Obama’s birthday gives blue check media opportunity to relive lapdog glory days

Today is former President Obama’s 56th birthday, and while his fans celebrate, the media continue to do their thing.

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‘Empty bleachers’: As Obama peddles hope, Md. Dems head for the exits


President Obama was in Upper Marlboro, Md. earlier tonight at a rally for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown, and, believe it or not, it was his first campaign event of 2014.

Everything got off to good start, with what one would expect from a gathering of the Obama faithful, complete with upbeat tunes and the now obligatory selfies:

Backstage with @BrownforMD & @RepCummings before the event w/ @BarackObama. Early vote starts on Oct. 23. #MDVotes pic.twitter.com/B1NVZUrBgv

— Martin O'Malley (@GovernorOMalley) October 19, 2014

Obama comes out to "City of Blinding Lights" … his old school campaign rally anthem

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Martin O'Malley and Elijah Cummings taking a selfie with the Obama crowd in PG County pic.twitter.com/Mk39cier6K

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

The president hit on his usual themes, including Obamacare, the greatness of the economic rebound and reminding those gathered of the importance of turnout on election day:

"Thanks to Obamacare" – Obama

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Obama to supporters of Anthony Brown, candidate for governor in Maryland. Get "cousin Pookie" to the polls pic.twitter.com/9xEEvg7PRm

— Toluse Olorunnipa (@ToluseO) October 19, 2014

Cousin “Pookie,” again? How many times is the president going to bring him up? Sheesh.

Immigration protesters were on hand, as well, chiding the president for his lack of action on their signature issue:

Obama to immigration protester: "Of course he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK"

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Sign says #NOT1more — an immigration protester at Obama's Maryland rally

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Obama to immigration protester: "Of course he should be protesting the folks who are blocking it, but that’s OK"

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Hey, the president said “bring your cousin,” not “su primo.”

But then a funny thing happened. The Obama faithful, who had waited in line “for hours” to get a chance to hear him speak, started leaving in the middle of his speech. Jeff Mason of Reuters reports:

Lots of people, at least up front near where journalists are sitting, appear to be leaving this rally now that Obama has started speaking.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) October 19, 2014

Steady stream of people leaving Maryland rally continues as Obama speaks. It's noticeable and noisy. They would have waited hours to get in.

— Jeff Mason (@jeffmason1) October 19, 2014

Maybe it was just Mason who noticed? Or, maybe not:

They got their iPhone photos, now they're streaming out: the 2014 Obama campaign rally story pic.twitter.com/gCbq6G7mjr

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) October 19, 2014

Pool: "by the time [Obama] was about 10 minutes in, there was a traffic jam next to the pool's tables as folks tried to exit the gym. "

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) October 19, 2014

And here comes the boom:

Empty bleachers – all of these people left after Obama started speaking at a campaign rally in Maryland pic.twitter.com/xdYvwhp2K9

— Katie Zezima (@katiezez) October 19, 2014

How embarrassing! More gut-splitting reaction from around Twitter:

@jeffmason1 please tweet pics/vid if they start throwing tomatoes on exit.

— Pumpkin Czar (@Mrs__Met) October 19, 2014

@jeffmason1 @JimmyPrinceton Well then why did they come in the first place?

— DCinAZ (@DCinAZ) October 19, 2014

@jeffmason1 more surprised if they stayed.

— Eddie (@eddiecarl4468) October 19, 2014

.@jeneps Ya know, you could always pull up one the other thousands of speeches he's delivered the past 6 years. They're all the same

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 19, 2014

@jeneps People tend to do that with celebrities, not leaders

— Army Actor (@AAJAQUITS) October 19, 2014

@ZekeJMiller For a person who is so full of himself that's got to hurt his huge ego. #Obama #Shenanigans #lies

— Fran Farber (@FranMFarber) October 19, 2014

Maryland crowd walking out on Barack Obama just like his father walked out on him all those years ago, leaving us with a psychological mess.

— Harry (@Tark31) October 19, 2014

Oh, well. Not every rally can look like this:

Six Years Ago Today: Senator Obama in Berlin http://t.co/285nuj6Uph pic.twitter.com/0YFyH9nts8

— TheObamaDiary.com (@TheObamaDiary) July 24, 2014

As for coverage of tonight’s embarassment in the MSM, however, don’t hold your breath:

Watching @NBCNightlyNews now in which @kwelkernbc reported on Obama's Maryland rally but no mention of mass exodus #journalism

— Rick (@StrokesofCandor) October 19, 2014

The president’s next stop tonight is a rally to support the re-elections of Gov. Pat Quinn in Illinois. Let’s see if he gets a better crowd than the one he had in Maryland.



