19 Recordings and licensed to RCA Records. He is preparing to start work on his debut album which is due for release in fall 2009.

“To find a talent as exceptional as Adam Lambert is a rare and special event,” says Simon Fuller, Creator and Executive Producer of American Idol and Founder & CEO of 19 Entertainment. “I am thrilled that ‘American Idol’ was the platform for the world to discover this brilliant young man. He is unique and unforgettable and a certain star of tomorrow.”

“There are no longer any rules in terms of where the world’s next superstars may come from,” says Barry Weiss, Chairman & CEO RCA/JIVE Label Group. “We are thrilled to be getting involved with Adam Lambert as we all at RCA Records believe he is one of those rare, future global stars”.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve come to a creative and collaborative partnership and look forward to developing a really exciting album,” says Lambert. “We are 100% on the same page and are all anxiously awaiting the start of the recordings. It’s going to be ridiculous! Get Ready!!!”

27 year old Lambert, who hails originally from San Diego, CA, had 4 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this summer. With his masterful interpretation of “Mad World” leading the way, he also charted with “No Boundaries”, “A Change Is Gonna Come” and “One.”

Lambert, will be recording his album over the summer while on the road with the American Idol’s Live tour. The tour kicks off July 5th in Portland, OR and culminates on September 15th in Manchester, NH.


From Adam Lambert’s Official Site

The Liberation of Adam Lambert, The Rolling Stone Cover Issue: “I’m Gay”

American Idol’s glamtastic runner-up Adam Lambert opens up in the next issue of Rolling Stone, speaking frankly about his sexuality, though he doesn’t think his revelation is particularly shocking. “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, hitting newsstands this week.

The flamboyant Idol singer hits our cover and bares all, talking about his childhood (”I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy,” he says), the drug-fueled Burning Man epiphany that led him to AI (”I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen,” he tells RS) and his run on the show (”I was like, ‘I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!’ “). And yes, he talks about his sexuality. “Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but I thought, ‘I’m going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler,’ ” he tells us. “I didn’t want the Clay Aiken thing and the celebrity-magazine bullshit. I need to be able to explain myself in context.

“I’m proud of my sexuality,” Lambert adds. “I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” Ultimately, however Lambert tells RS contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis that there are other parts of his life that he’s trying to keep front and center. “I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader,” he says.


Continue to Rolling Stone for the full story by clicking here.

Exclusive Video of the Photo shoot may be found here.

Kris Allen Calls Adam Lambert & Drake LaBry a ‘Cool Combination’

By Lorenzo Benet and Jenny Sundel

Although he’s encouraged people to keep speculating about his sexuality, Adam Lambert now says, “all your questions will be answered” in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

“Finally,” he said at the 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards Sunday in Santa Monica, where he was named artist of the year. “Once and for all” he’ll speak directly about the topic.

But the winner of American Idol, Kris Allen, 23, is already speaking out in support of his good friend and runner-up, praising Lambert for his openness.

“I think he’s happier that he can be himself and it’s nice,” Allen says of Lambert, 27, stepping out with his friend Drake LaBry. “Adam is who he is and he’s not afraid. I support him in whatever he does.”

Allen, back in Los Angeles Sunday to sing the national anthem at game 2 of the Lakers-Magic NBA championship series, says that he has met LaBry, and, “he’s a really nice guy.”

adam_lambert_drake_labryAllen calls Lambert and LaBry’s friendship a “cool combination,” because they’re so different. “Drake’s from Louisiana and Adam is from L.A.,” he says. “But they click well and they’re really nice together.”

Enjoying the Spotlight

Meanwhile, Allen looked relaxed an hour before singing the national anthem, which he executed to perfection, drawing a huge ovation from the Staples Center crowd, which included Rihanna, Diddy, Simon Baker and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Allen’s wife Katherine joined him at the game, which the Lakers won, and she has been with him for the past couple of weeks. “[Winning Idol] has completely changed our lives,” Allen says. “She is happy to be here and supporting me and she is just as excited as I am.”

And the couple have even more good news to share, as Allen has officially inked a record deal with 19 Recordings and Jive Records.

“I’m really looking forward to what is next,” Allen said in a statement about the deal. “I’m very grateful to be working with Simon Fuller and his team at 19 Entertainment, along with Barry Weiss and Jive Records on my debut album. Everyone’s been asking me what it’s going to sound like. It will be very similar to what you heard from me on the show – definitely in the pop/rock genre. I can’t wait to get started!”

With his debut album due in the fall, Allen – along with Lambert and the rest of season 8’s top 10 – is gearing up for the Idols Live Tour, which opens July 5 in Portland, Ore.

But Allen says his wife won’t be following him on the road. “She’s going to come to a couple of shows,” he says, “but then she is going to go home and hang out with friends and family.”


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