American Idol Season 9 pre-show Audition videos


The AMERICAN IDOL Juggernaut rolls across America looking for the next great singing star. Former IDOL contestant Alexis Grace reports from the latest round of auditions in Atlanta. Will she find a future contestant?

Ryan Seacrest talks to TV Guide during Season 9 auditions in Boston at Gillette stadium about how AMERICAN IDOL stays fresh every year. Former Idol star Mikalah Gordon talks to the contestants in line to check their chops.

American Idol Top 11 Ford Video: “Here it goes Again” By Ok Go. Watch Here.


The making of the Ford Video, Directed by: Shane Drake

3/18 American Idol Results Night, Idol Tour-Goers Get Gipped

This was an important elimination round, because there were 11 contestants. And when it is time for the selected few to get on the bus for the American Idol Tour, only ten can go.

And tonight, there are 11 left, so whoever gets canned doesn’t get to go on the Tour,

In our review of last night’s show, we had four bottom performers.

Lil Rounds (6/10)
Scott MacIntyre (6/10)
Alexis Grace (6/10)
alexisgrace_top11Michael Sarver (6/10)

Now, if we had to take tonight’s result based on the weak performances of this group, we would ask ourselves who would we rather see on an American Idol Tour. In order that would be

Alexis Grace (6/10)
Lil Rounds (6/10)
Scott MacIntyre (6/10)
Michael Sarver (6/10)

with Alexis and Lil being neck and neck. But Idol gipped America. They took out the best overall performer of the group and left us listening to a flat Scott MacIntyre or a dull Michael Sarver on the tour because of one weak performance by Alexis. Alexis did have a poor performance this week, and we did rate her in a tie for the bottom 3, The viewers, in general, tend to follow the judges’ lead. And when they are overly critical of a performance, it confuses the audience and discourages their vote. Alexis was eliminated from the competition tonight, but we know who we would lay our money down to see in concert, and you would have to pay us to go see Michael or Scott.

Alexis had the chance to be in the top 5. If either Michael or Scott make it to the top 5, we will be very surprised in deal. We hope that, unless Scott pulls off a vocal miracle, that his flat vocals are gone next. Sarver could go as well, and no one would miss him. But Alexis? She got our 6/10 because her performance was weak. We are disappointed, but it did show that one bad week could send anyone home. Well, except Danny Gokey! We think he could sing like a frog and get through at least once. LOL.

top11_americanidolWe would like to add a couple of general comments about the show. The lip synch performance week after week is ridiculously corny and obvious. The commercials for Ford are getting tough to take. Idol should get a decent sponsor, like Ferrari! We would rather see the Idol driving a Toyota Corolla than a Ford Focus. The ads are a big yawn.

Finally, we would like the judges to shut up, or at least tone down the overdone bashing of contestants. While they introduce an entertainment factor with their theatrics, they constantly make comments that can lead to the demise of any contestant.

We think Scott and Michael are miles below Alexis in singing talent, and that, while Alexis had a bad week, she was top 5 talent and neither of these guys are close.

All that said, that is how elimination works. One bad break and you are done. So, you can’t have a bad week like Alexis did and not risk getting flushed. Bye Alexis. We will miss you.

Find out more about Alexis on our profile Spotlight on her.

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3/17 American Idol Top 11 Performance Night Recap: Country And Black Nail Polish Don’t Mix

There were some surprises tonight, and out of it all, not one performer in the entire show was bad. There was no single individual we could point at and say they were gone. There were our least favorites, and a surprise weak performer this week, but overall, a strong showing for everyone.

The theme was country and the group showed that talent can being out the diversity in any music style. Each performance was enjoyable, but someone has to go home… let’s see. [Listen to all the songs at the bottom of this article. Idol performance plus Full Studio recording]

Michael Sarver – “Ain’t Going Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up” – Garth Brooks. This song is a tongue twister and Michael did well at remembering each word and hitting the verses with perfect timing. The performance did lack in a few areas though. It wasn’t unique. It did nothing to challenge Michael’s voice which he showed was powerful last week. And, while fun, it was not memorable, which is troublesome for anyone that is cursed with singing in the first spot.

Allison Iraheta – “Blame It On Your Heart” – Patty Loveless – Allison belted out his country tune with rock power. It was not her style and it was not her best performance but it was stellar overall for any 16 year old. We think she has a chance to get into the final five. She has to bring a more memorable song to get votes next time though.

Kris Allen – “To Make You Feel My Love” – Garth Brooks — Kris found his niche for us. He is a ballad singer. We do not think any ballad singer can win this competition, but those that are good at it often do hang around. Kris did a great job with the song, melding strong emotion with a powerful vocal. He won’t go home this week. But was he best?

Lil Rounds – “Independence Day” – Martina McBride – This was clearly Lil’s worst week so far. She belted out the song well, but the style wasn’t there. She did look killer though with the most professional look of any of the performers. That wasn’t enough to get her top spot, but we can’t see America sending her home.

