Sisters Kisha & Jen settle their unfinished business on the Amazing Race

From the beaches of Rio to a trailer park in the Florida Keys, sisters Kisha & Jen overcame past demons and tough competition to settle their unfinished business and win The Amazing Race.

Order of Finish:
1.    Kisha & Jen
2.    Flight Time & Big Easy
3.    Gary & Mallory

With eight eliminated teams cheering them on, sisters Kisha & Jen ran to the Finish Line where Phil declared them the winners of the race and the one million dollar prize. The emotional sisters told Phil they planned to help their mom start her own business. Jen added, “There aren’t any words to describe our mom. She is absolutely amazing so it’s just going to be a great thing to give her something that she’s given to us.”

After finish the race in second place, the Globetrotters congratulated Kisha & Jen calling them “the most consistent team throughout the race. They never struggled. We got beat out by a couple of girls, but that’s okay.” Big Easy later said, “It was fun from start to finish. It was hard. We laughed. We cried. I’m happy we did it.”

Ending the race in third place, Mallory said of the experience with her father, “We came back and we did our unfinished business. We wanted to make it around the world so badly and we got that. We know money’s not everything and the experience is priceless for sure.”

Co-winner Kisha closed by remarking, “I’m glad to have run this race with Jen for a second time. Winning this race shows that she’s not my little sister. She’s a competitor. To run this race with her was a great experience.”

On CBS: Amazing Race 18 “Unfinished Business” premieres February 20th

11 teams vie for the coveted $1 million prize as they race around the world beginning February 20.

The twist this season? The contestants are from previous cast who fell short on winning. Dubbed as “Unfinished Business,” the show promises to be fierce and exciting! (Don’t they say that every season?)

The teams are:

• Father/daughter duo Gary Ervin and Mallory Ervin: Season 17, 6th place

• Sisters LaKisha Hoffman and Jennifer Hoffman: Season 14, 4th place

• Cowboy brothers Jet McCoy and Cord McCoy: Season 16, 2nd place

• Fiancees Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka: Season 14, 8th place

• Former NFL cheerleaders Jaime Edmondson and Cara Rosenthal: Season 14, 2nd place

• Harlem Globetrotters Herb Lang and Nate Lofton: Season 15, 4th place

• Father/daughter duo Ron Hsu and Christina Hsu: Season 12, 2nd place

• Dating goths Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala: Season 12, 5th place

• Best friends Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew: Season 15, 9th place

• Mother/son duo Margie Adams and Luke Adams: Season 14, 3rd place

• Father/son duo Mel White and Mike White: Season 14, 6th place

This season, broadcast in HD for the first time, will find competitors traveling 40,000 miles through five continents and 23 cities. “Teams begin their journey around the globe from the second-windiest place on the planet, and travel to such picturesque locations as Sydney, Australia, where they find themselves swimming with sharks; Liechtenstein, where they must measure the length of the entire country while riding a motorized bicycle; and Tokyo, Japan, where they must endure the freezing waters from Mount Fuji as part of a spiritual ritual.”

The Amazing Race Season 16 Premieres on Valentine’s Day

Meet the 11 competitors vying for the $1 million prize:

Brent and Caite, Dating Models

Carol and Brandy, Dating

Dana and Adrian, High School Sweethearts/Married

Jet and Cord, Brothers/Cowboys

Jody and Shannon, Grandmother/Granddaughter

Joe and Heidi, Married

Dan and Jordan, Brothers

Jordan and Jeff, Newly Dating

Louie and Michael, ­Detectives

Monique and Shawne, Moms/Attorneys

Steve and Allison, Father/Daughter

Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney, $1 Million Grand Prize Winners of the Amazing Race 15

Well, a satisfying end, no? This hasn’t been the most exciting season of The Amazing Race—everything felt too strangely easy—but at least we got the ending we wanted. Well, I think all of us wanted that ending, right? Oh, and, here’s the spoiler alert.