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Reality Television 2008 Top Ten in Entertainment

1. Celtics winning 2008 NBA Finals

The Celtics pulled it together after a disastrous 2007 by winning their 17th NBA Title!  Most key in this is that their last title was in 1986, 22 long years ago!  The disaster of the prior season also sweetened the victory after the Celtics had an 18 game losing streak and posted a horrific record of 24 wins and 58 losses in their prior season.

phelps2. Michael Phelps and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Michael Phelps won 8 Gold Medals in the Olympics and now has to world record for most Gold Medals.  Usain Bolt destroyed all comers!  And despite obvious cheating by the Chinese women’s gymnastics team, the American Team including Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin took the most medals.  A disastrous pair of miscues by Alicia Sacramone led to a loss in the overall, but this team was possibly the best in US history.

3. Tina Fey!

We hope Tina sent Sarah Palin a huge Thank You card for providing her the perfect role to play on Saturday Night Live.  Tina didn’t even have to write the script, she pretty much used Sarah’s dialogue verbatim and had people in hysterics.


4. Batman, The Dark Knight


There have been many attempts to market the Batman story, but this latest series has the world captivated.  The difference a realistic feel to the characters and an actual fear of the villains.  Heath Ledger death accentuated his role as the Joker, which demonstrated that even in a comic book role, Heath was a blockbuster star.

5. Iron Man

While we did not want to have two movies in the top 10, we could not find any way to eliminate this gargantuan effort by Marvel.  Robert Downey Junior emerged in this movie to remind us of his diversity and wit despite a somewhat questionable past.  In fact, Robert’s bad boy antics enhanced his appeal in this leading role.

6. Barack Obama Victory Speech (Yes We Can!)

Obama won in grand style and gave an inspiring speech to America.  Almost every American heard this speech and even those that did not vote for Obama were moved.

7. David Cook Wins American Idol

Despite the judges insinuations to the contrary the week before, David Cook won American Idol easily with his unique approach to Rock.  This performance demonstrates an amazing ability to resurrect a performance of old and make it new and fresh.

8. Leona Lewis Bleeding Love Top Selling Hit of 2008

Leona was selected Billboard’s top new artist of 2008. She topped off 2008 with the number one selling single, Bleeding Love.

9. Mercy (Katee and Twitch)

We had to include this performance because it is the most striking dance performance we have seen.  The hypnotic music of Duffy, singing the classic “Mercy”  with a dance choreographed by Emmy Award Winner Mia Michaels places this solidly in the top 10 entertainment moments of 2008 and put Twitch on the map.

wii10. Wii

The Wii was available in 2007, but it took hold in 2008 to become the leading gaming system.  As people slowly forgot about the XBOX and Sony Playstation, they were getting in line to pay retail for this gaming wonder that demonstrated Nintendo is no pushover.

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President Elect Barack Obama: The Internet Genius Integrates Youtube! Watch Here!

Obama has brought us all something so new that seems to make so much sense and is of such brilliance that it kicked us in the proverbial pants.


Over the course of this election, Obama has captured the minds and hearts of so many Americans.  We have witnessed people that would seemingly defend him to the death, and that are angered by even the slightest notion that Obama could be wrong on any issue.

We have come to see how brilliant this man is, and while his campaign was magnificently run, that campaign could never have been as successful as it was if he was not the center of that effort.

This is the greatest new idea by any politician in modern times. Obama has begun what is intended to be a weekly Youtube event!  This is the first consistent use of Youtube or the internet to continually communicate with Americans about a politician’s  plans, policies and progress, and it is by the President Elect.  It is so incredibly powerful, because it can be watched at your leisure and on a medium the entire internet has come to adore.  It also brought him into our home in a way no other medium can.

Our congratulations go out to our new President, but most of all, we want to somehow convey that this was an idea that demonstrates his great insight into the world politic and how it can be combined it with the world internet.

Here is Obama’s first address.  We hope to follow weekly commenting on their content.  We applaud this effort by the President Elect and hope it will serve America in the way we think it will.  It is clear that he is the first to truly recognize the power of the internet and that the love of such sites as digg.com, youtube.com, and google.com, among others, could be used to unite a nation and convey American ideals to the world.

Obama’s New Catch And Release Program

Obama’s latest brain child? Don’t just close Guantánamo, but bring the terrorists home for dinner in America.

In his most recent statement in favor of the outright destruction of the US, Obama wants to bring the Guantánamo prisoners here to America for trial.

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The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Make A Great President (Part 2)

In our first segment, we listed the top 10 reasons we think Obama could make a great President. We are happy to see in our readings on the web that so many people are excited and happy about Obama’s election. We are also happy to see how well received it was internationally as well.

As with any new President, though, of course there have to be concerns regarding what could go wrong in a new Presidency. So we are presenting the top 10 reasons we are concerned about Obama’s election. We intend to follow up each segment with an article that summarizes these concerns just like we will follow up on Part 1.