Adam Lambert – “Ring of Fire” – Johnny Cash — If you recall, Daughty did a Johnny Cash song and rocked it by making it his own. Adam did the same, but twisted this one a bit too far. He took Johnny Cash and made it sound like it was being sung by Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin fame. The vocals were strong, the edge as edgy as it gets, but it just didn’t fit because the twist was so extreme. Maybe it was the black fingernail polish? Yuck. We didn’t like it much, but it still should keep Adam in the competition.

Scott MacIntyre – “Wild Angels” – Martina McBride – Scott is an excellent pianist, but we don’t care much for his vocal style. He has a pitch problem and while he had a fun performance tonight with a good finish, we don’t see him winning this. He will likely survive this week, but he isn’t a favorite.


Alexis Grace – “Jolene” – Dolly Parton — We truly love Alexis, and we believe when she is on, she could be number one in this competition. It was hard to pinpoint this week, but we didn’t like the performance. Instead of the edgy, almost threatening style Alexis could have used on this tune, she chose a whiny begging performance that did not suit her. The song is all about a fight for her man, and it seemed Alexis wasn’t fighting all that hard.

Danny Gokey – “Jesus, Take The Wheel” – Carrie Underwood — Danny built up and hit this tune with style. Once again, this could be a hit on the radio right now. It wasn’t the best performance of the night, but it proves that consistency is what it is all about. Danny doesn’t have to be number one every week. But he will likely always be, at his worst, in the top three. When the judges are confronted by an artist like Danny, they have to search for bad things to say, because otherwise they sound like broken records. Danny was fantastic, but he wasn’t the best this week.

Anoop Desai – “Always On My MInd” – Willie Nelson – Anoop took the criticisms and the near elimination to belt out a spectacular performance this week. He had the advantage of being the underdog and played it beautifully. The judges all raved, and we were sold.

Megan Joy Corkrey – “(I Go Out) Walkin’ After Midnight” – Patsy Cline — Megan brought along her unique style and brought us into her world this week after driving is away with Rockin’ Robin last. She has such character and presence without being “over the top”. She doesn’t over perform and she finds that balance that keeps her “Always On Our Minds”.

Matt Giraud – “So Small” – Carrie Underwood — Matt had a finale to do, and if you don’t win when you get to go last, you lose. He won. He brought on the performance, he played the piano wonderfully, and ended on a fresh throaty falsetto. Nicely done to win our choice for performer of the night.

Our choices in order from first to last.

Matt Giraud (9/10)

top11_randytravisAnoop Desai (8/10)

Danny Gokey (8/10)

Allison Iraheta (7/10)

Adam Lambert (7/10)

Kris Allen (7/10)

Megan Joy Corkrey (7/10)

Lil Rounds (6/10)

Scott MacIntyre (6/10)

Alexis Grace (6/10)

Michael Sarver (6/10)

We realize this makes it a four way tie for elimination, but we don’t believe it was that close. There just is so much you can do with a 1-10 scale. We have to send home Michael this week. Alexis had a very bad week and could be at risk, but we think America will want to see her again. Scott, we just don’t see him getting much farther, so we wouldn’t miss him. Lil is way better and we think the audience and judges know it so she won’t go.

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Top 13 Perform Jackson 5 Medley Plus a Glimpse of the American Idol Mansion

Watch the American Idol Top 13 “We Will Rock You” Ford Video


“We Will Rock You” Original Music By Queen

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Kickin’ your can all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy you’re a young man hard man
Shoutin’ in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on your face
You big disgrace
Wavin’ your banner all over the place

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

Buddy you’re an old man poor man
Pleadin’ with your eyes gonna make you some peace some day

You got mud on your face
You big disgrace
Somebody better put you back in your place

3/11 American Idol Season 8, The New Rule. Michael Jackson Night Results


There is a “new rule” at American Idol. Each judge is given the chance to save a performer that did not get enough votes from America. They can only use this “save” once all season. So, once they use it, they lose it. You can expect the judges to only use it when they disagree dramatically with the audience’s decision.

jasminemurrayThe new rule is intended to save the unfairly eliminated. Possibly saving the Daughtry’s on a bad week. Would it play out this week? Let’s see.

Our bottom choice from last night was Jasmine Murray. She was horrible and when she sang again tonight, she confirmed she deserved to go home. Randy did not save her, thank heavens. She got shipped home and we are down to 12.

Megan Corkrey looked like she could go, but she made it through, which we were hoping because she was so out of her style this week, and we want to see her again with something more fitting.

jorgenunezNow for the silliness. We understand the sympathy vote; it happens again and again for the less talented cripples, elderly and children on various shows. We wish it wouldn’t, because it is so unfair to the performers that are better. Someone inevitably gets eliminated in the sympathy-getter’s place. Scott survived. He did not deserve it.

They dragged down Anoop and Jorge. Jorge did not deserve to go home. The tune was a bit boring but his vocals were much better, but the sympathy vote kicked him out. Anoop somehow lucked out and managed to survive to next week despite a rather bleak performance.

We don’t feel all that bad about losing Jorge. He is not controversial and great. He could not have won this competition, and Simon rightly did not save him using the “new rule”. But the fact is, it really should have been between Scott and Anoop.