Yay, Meghan and Cheyne. Seriously, yay for them. Sure they may be two athletic, good-looking blonde people and therefore don’t earn quite as much underdog likability as other teams, but they were clever and quick all throughout the race, and deserved the win entirely. No other team came close in aptitude and ability, and it would have been a downright shame—a rotten bit of late-game luck—for another team to snatch their well-earned crown. Thankfully that didn’t happen. Though it looked close there for a second, didn’t it??

meghan_cheyneIt was so pleasing that in the end the win came down to a competition of the mind, not the body. Meghan & Cheyne came to the last challenge in third place, and it looked as though they might have lost the game simply for dumbly not knowing that Monaco = Monte Carlo. But luckily the final challenge involved counting and numbers and math, things that Brian & Ericka and Sam & Dan aren’t so great at. The way the show was edited made it seem as though the brothers were nipping on the heels of the Bobbsey Blonde Twins, but I think they were actually a lot further behind. Meg and Chey-Chey counted their chips correctly the first time, while the brothers—those dumb, shrieking, galoompfy brothers—had to do a recount. That must have taken a good 20 minutes, meaning that Meghan & Cheyne had a significant lead. The minute the chip-counter said “That is incorrect” to the boys, the game was done. Those braying idiots lost how they should have lost—a towering testament to their dim and bumbling mental acuity. Oh, and lest we forget the “Who are you??” Wayne Newton moment. Oh man. That was embarrassing. They are embarrassing.

Brian & Ericka? Aw, heck. They sure do seem nice. Well, he does. She seems nice only sometimes. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that her sometimes shrieky behavior was caused by the stress of being on a reality television show about a million-dollar global foot race, but still… she did wear on the nerves some. Making it to the final three was their true accomplishment (you could see it written all over the Globetrotters’ faces at the final haul). A B&E win would have been a strange divine act, one fun in its surprise, but ultimately frustrating. No, they weren’t our winners. They were firmly our third-placers.

I dunno. I guess there’s really not much more to say. Again, not the thrillingest of seasons (too much time in Europe, I think), but a solid one with clear and worthy victors. A little bit of square-jawed sense in a chaotic and confusing world. Can’t wait to see the victorious pair on an All-Stars season. I think they’ll do just fine.

by Richard Lawson, “The Amazing Race: Leaving Las Vegas, With a Million Dollars” at

Profile Bio:

Meghan Rickey (23); Cheyne Whitney (23)
Hometown: San Diego
Occupation: Account Executive/Brand Manager
Relationship: Dating

Meghan and Cheyne met while playing a competitive game of tetherball in elementary school. After 10 years of friendship, Cheyne realized he could not let the most athletic girl he knew get away. Other than a six-month period where Meghan studied abroad in Italy, this couple has been essentially inseparable for nearly five years.

Meghan and Cheyne both work in fields where they deal extensively with different publics. She is an account executive at a public affairs firm and he works for a social change marketing company where he develops after-school programs and deals with a diverse group of teens, school administrators and corporate executives. When not in the office, Meghan can be found coaching competitive girls’ soccer — a sport that she and Cheyne have shared a passion for since they were kids. The couple feels strongly that their occupations and experiences with team sports have taught them effective communication skills and the virtue of patience, which they believe will benefit them in the Race.

Even though they are head-over-heels for each other, they still have their pet peeves just like any other couple. Meghan does not like that he tries to diffuse tense situations with laughter rather than by talking things through. The biggest thing about Meghan that frustrates Cheyne is her stubbornness. He claims that once she has her mind set on something she is difficult to reason with and it can be impossible to change her mind.

Ready to tackle the Race head-on, Meghan and Cheyne are very eager to use the power of positive thinking and their athleticism to compete as a team and hope that this experience further validates their friendship and love.

Reality Competition Shows we love Get Multiple Emmy Nominations!

61st Primetime Emmy Awards
Sunday, September 20
NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE, Los Angeles

It is Primetime Emmy awards giving time again for television and four of our favorite reality competition shows are nominated for various categories. The major ones for Best reality program, outstanding host and outstanding choreography.

