12/08 Amazing Race 2008 Final: Which Pair Is Worth A Million??

Tonight’s race came down to two couples. It could have gone either way. You have to watch the show to get the tension out of it, our narration couldn’t do it justice. Suffice it to say, Ken & Tina won, second place that is. Nick and Star took the purse. The Frat boys were never in the race.

It was very close with lead changes at every turn, and it kept us on edge throughout.

Congrats to Nick & Star. They took more first place finishes than any other team in Amazing Race history and to win the last race was only fitting. They deserved it.

You our dear readers are right again on this one! Thanks for participating on our poll. See you next season!

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11/30 Amazing Race, The Setup For the Grand Finale

The race last week had the Frat Boys finishing last.  Luckily for them, it was not an elimination round, but the bad news was they would have an extra task to execute (a speed bump) this week.  The first place team last week was Toni & Dallas so they got to start first.

Today’s race was through Moscow.  There were no planes, just taxis, trains and buses, which makes for a more exciting show.

First, they had to scramble for cabs to get to a submarine and find an actor that was in The Hunt for Red October.  Toni & Dallas broke out to the early lead, but by the time they made the submarine, Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina had caught up.  They were all basically neck and neck.

The Frat boys looked hopeless, well behind the pack.

They had to travel to a park and count statues to get a number, which, if correct, would get them their next clue.  The number of statues lined up with the page number of a book they would receive if they got the number right.  Each time they guessed wrong, they had to wait another ten minutes before they could guess again.

This was where Nick & Starr really took a nice lead.    They got the number correct right away and Nick found the book store pronto.  Dallas got to the book store second, but he was hopeless with the number.  Tina caught up and she didn’t have the number right either.  She eventually deduced the number and helped Dallas out even though he was on the other team.  Something Ken would scold her for later.

The Frat boys were still behind, but Dallas had lost a huge amount of time.  Still, the frat boys got a cab driver that didn’t know where he was going and took them to the wrong park.  They were really looking like toast.

Nick & Starr already got to the next park with a woman with a pony that had their clue.  They were so far out in front that only disaster could have prevented them from winning.

Dallas was now in third and looking to get back to his mother.  But then he made what could turn out to be a fatal blunder.  He had to take a cab back to meet his mother and left the passports and all their money in the cab.  They were left with no money and no passports.  They had to plead for help to get enough money to take the rides.  They also didn’t read the directions and took a train when they were supposed to take a cab to save money. That wasn’t the correct way to do things.  They were in third still, but the frat boys caught up.  Then another major blow, Dallas and Toni had to go back because they didn’t take a cab.  They would have to beg for more money and hope the speed bump the boys had to perform (a dance with a Russian dance troop) would keep them in the race.

At this point they had to take the subway or the bus to get across town and back. Only Nick & Starr chose the train.   We won’t get into too many details about the train and bus ride, but after it was done, due to jumping the wrong bus, Ken & Tina fell behind the Frat Boys, who had performed their speed bump and were in 2nd place.

Well, Nick & Starr were already finishing while the rest were still riding around on the buses.

The final leg wasn’t all that interesting, but the Frat Boys, despite the speed bump and being behind most of the race came in second.  Ken & Tina had a mild setback at the end, and had to run back and get a missed clue, but still managed third.

The lost money had been fatal to Dallas & his mom.  They didn’t even make the finish and were eliminated.

Next week is the finale.  Winner takes all!!

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11/16 Amazing Race Results: Instructions? What Instructions?

This week was rather interesting, but the usual “everybody catches up to everyone else” scenario played out.  Despite head starts and varying arrival times on flights from India to Kazakhstan, the couples all ended up waiting for a chicken farm to open as one after another caught up.

Once the farm opened, two teams had the option of a “fast forward”.  The two teams that grabbed the chance were Nick & Star and Terence & Sarah.  Unfortunately for Terence, they would be subjected to eating a horrible concoction of sheep parts and he is a vegetarian.  This was a gargantuan error.  He could not finish the meat and the team had to return to the beginning.

Those that didn’t take the shortcut had to find a golden egg in a stinky house of thousands of chickens.  But they all mustered it one at a time.