No matter, Scott and Anoop will not survive long in this crowd, and Jorge isn’t in the league of the best either, but still, we feel sorry that he was the first to go in the name of a pathetic sympathy vote.

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3/10 American Idol Top 13 Performs, Who Made The In Crowd?


Tonight it was easy to pick the bottom of the pack, but the peak performers were so great that we have to really start to wonder who could actually pull this off.

In general, the judges were on the mark. At times, their comments were rather stupid, mostly Randy, but even Simon totally missed the mark on a couple of artists.

The performers started off careful, because the choice had to be a Michael Jackson song. And not too many people have the guts to sing a Michael Jackson song that was a huge hit.

It can break you talent wise because it is so very hard to make original. And if you sing it exactly like him, you sound like Sunday Night at the Juke Box.

But let’s have at it and pick our losers from the final 13. [Listen to all the songs from tonight (Audio MP3) at the bottom of this post.]

1. Lil Rounds – “The Way You Make Me Feel”– The round girl picked up a big hit and did it with style. We loved it, she was sexy but her outfit, well, let’s just say it belonged at her high school prom not on this stage. We are not going to rank the people, we will just say whether they are in or not. Lil is IN!!

2.. Scott MacIntyre – “Keep The Faith” – Scott did an obscure Jackson song, and he was OK. But OK isn’t good enough. His piano was great, but this isn’t an instrumental competition. His song is flattish with that tone deaf sound and it is hard for us to believe we would ever want to listen to him on the radio. OUT.

dannygokeypyt3. Danny Gokey – “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” – Danny is amazing. He has a voice that could take anything and make it great and he made this tune unique and powerful. He took a completely obscure song and made it a hit. His biggest problem was he went too early, so we forgot how great he was by the time other great performances showed up towards the end. We loved it. IN

4. Michael Sarver – “You Are Not Alone” – We were impressed with Michael tonight. We did not think he deserved to be here, but tonight he won us over with a strong vocal. Our problem is he is boring in his movements, his face looks completely awkward when he pushes, and in general, he could be eliminated and not a soul would miss him. But for this week… IN.

5. Jasmine Murray – “I’ll Be There” – Jasmine clocked in with the worst performance of the night. We honestly could not get through a second listen to judge it. It was painfully off key. She has the vocal chords, but can’t find the pitch, which makes it gut wrenching to listen to. She is gone, no question. OUT.


6. Kris Allen – “Remember the Time” – Fun performance from a cute guy. Not much else to say. Not the best, not the worst. IN.

7. Allison Iraheta – “Give In To Me” – We have seen rockers come and go on this show and we remember some of them, but we will remember Allison. She is a true rocker at only age 16. She hit this song and made even a true rocker like a Michael Jackson tune. Great performance. IN

8. Anoop Desai – “Beat It” – We think the judges were particularly hard on Anoop. He did this with some style and had fun with it. Problem is that he is out of his league now. There are other performers that are vastly better than he is. We are on the fence with him, but our initial call is… OUT.

9. Jorge Nunez – “Never Can Say Goodbye” – Well, Jorge started way off key and we were trying to figure him out, but then he hit his stride and was great the rest of the way. The judges were harsh on him, and called him old fashioned, but we think he was respectable. IN.

10. Megan Joy Corkrey – “Rockin’ Robin” – The performance was very cute, but it made us uncomfortable. It was not Megan at all, and it did not do her any favors. Her characteristic moves and notes did not fit the song and her performance was off the mark. Nothing stood out, so her only chance to stay in would be even worse performances. OUT.

adamlambert_idol11. Adam Lambert – “Black Or White” – OK, Now Adam kicked everyone else out of the house. He was powerful, his screams incredible as usual, and his vocal range unchallenged. We are big Danny fans and have to say we think Adam won the night over Danny on this occasion. It is a bit possible he took himself a bit too seriously in his performance, but that is a stretch at saying something negative. IN.

12. Matt Giraud – “Human Nature” – Now, we were very disappointed with Matt in past performances, but behind the piano he shows he could be a star. He had to follow the best performance of the night and we were ready to write him off. His falsetto was superb. He proved that we were way off the mark and put us on the Matt. IN

13. Alexis Grace – “Dirty Diana” – Simon and Randy were so far off the mark on their calls on this tune, we had to wonder if they had a motive. Alexis killed this tune and gave Adam a run for the money. She looked spectacular, like a born star and was the best outfit of the night by far, which not one judge mentioned. She truly Graced the stage and Simon and Randy should get hearing aids. IN

So where does that leave us, it leaves us with two that have to leave and we would send home four, so this should be easy. The worst performances were…

Scott MacIntyre, Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey and Anoop Desai

If we had to choose who to send home out of these four? Jasmine is first to go, Then it is pretty much a toss up. We would like to see Megan again when she is more in her element. We don’t like Scott and think he is off key but may get the sympathy vote. And we think Anoop picked a horrible song because he wasn’t good enough to pull off that big a hit, so he could be a goner.

We can’t choose who to send home, but we expect no surprises this week from the IN crowd.

Photos and videos later! 🙂

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