Surprise, surprise Cat Deeley is not recognized for Outstanding host. Clearly, she is more lively, articulate and exciting than Tom Bergeron of Dancing with the Stars. Hmmm.


Outstanding Reality – Competition Program
American IdolFOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Ken Warwick, Executive Producer
Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Executive Producer
Simon Fuller, Executive Producer
Charles Boyd, Co-Executive Producer
Patrick M. Lynn, Supervising Producer
Megan Michaels, Supervising Producer
Dancing With The StarsABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Conrad Green, Executive Producer
Rob Wade, Co-Executive Producer
Matilda Zoltowski, Co-Executive Producer
Joe Sungkur, Supervising Producer
Ashley Edens-Shaffer, Supervising Producer
Kim Kilbey, Senior Producer
Erin O’Brien, Producer
The Amazing RaceCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Bertram van Munster, Executive Producer
Jerry Bruckheimer, Executive Producer
Jonathan Littman, Executive Producer
Hayma “Screech” Washington, Executive Producer
Elise Doganieri, Co-Executive Producer
Amy Nabseth Chacon, Co-Executive Producer
Mark Vertullo, Co-Executive Producer
Matt Schmidt, Supervising Producer
Jarratt Carson, Supervising Producer
Evan Weinstein, Supervising Producer
Giselle Parets, Senior Producer
Michael Norton, Senior Producer
Patrick Cariaga, Senior Producer
Phil Keoghan, Producer
Outstanding Choreography

Dancing With The StarsJive / Great Balls of FireABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Derek Hough, Choreographer
Julianne Hough, Choreographer
So You Think You Can DanceBleeding LoveFOXDick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Tabitha D’umo, Choreographer
Napoleon D’umo, Choreographer
So You Think You Can DanceMercyFOXDick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Mia Michaels, Choreographer
So You Think You Can DanceAdam and Eve / SilenceFOXDick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Tyce Diorio, Choreographer
So You Think You Can DanceA Los AmigosFOXDick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Dmitry Chaplin, Choreographer

Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program
American IdolFOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Ryan Seacrest, Host
Dancing With The StarsABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Tom Bergeron, Host
The Amazing RaceCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Phil Keoghan, Host
Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music Or Comedy Series
American IdolShow 833 (The Final Three)FOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Bruce Gowers, Director
Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic, Multi-Camera) For Variety, Music Or Comedy Programming

American IdolFinaleFOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Kieran Healy, Lighting Designer
Joshua Hutchings, Lighting Director
George Harvey, Lighting Director
Dancing With The StarsEpisode 702AABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Simon Miles, Lighting Designer
Outstanding Hairstyling For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special
Dancing With The StarsEpisode 709ABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Mary Guerrero, Department Head Hairstylist
Cynthia Romo, Key Hairstylist
Jennifer Mazursky, Additional Hairstylist
Maria Valdivia, Additional Hairstylist

Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special (Non-Prosthetic)
Dancing With The StarsEpisode 804ABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Melanie Mills, Department Head Makeup Artist
Zena Shtetsel, Key Makeup Artist
Patti Ramsey-Bortoli, Additional Makeup Artist
Angela Moos, Additional Makeup Artist
So You Think You Can DanceEpisode #421/422AFOXDick Clark Productions and 19 Entertainment
Amy Elizabeth Strozzi, Department Head Makeup Artist
Heather Cummings, Key Makeup Artist
Tifanie White, Additional Makeup Artist
Marie DelPrete, Additional Makeup Artist
Outstanding Art Direction For Variety, Music Or Nonfiction Programming
American IdolEpisode 821FOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Andy Walmsley, Production Designer
James Yarnell, Art Director
Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming
The Amazing RaceDon’t Let A Cheese Hit MeCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Bertram van Munster, Director
Outstanding Short Form Picture Editing