Thanks for reading.

Here are our 10 major concerns about Obama’s promises and election.

  1. A scary health plan policy that will indirectly tax the healthy to pay for the sick, poor and elderly, shifting entitlement expenses such as Medicare to healthy Americans and small business.
  2. Increased tax rate unfairly and inequitably targets small business. Massive tax hikes on small business combined with required healthcare could bankrupt small businesses and result in a sharp loss of American jobs.
  3. Despite the incredible success of the Surge, the desire to end the Iraq war will likely not work. This could result in Iran invading Iraq, Civil War, genocide or worse.  At the very least, Americans are likely to be disappointed as we find it cannot be done and the costs continue to spiral out of control.
  4. Increased welfare and education costs for the not-so-needy. Problems in the welfare system are what started the Republican Presidential run. Abuse of government programs is just way too easy.
  5. Higher cap gains and dividend tax could result in a major adjustment further downward in the stock market. The current tax system for stock investments is already incredibly unfair to anyone that loses money, and sharply overtaxes those that earn it even short term. Dividends are a central source of retirement income, taxing them unfairly targets the elderly.
  6. Increased terrorism could occur if the expectations internationally of Obama are too high, and they get disappointed when nothing changes or if we get aggressive against Al Qaeda.
  7. Assassination risk of Obama is high within the US. This is something we truly worry about. It would be a disaster to see our first multi-cultural President physically harmed in any way.
  8. Social Security problems will be deferred for 10 years under Obama’s plan, and higher taxes will only address the problem short term. The plan for raising Social Security taxes 10 years from now is unrealistic and defers the problem to Obama’s successor.
  9. Obama has made way too many campaign promises. Disappointment could be high as his policies fall apart.
  10. The balance of power has shifted dramatically liberal.  The loss of current checks and balances in the system between Democrats and Republicans could allow too many liberal programs to propagate. This could result in a massive deficit well in excess of we are are today.

We would like to throw in something we fear a bit that is not really a concern regarding Obama, but something we are sick of hearing and hope as we move forward stops. We have constantly heard the blather about everything in God’s creation being Bush’s fault. In many cases, the issues being discussed as Bush’s fault had little or nothing to do with him or his policies.

We sincerely hope that if Obama’s plans start to fail,  we don’t just continually see what we refer to as “excuse politics”. We don’t want to hear…this failed because of Bush and we couldn’t do that because of Bush. We are hoping the Democrats mean it when they speak of non-partisan politics, but their recent attacks on Lieberman seem to indicate they are as partisan as ever.

The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be A Great President

We have summarized here the top ten reasons we feel could make Obama a stellar President for America.

We are impressed by America’s solidarity in this election event.  America was brilliant and convicted as they made their selection.  There were no issues with falling chads or other nonsense that could have clouded the result.  America made its voice heard loud and clear to the entire world.  Those that voted for Obama should commend themselves for having the insight and hope America needs.

It is our intention to follow each reason we list here with an article that sums up our explanation.  If you feel you have more positive reasons you would like to add to our list, please submit them in your comments.  We would be happy to incorporate them if they aren’t something redundant or negative.

If you agree that Obama could be a great president and choose to respond to our poll, please also DIGG the article so others can find it.

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Muammar Gadhafi Cites Terrorist Contributions To Obama Campaign, Watch Here!

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, with proven terrorist ties, stated recently “There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama.”

Muammar went on. “All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man. They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.”

“We are hoping that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic identity, and in his faith, and that he has rights in America, and that he will change America from evil to good, and that America will establish relations that will serve it well with other peoples, especially the Arabs”.

A Youtube video of Muammar, a known enemy of America and with known affiliations with terrorists is here, specifically referencing contributions made to Obama from the nations of terror.

Interesting Trivia:

Muammar Gadhafi, Moammar El-Gadhafi, Muammar al-Gaddafi What’s in a name?

For our articles we follow on The Associated Press, CNN, and Fox News use of the spelling of his last name as Gadhafi.

According to Wikepedia:

“Due to the inherent difficulties of transliterating written and regionally-pronounced Arabic, Gaddafi’s name can be transliterated in many different ways. An article published in the London Evening Standard in 2004 lists a total of 37 spellings; a 1986 column by The Straight Dope quotes a list of 32 spellings known at the Library of Congress Muammar al-Gaddafi, used in this article, is the spelling used by Time magazine and the BBC. The Associated Press, CNN, and Fox News use the spelling Moammar Gadhafi, Al-Jazeera uses Muammar al-Qadhafi (Al-Jazeera English uses Muammar Gaddafi the Edinburgh Middle East Report uses Mu’ammar Qaddafi and the U.S. Department of State uses Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi. In 1986, Gaddafi reportedly responded to a Minnesota school’s letter in English using the spelling Moammar El-Gadhafi.”