They then had to dress as cows and walk through the city and drink milk out of a glass at a milk stand.  On the bottom of the glass was information as to where to find the next clue.

Ken & Tina made the milk stall first and were in great shape to finish 2nd at least, and Tina downed the milk.  But they then made a major blunder.  They didn’t read the directions they had been given that told them the clue was on the bottom of the glass.  When Tina finished, she thought there would be an envelope, but there was no envelope (because the clue was on the bottom of the glass) so off they went searching for another milk bar thinking they had the wrong one.

Toni and Dallas were next and drank their milk and READ THE DIRECTIONS, so saw the clue on the bottom of the glass.

Ken & Tina had to loop back and get the milk clue and fell behind a bit.  But they were still ahead of the Frat Boys and Terence the vegetarian with Sarah.

They were supposed to walk to the meat market in the costume and get some meat.  But once again, Ken & Tina did not read the instructions and returned the costume first.  They were supposed to wear the costume to the meat market.

As Toni & Dallas retrieved their meat, and departed for the final stop, they saw Ken & Tina and told them they had to wear the outfit.  Ken & Tina had to circle back once again and get their cow outfit again.

Toni & Dallas went on to the final stop.  Ken & Tina got their meat next.  The Frat boys in the meantime got their cow outfit and scampered around looking for the milk shop.

Terence and Sarah got their cow outfit and started their search, but were solidly in last place thanks to Terence’s preference for vegetables.  The Frat boys made it, got their milk and their meat and looked in good shape, but didn’t read THEIR instructions.  They were supposed to walk to their final destination and instead took a cab.  They reached the finish but were forced to walk back on foot to the milk stand and come back.  This added suspense as Terence & Sarah got their milk and meat and followed their instructions to a T.

The teams finished in this order, and note number 1…again!  Nick & Star were done before many others even got started with their Cow costumes.

1. Nick & Star
2. Toni & Dallas
3. Ken & Tina
4. Andrew & Dan
5. Terence & Sarah

Terence & Sarah are done. They were eliminated.  Terence could not eat the meat concoction, and had he been able to, they would not have been eliminated.  The mistake was choosing to take the short cut and eat the food.  You can’t be picky about what this show will throw at you in a short cut!!   It would be the most costly mistake of his life.  Doubling back cost them the race.  Down to 4 teams now.

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11/09 Season 13 Amazing Race Results: Five Teams Remain!

The Amazing race was to be in New Delhi, India.  There would be no plane rides today.  It was purely a race.

The game started out with a game that seemed somewhat dangerous, but it appeared everyone survived.  They were supposed to participate in a holi festival.  The people get peppered with colored powder as they climb a ladder to get their clue.  Some did come out an absolute mess though.

If you remember from last week, our least favorite team, Ken & Tina, that had repeatedly finished first prior to last week, finished last.  They lucked out thought, and it wasn’t an elimination round.  However, this week, they got a penalty involving a Speed Bump.  That is tough to overcome.

Nick and Starr broke out first and had to choose between two tasks named “bleary eyed” and “teary eyed”.  The contestants have to look for numbers strung along in the town.  In “teary eyed”, they have to carry two bags of peppers one mile to a store to crush the peppers, which are hot chilis, making the task a bit daunting.

Nick & Starr and Dallas & Toni hooked up and partnered to get it done.  Clever at this stage of the game.  Terrence & Sarah were the only ones to take Bleary Eyed.

As their speed bump, Ken & Tina had to serve everyone on the street water until no one wanted any more.  They did it but they were apparently in last place and stuck in traffic trying to get back to get their next clue.  They were a mess and upset about traffic, but trying to keep their cool.

Nick & Starr pushed on and finished first and won a vacation to Kauai.    We like their energy.  Toni and Dallas came in 2nd.  Their cooperation helped.  The Frat Boys were stressed and tried to get help, but the Divorcees were in no mood for it because they felt it was every man for themselves.  But they were both ahead of Ken & Tina and a pairing could have saved them both.

Ken & Tina moved past their speed bump and searched for numbers.  They unbelievably picked them up faster than anyone and left the Frat Boys and Divorcees behind.