Dancing With The StarsEpisode 710AABCBBC Worldwide Productions
David Timoner, Editor
Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming
The Amazing RaceDon’t Let A Cheese Hit MeCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Per Larsson, Director of Photography
Sylvestre Campe, Camera
Petr Cikhart, Camera
Tom Cunningham, Camera
Peter Riveschl, Camera
Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming
The Amazing RaceDon’t Let A Cheese Hit MeCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Eric Goldfarb, Editor
Julian Gomez, Editor
Andrew Kozar, Editor
Paul Nielsen, Editor
Michael Bolanowski, Editor
Jennifer Nelson, Editor
Jacob Parsons, Editor
Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera)
The Amazing RaceDon’t Let A Cheese Hit MeCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Eric Goldfarb, Sound Editor
Julian Gomez, Sound Editor
Andrew Kozar, Sound Editor
Paul Nielsen, Sound Editor
Jacob Parsons, Sound Editor
Rick Livingstone, Music Editor

Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming

American Idol801/02FOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Brian Riordan, Re-Recording Mixer
Adrian Ordonez, Re-Recording Mixer
The Amazing RaceDon’t Let A Cheese Hit MeCBSWorld Race Productions Inc.
Jim Ursulak, Lead Audio
Jerry Chabane, Audio
Dean Gaveau, C.A.S., Audio
Troy Smith, Re-Recording Mixer
Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Or Music Series Or Special
American IdolFinaleFOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Ed Greene, Production Mixer
Randy Faustino, Music Mixer
Andrew Fletcher, PA Mixer
Mike Parker, Monitor Mixer
Gary Long, Playback Music Mixer
Brian Riordan, Pre-Production Packages Mixer
Adrian Ordonez, Pre-Production Packages Mixer
Christian Schrader, Audience Sweetener
Dancing With The StarsEpisode 710AABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Evan Adelman, Audio Mixer
Eric Johnston, Playback Mixer
John Protzko, House PA Mixer
Butch McKarge, Monitor Mixer
Boyd Wheeler, Audience Sweetener
Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Series
American IdolEpisode 834AFOXFremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Shiran Stotland, Technical Director
Rick Edwards, Technical Director
Bill Chaikowski, Camera
Greg Smith, Camera
John Repczynski, Camera
George Prince, Camera
Danny Bonilla, Camera
Alex Hernandez, Camera
Dave Eastwood, Camera
Bobby Highton, Camera
Ken Patterson, Camera
Ken Dahlquist, Camera
Diane Biederbeck, Camera
Danny Webb, Camera
Dave Plakos, Camera
Steve Thiel, Camera
Mike Tribble, Camera
Chris Gray, Video Control
Dancing With The StarsEpisode 802AABCBBC Worldwide Productions
Charles Ciup, Technical Director
Brian Reason, Camera Operator
Hector Ramirez, Camera Operator
Larry Heider, Camera Operator
Dave Levisohn, Camera Operator
Bert Atkinson, Camera Operator
Bettina Levesque, Camera Operator
Mike Malone, Camera Operator
Adam Margolis, Camera Operator
Damien Tuffereau, Camera Operator
Easter Xua, Camera Operator
Chuck Reilly, Senior Video Control
Mike Snedden, Video Control

The ‘Amazing Race’ just keeps going… and going… Season 15 premieres September 27th

The Emmy award-winning reality television competition is on for another season with same host from Season 1, Phil Keoghan. Begun in 2001, what’s behind the staying power of this game of wit, strength, mind, agility and endurance lie on its exciting and competitive challenges; and a right mix of contestants with attitude and personality.

The Amazing Race features several teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world and a shot at a one million dollars prize.

From the CBS press release:

The Amazing Race 15 will premiere with a special two-hour broadcast on Sunday, September 27 at 8PM ET/PT. Beginning October 4, The Amazing Race will serve as the lead-in for Three Rivers, a new scripted drama that will air in the Sundays at 9PM ET/PT timeslot.

