USA Olympic All-Star Basketball Team Undefeated, Still Looking Like GOLD

By Evan Roessle, Guest Writer

As the United States prepared for its second game of the Olympics, there was little doubt in the outcome. The US team is far superior both in athletic ability and skill compared to the team from Angola. Angola’s roster lists its tallest player at 6’8″, while the US team includes a 7′ center in Dwight Howard, a 6’11” power forward in Chris Bosh, and a 6’8″ athletic freak in Lebron James, who can play every position on the floor. The US had history in its favor given a forty -point victory margin in past meetings.

When the game began, the United States started playing tough, physical defense, attacking the basket on nearly every possession.  James and Howard dominated inside with the clear size advantage, displaying their athleticism with high-flying, powerful dunks. While Howard and James played tough down low, Dwayne Wade and Deron Williams, players who contribute off the bench for the US team, provided speed and quickness in the backcourt.

Wade had the greatest impact scoring 19 points and grabbing 5 rebounds in his effort to redeem himself after the United States’ poor performance in 2004. Wade and James, the only two players from that team, have been demonstrating their utmost determination in their quest to bring home the gold this year. As the game progressed, the US expanded their lead to thirty points, sealing the victory. The Angolan team, led by point guard Morias, did not surrender easily, carving into the thirty point lead as the game concluded, but this still resulted in a 21 point deficit to the US.

In their second game in their push for gold, the United States came away with a 97-76 victory vs. an undersized Angolan team. For the positives, inside play continued to be strong, and point guard play provided numerous fast break points.

The United States team, however, continued to struggle from three-point range.This could be critical when the US plays Spain, Greece, and Germany later in the tournament. Against that kind of talent, the US may have to improve their low percentage performance (23%) from downtown if they expect to win the gold. That said, the US strategy of controlling the inside and playing tenacious defense have made short work of the competition thus far.


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NBC Olympics Announcers Take American Fans For Fools

No one can get inside on the US basketball team, and this creates little risk for the US in their pursuit of the Gold.

Angola scored few baskets from the inside against the US Team in the game, and this clearly shows that the US is not going to lose in this Olympics.

Announcers on NBC sounded rather foolish in their attempt to find every fault in the US team to make it sound like anyone could pose a challenge, even as the US cruised to another big win. We realize that the announcers like to play up the televised games for all they are worth, but they seem to be trying to take American fans for fools.

Greece is supposed to be a stronger team, but they had better be hitting their shots from downtown, because the US did not and will not give up the inside.

The US strategy is simple. Play tenacious defense on the inside, take the rebounds and drive to the basket. When the US moves away from this strategy, going for 3s and playing with less of a team orientation, they give the other Olympic teams a chance to score points.

That scoring by opponents, though, has been extremely limited, and we expect the US is still trying to find a number of game strategies that will work for them as they move closer to Gold.

US easily 97-76.

Photo Credits: NBC and Getty Images