In the meantime, the only team to take teary eyed, Terrence & Sarah, stormed in to position 3.

Ken & Tina overcame their speed bump to take fifth place.

The Frat Boys took next to last.

And the divorcees, Kelly and Christy that didn’t want to partner with the Frat Boys, well, they finished last, and this was an elimination week.  Their mistake cost them the race. Bye.

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10/12 Season 13 Amazing Race Results: Nerds Don’t Rule

The teams have to make their way to La Paz Bolivia. As usual, they are all tied at the Airport and leave on two separate planes. The group gets to sleep on a street in Bolivia. Love these high budget shows.

The teams try to recruit local help to figure out the game. They start scrounging some newly delivered newspapers to find a clue. There is an ad for a hat shop that shows them where to go. All the people have to do is follow the first team that figures it out. D’uh.

But they all insist on staring at the paper trying to figure it out after the first team, the nerds have distanced themselves from the pack.

Everyone slowly figures it out and jumps a cab. Traffic is absurdly heavy for some. And others breeze through. Reminds us of New York!

They hit a detour. Musical March or Bumpy Ride. In one case they have to form a marching band and march to their clue. The other is to take a ride on wooden bicycles down a bumpy street. We would choose the latter. It just sounds easy. Rattling, but easy.

The nerds have fallen behind and are winded, now in 3rd place. The altitude is getting to them.

The bikes look fun, but shaky. There are a couple of diggers. Natalie looks hurt!

They all survive and have to go to a number of silly things including fake wrestling. This actually gets an audience. They learn how to fake wrestle and go through a stupid charade.

We won’t bore you with the silliness of everyone. But the first team was once again our least favorite. Ken and Tina. Ugh. They get a 7 night trip to Mexico. And they get a chance to sail in an America’s cup match race.

The rest of the teams in order.

Toni and Dallas

Terence and Sarah

Marisa and Brooke

The nerds made a mistake and took a taxi when they were instructed to go by foot. And despite it all, they are not in front.

Aja & Tye

Nick & Starr

The nerds arrive but incur a 30 minute penalty. That is practically a death sentence.

Kelly & Christy finish last, but they beat the 30 minutes.

The nerds are eliminated. Mark and Bill go home.

10/5 The Amazing Race 13 Recap Episode 2: First Place By A Nose

The Amazing Race was much more interesting this evening. Some personalities started to come out and we started to have teams we liked and disliked. That makes for a more entertaining competition.

The show begins based on last week’s finishes. The leaders get to start first. But as is the case in almost all Amazing Race episodes, who starts first means nothing? Why? Because they all eventually have to hop a plane to somewhere, and there are rarely planes available to go exactly where you want to go when you need them.

The teams begin in Salvadore, Brazil. Where they ended last week. Nick and Star get to depart at 4:07 AM. The teams have to fly to Porteleza Brazil. The key, of course, is they have to fly. And one by one at different times, everyone scrambles for the airport.

Ken and Tina get to go next, followed by Terence and Sarah. Mark and Bill were next. They tried to play out some drama by having the people speak of their relationships, but it was just filler.

Now, as you would expect, Nick and Star arrived at the airport first. But guess what? The next flight was hours away. Ken and Tina catch up and they all scramble to find a faster way out. By the time they do, they find a 6:45 flight, but it is full. They get on a waiting list with Ken and Tina now in the lead negotiating.

What we found out here is that Tina is narcissistic. The airline notified everyone that they had a larger plane than planned. Tina somehow thought she was the one responsible for the choice of the airline. They had rolled out that bigger plane just for her pruned and painted on eyebrows! Hardly.

Of course, now everyone caught up and everyone got on the plane. They were actually arguing over who got the seats closer to the front. That was what happened to the lead, it was gone.  This very silly saga repeats almost every week. We think it would be much more fair if the flight were not part of the issue. If the teams have to fly they should fly and resume where they left off (with appropriate time gaps). But the drama may be lost as the leading team expands its lead, so they have to keep on causing ties to give the weaker teams a chance.