Last September, The Amazing Race continued its Annual Primetime Emmy Awards dominance when it captured the Outstanding Reality-competition Program award for the sixth year in a row — making it the only show to win the award since the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences first created the category in 2002.

The win raised The Amazing Race’s Emmy award total to 11 since it was first eligible in 2002, however it represented the only win out of the six nominations the show had received for last year’s awards. Overall, The Amazing Race has received 26 nominations since it premiered in 2001.


Catching up with the Amazing Race Season 14, the Final 3. Asian Sibling Lawyers for the Win!


After 12 episodes, 3 continents, 9 countries, 20 cities and 40 thousand miles of distance traveled, Amazing Race Season 14 concludes with new winners!

After 11 teams of two race around the world with one team eliminated each end of the leg, the finale has come down to three competing teams: A team of siblings/lawyers, mother and son and friends/former NFL cheerleaders.

They need more than physical strength to win. More importantly they need the mental agility to cope with both pressure and stress in performing the tasks and challenges in stored for them. In the end, Tammy and Victor were Victorious winning the coveted 1 million dollars prize!

Who were the Top 3 Teams?

THE AMAZING RACE 14Tammy and Victor: 4 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs (5 for the win!)

This duo of brother and sister seem to have everything going right for them. They’re smart, highly competitive and young enough to tackle any physical challenge that is thrown at them. Early on, they already showed that they could win the race. However, we’ve never liked them from day one. They remind us of ken and Tina of Season 13 whom we also dislike as soon as we saw them. Yet can’t seem to get rid of them! Ken and Tina managed to come in second last season.

Why we dislike them: We don’t like Victor’s know-it-all, smart-aleck attitude and pity Tammy for putting up with him. Victor places his sister in more challenges and criticizes her for her mistakes. If you know too much why don’t you do the task yourself?! Our favorite episode is that of Episode 3 where Victor took the lead, stubbornly won’t listen to Tammy that almost cost them early eliminations (we can only wish!). He sure was humbled by that episode.

The trip to China was clearly an advantage to the two because they could speak the language. They breezed through it all while others struggle. Thumbs down to Amazing Race for a poor planning, or were they thinking Tammy and Victor would have long been gone before the China race?

luke_margieLuke and Margie: 3 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs

This mother and son tandem is an inspiration to people with hearing disabilities. Luke was born deaf and his mother has been his ears to the outside world. They are in the competition to prove that any impairment shouldn’t hinder one from trying bigger experiences and challenges in life.

We really liked them in earlier episodes until Luke’s nastier side started to show. We can’t blame Luke for U-turning Amanda and Kris in Leg 4. They were obviously the stronger contender but did Luke really have to do that knowing that they were just ahead of everybody else and won’t be eliminated anyway? We didn’t think so. The u-turn cost Amanda and Kris the race. They were booted out of the competition after coming in last.

Then there was this scuffle with Kisha and Jen in Episode 9. Watching the clip over and over, it clearly shows the whole thing was started by Luke! Kudos to CBS for an unbiased recap of what happened.

Ok so Luke reacted on impulse by almost hitting Jen in the face. He jabbed his elbow towards Jen and the shocked Jen also reacted on impulse by exclaiming “Bitch!” Luke’s move was in fact dirty and he shouldn’t get away with it just because he is deaf! Jen was reacting to Luke’s awful move. What follows was even more ridiculous as Margie tries to defend her son!

They use Luke’s disability to get sympathy as Margie accuses Kisha and Jen of making fun of her son! Margie rants on giving an unsolicited and self-righteous speech. Kisha and Jen even offer their apology but the mother and son wouldn’t hear of it.

We believe Kisha and Jen handled themselves respectably and would have loved to have seen them in the final three except that we were also rooting for Cara and Jaime.

THE AMAZING RACE 14Cara and Jaime: 2 times in number 2 position out of 10 legs, never won a leg

The brunette NFL cheerleaders are clearly the underdog among the final three. They never won a leg and have always been the middle of the pack sometimes even at the bottom.

