35 Struggles All Girls With Thick Hair Know To Be True

All of the hair = all of the problems.

1. You have to wake up earlier than everybody else so you’ll have enough time to do your hair.

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2. Or else give up hours of your evening showering and styling your thick mane.

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3. And if you sleep on it and let it dry naturally, you’ve got a lion’s mane.

Plus, it’s not like it’s going to DRY ON ITS OWN.

4. You’re always running out of conditioner before you run out of shampoo.

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~so many knots~

5. Blowdrying takes all of your strength.

The Frogman knowyourmeme.com / Via gifatron.com

And all of your energy bill.

6. Cute Pinterest hair tutorials? Yeah, right! Your hair ain’t got time for that.


7. You’re constantly putting it up and taking it down. UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN, and are never satisfied.

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8. Even just getting your hair into a friggin’ ponytail is a battle EVERY SINGLE TIME.

9. And then once you do, you get a crazy headache because your hair’s so heavy.

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10. One box of hair dye? YEAH RIGHT. NEVER ENUFF!!!

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11. And if you’re having a professional do it? Be prepared to be at the salon for the next 10 hours/the rest of your life.

12. Brushing your hair is a one-way trip to Nightmaretown.

“@LifeofaPrincess: #ThickHairProblems”Just brush your hair and get the tangles out”. ” literally what I look like

— montanathestate (@Montana Hastings)

13. And it usually ends like this:

#thickhairproblems”Just brush your hair & get the tangles out”

— _zoemann (@✖️zoe✖️)

14. Humidity is your natural enemy.

15. And straightening your hair just does. not. work.

16. Bobby pins? Your hair eats them.

17. These things totally don’t work, either.

18. You shed so much that you should travel with your own personal Dustbuster.

19. You leave a trail of broken hair brushes in your wake.

Just call me Mia Thermopolis #ThickHairProblems

— ShanElizabeth9 (@shannon grovum)

20. And they’re always breaking right when you need them the most.

21. You should probably own stock in Liquid Plumr.


~Clog much?~

22. Your hair can take ALL DAY to dry.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Via bushwickdaily.com

Which especially sucks in the winter.

23. And everybody’s like:

24. This is what getting your hair “thinned out” looks like.

That’s JUST the hair she thinned out #ThickHairProblems

— mackenziegel4 (@Mackenzie Gelineau)

25. Cutting it short? You tried that one time and ended up with a friggin’ #trianglehead.

26. Your signifcant other can sometimes get into trouble running their fingers through your hair.

Redbud Pictures / Via weheartit.com


27. Curling your hair takes a lifetime.

ive been curling my hair for half an hour and this is all i have done. #thickhairproblems

— gratatajackie (@jackie)

28. Or at least an hour or two.

29. This happens, ALL THE TIME:

Ultimate thick hair struggles

— Teenageanon (@flowerchild)

30. Regular hair ties are no match for the mass on your head.

Thick curly hair problems prime example

— jessstokas (@Stokolo)

31. You’re like: WHAT EVEN IS THIS?

These are seriously a joke #ThickHairProblems

— JayceeVieyra (@Jaycee Vieyra)

32. You laugh when you’re told you need to get your hair off your face.

33. Sometimes you get so frustrated with having so much hair you take drastic measures.

Self-inflicted terrible bang trim? (*RAISES HAND*)

34. So much hair = so much sweat in the summertime.

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com

35. You intimately identify with this picture:

<div style=" -webkit-animation:dkaXkpbBxI 1s ease-out infinite; animation:dkaXkpbBxI 1s ease-out infinite; background:url(

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This Guy Transforms Himself Into Celebrities Using The Magic Of Makeup.

Filipino TV host Paolo Ballesteros has way more talent than the Ryan Seacrests or Carson Dalys we have in the US. His talent extends beyond his onscreen career. He recently started making waves off-air with his Instagram profile, where he shows off his incredible hobby.

Using makeup, wigs, and contacts, Ballesteros transforms himself into remarkably uncanny copies of celebrities. You might find it hard to believe it’s the same face under all that eyeliner and lipstick, but he’s just too good at the details.

Jennifer Lawrence

Ariana Grande

Kim Kardashian

Daenerys Targaryen


Tyra Banks

Julia Roberts

Megan Fox

Katy Perry

(H/T: Design Taxi.)

These are truly transformative. I want to have him give me a makeover now. I’m barely able to get my mascara on in the morning, much less look like an actual superstar.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/makeup-celebs/

This Woman Can Turn Herself Into Completely Different People. This Is Talent.