Ken and Tina somehow ended up behind Terence and Sarah. Things happen funny on airlines. But Tina informed Terence and Sarah that they wouldn’t have even gotten on the flight if she hadn’t arranged it. This was stupid on Tina’s part. If it didn’t get arranged (by the airline with a larger plane), Tina wouldn’t have a seat either. The fact that it was got everybody seats. We hate narcissism. And we hate husbands that endorse it in their partners acting the hero. Terence stood up to Tina because he did not believe it. Neither did we. Ted said he didn’t care and tried to act the tough guy. He swore and was rude. We do not like Ted. We know had we been in Terence’s situation, we would have told him simply to go to heck.

They kissed and made up though and got on the plane. Then everyone scrambled for cabs off the plane. Some got lost in the airport so some made it out faster than others. Terence and Sarah made it out first, which we appreciated after Terence’s run in with Ted and Tina. In this episode, we decided we want Ted gone. We don’t like him, he cheats on his wife and he cheats in life.

First to the clue box was Terence and Sarah. They had to grab a Dune Buggy to drive up the beach. One by one the teams had to get in the Dune Buggies and boogie up the beach. At the end of the Dune Buggy run, a detour got laid out. Beach it, to roll boats to the sea. The alternative was Docket, which was to find a container in a shipyard after finding it in a database on a computer.

Almost everyone chose the boats. But it was difficult. The nerds took the Docket, but were alone. The scramble was tough, and as usual, at this phase, it was hard to see who is in front. All you get are people bickering with each other.

We watch one by one the folks getting the boats to the water. We could see them flashing quickly who was in what place, but we weren’t sure it meant much.

They had to confront a wall with a ton of foreign language destinations and advertisements and had to pick out their next destination. Mark and Bill were right apparently in choosing the Docket, because they were in first although we never saw them actually find their container. They found their destination on the wall first and got their next clue.

Why someone didn’t just follow them to the cab and follow them we don’t know. Tina somehow caught up and was next to guess. And it turned into a cab race. Kelly and Christy let their cab go when they got their clue and realized they still needed a cab. D’oh.

We were disappointed that Ken and Tina made it first. They won an off-road vehicle. We were disappointed because we don’t like Ken after his posturing at the airport. The nerds got there second. Mark and Bill lost by a hair. The rest in order:

3. Terence & Sarah
4. Aja & Ty
5. Toni & Dallas
6. Nick & Star
7. Kelly & Christy
8. Andrew & Dan
9. Marisa & Brooke
10. Anthony & Stephanie

That makes Anthony and Stephanie dead last. And they were eliminated.

End of story. Night.

9/29 The Amazing Race Season 13 Premiere, Introductions and Results

It is a bit early in the competition to say much, other than introduce the contestants. Believe it or not, they already eliminated one of the teams, an elderly couple that certainly looked like they would not last long. This is the list of players in reverse order of their first week finish.

Anita and Arthur

An elderly couple still living in the 60s, when they were likely middle aged. They didn’t look like they would survive a week. They didn’t. Nuff said.

Marisa and Brooke

They remind us of the blonde’s last year. Preppy, cute, but not as nasty…yet.

Anthony and Stephanie

A couple looking for competition to make them a team. He’s a mortgage broker, she’s a financial saleswoman. We figure if they don’t win, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, they will be broke.

Aja and Ty

A chance to start their marriage with a bang. She is stunning, he is handsome, but are they competitive enough?

Andrew and Dan

Animal house comes to mind. These guys would be the freshmen. Goofy looking, out of shape, and more at home on a couch.

Toni and Dallas

This is a Mother and her Son. Cute names. Cute personalities. Family values.

Kelly and Christy

Supposedly, both Kelly & Cristy just went through bitter divorces. We will see if their marriage as friends lasts out the competition.

Mark and Bill

Proud of their nerd badge, they collect comic books. They seem OK.

Terence and Sarah

He coaches runners and is quite athletic, but he also sells real estate. She has an MBA. Interesting mix.

Ken and Tina

He cheated, they separated, they are hoping the competition will bring them back together.

Nick and Starr

Nick and Star are brother and sister. Sounds similar to Toni and Dallas, but with the sibling rivalry edge. Hoping for some insults and digs from this pair, but they looked great this week.