We like the two because they are very determined yet try not to step into the other team’s shoes unlike the other players. They do have a lot of tension between them during challenges but they make it work out for them in the end.

We didn’t think they would make it in the finale. There hasn’t been an all-woman winner in the Amazing Race and it would have been sweet victory for them to make history.

The winning edge:

“TAMMY & VICTOR WIN After getting off to a smashing start, mother and son Margie & Luke seemed to have victory within their grasp until Luke hit the Roadblock. Luke became frustrated as he watched his lead disappear as Victor surpassed him and, along with his sister, claimed the title of winner of THE AMAZING RACE 14.”

Luke and Margie had a very wide lead going into the last challenge. They really looked like they were going to win it with the confident Luke just breezing throught the memory challenge, one right answer at a time… until Victor arrived and then Jaime.  The two were closing in and Luke just lost it. He panics and couldn’t think straight. Victor finished first and that right there sealed the deal as the next stop WAS the last and final stop.

Tammy and Victor while not our favorite were the team to beat from the very beginning. They earned the prize and we’re happy for them! Congratulations!



3/31 American Idol Top 9, Playing That Funky Music

[Listen to the audio performances at the end of this post]

1. Anoop Desai – “Caught Up” – Usher — Anoop is no Usher. He can sing, and belted out the song well, but he does not have enough soul to pull off the performance of a song like this. He did not connect with us and we were glad when it was over. (5/10)

2. Megan Joy Corkrey- “Turn Your Lights Down Low” – Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley — Megan is neither Lauryn Hill nor Bob Marley, but we really thought she could pull this one out. She didn’t. Megan was off key and has lost her quirky character act that we like. There was nothing to remember, nothing to grab hold of and mostly nothing to vote for. (3/10)

3. Danny Gokey – “What Hurts The Most” – Rascal Flatts — Danny made this song into what could easily be a radio smash hit. Awesome emotion, powerful vocals and better than Rascall Flatt’s version. Super performance. (9/10)

4. Allison Iraheta – “Don’t Speak” – No Doubt — Allison left us with plenty of “doubt” on this performance. She started well, but as she got to the end she was singing too low and it didn’t suit the song. It was pitchy and didn’t showcase her great rocker style. We were very disappointed after last week. The judges criticized her outfit, and missed the fact that she sang the song poorly. (6/10)

5. Scott MacIntyre – “Just The Way You Are” – Billy Joel — Standard Scott. Off key, pitchy throughout, relatively boring. Scott tried to be too close to Billy Joel, and he isn’t that good. The judges gave him the usual patronizing sympathy praise, but honestly, this was poor, but it was an improvement over last week. (5/10)


6. Matt Giraud – “You Found Me” – The Fray — Matt is hit or miss in this competition. He has some weeks where we are wowed and others where we think he is mediocre at best. Last week he was in the bottom three after a stellar performance. This week, he gave a weak performance of a great song. It had none of the punch of the original and was just painful to watch. (5/10)

7. Lil Rounds – “I Surrender” – Celine Dion — Lil should surrender the outfit she chose for tonight. The dress didn’t fit and made every part of her anatomy stick out in strange ways. The vocal was pitchy and boring. She was shouting much of the song and we found her extremely forgettable. (6/10)

8. Adam Lambert – “Play That Funky Music (White Boy)” – Wild Cherry – Adam belted this out, made it his style and screamed powerfully throughout. Great performance, one of many on his way to the finals. (8/10)

9. Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine (When She’s Gone)” — Bill Withers — Kris surprised us by playing a piano tonight. He also surprised us with his best vocal of the season, and he was excellent last week. He is getting more creative and taking more risks as he moves forward and that is what makes him a stand out now when he wasn’t before. (9/10)

So, we have Megan going home again. Our bottom three are Anoop, Megan and Matt. Any one could go and we wouldn’t miss any of them. We didn’t like Lil or Scott either. It almost seemed like they were all trying to be bad this week.

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