The power of makeup goes beyond covering up pimples and filling in eyebrows. We saw some impressive transformations last week, but this woman is even more talented than that extremely talented man.

With a painting background, Lucia Pittalis uses stage makeup to completely morph herself into celebrities with such seamless detail. I wouldn’t want to be up against her in a costume contest.

How Lucia usually looks…

Jim Morrison

Marlon Brando in The Godfather

Bette Davis

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo

Frank Zappa

Walter White from Breaking Bad

Iggy Pop

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky

Keith Richards

Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead

Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote

(via Elite Daily.)

Impressive! If I saw her as any of these people on the street, I’d ask for an autograph. You can find more of her amazing makeup transformations on her Instagram profile

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13 Unexpected Moisturizing Tips To Get You Through Winter

Condition your leg hair and put on some lotion jeans. ‘Cuz it’s been a long, hard winter.

1. Treat your dry skin like pound cake.

Crisco is occlusive, which means it covers your skin and locks the moisture in like a seal. In the words of a Crisco user, “This is like a very expensive body butter, that left you broke and only able to afford cucumber sandwiches for weeks. But it’s Crisco. Moisturizes for hours like nobodies [sic] business.”

2. Splurge on silk or satin pillowcases.

San-X / Via san-x.co.jp

Cotton pillowcases may be making your hair thirsty. So, swap out your pillowcase for silk or satin. They also have the added bonus of preventing wrinkles for side and stomach sleepers.

3. Shed your scales.

Dead skin cells block moisturizer from absorbing. Try using a body brush once or twice a week with a body scrub (awesome homemade recipe here) to help rid your old skin.

4. Reexamine your vices.

Asmik Ace Entertainment


It might hurt to hear, but alcohol and caffeine both dry your skin. They are diuretics, which keep you from retaining water. If you have immense self-control, try abstaining for the sake of your winter skin.

5. Use moo-juice for gentler exfoliation.


Cleopatra supposedly did it. So, make like the queen of the Nile, and add some milk to your bath. Milk contains lactic acid, which sloughs off your dead skin and promotes collagen growth. Use whole milk for the best results. There are multiple milk bath recipes found online, but here’s a great one.

6. Coat your hair in delicious fruit.


Look no further than your kitchen to treat dry hair. The nutrients in bananas and avocado are excellent moisturizing agents. Blend olive oil, a ripe banana, and avocado together UNTIL SMOOTH (or you’ll be picking chunks for days) and slather all over your clean hair. Leave in for 30 minutes before rinsing it out.

7. Tell your bathwater to quit sucking…moisture.


Chlorine is sometimes added to tap water to disinfect, but it dries you out. Never fear, chlorine-busting bath balls and shower head filters are here. For a natural remedy, try using bentonite clay in your bath, which absorbs impurities.

8. Embrace stickiness.

Walt Disney Productions / Via deliciousanimatedfood.tumblr.com

Honey is a fantastic humectant, which is the kind of moisturizer that absorbs water from air and binds it to skin, and has anti-microbial properties. Use it as a face mask to banish dry skin. Check out a super easy recipe here.

9. Check if your hormones are out of whack.


In rare cases of extreme dryness and scaly skin, you may want to get your thyroid checked out. Usually, hypothyroidism is accompanied by other symptoms, so if you suspect something, don’t internet doctor it. Get it checked out professionally.

10. Bottoms up your beer for better hair.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has famously deployed this method to keep hair glossy and moisturized. Beer has been said to improve the quality of your tresses as the proteins in beer smooth hair and the nutrients keep it healthy-looking. So go head, and crack a cold one.

11. Go nuts for coconuts.

Coconut oil is basically a real-life miracle. It has been touted endlessly as a brilliant hair conditioner, moisturizer, etc. Basically, all this talk means you should probably just live in a coconut oil pool. Kidding. But this winter, think about investing in a jar of extra virgin coconut oil.

12. Make hair conditioner do double duty.

Nickelodeon / Via reddit.com

Put down the shaving cream and shave with hair conditioner. The benefits are twofold: You moisturize while shaving and you exfoliate when shaving. Shaving also exfoliates the skin, so you absorb moisture better.

13. Pull on some…jeans?

Wrangler / Via wrangler-europe.com

To counter the drying effect of denim, Wrangler released a line of denim that is lined with various moisturizing oils and butters. They claim to leave legs feeling “silky smooth.”

Remember, kids:

Paramount Pictures / Via weusedtoplayoutside.tumblr.com

Winter isn’t fun for your skin and hair. So, stay moisturized.

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