3/31 Dancing With the Stars Results, Holly Madison and Steve Wozniak Out- About Time!


hollymadison_dmitryIt it difficult to get excited about DWS when Idol is on, and that remains our primary focus.

At least this week, the audience got it right, getting rid of the two worst in the competition. Steve Wozniak & Holly Madison were sent packing, leaving only the real contenders.

Nothing has really changed. The front runners: Melissa, Gilles and Shawn are exactly who we expect to win and are still the top performers each week. When we get to the final 3, this will be a very interesting competition. Right now, it is rather predictable.

The dances from last night…

It’s too bad Dmitry Chaplin is cut off this early in his Dancing with the Stars debut. We enjoyed him in SYTYCD and he has yet to show what he can do in DWS. We hope to see him next season!

Sidebit info: Karina Smirnoff is engaged to co-Dancing With the Stars dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Current celeb partner, computer whiz Steve Wozniak is “giving her away” on her wedding day slated at the end of this year.


3/24 Dancing With The Stars Results, Apple-y, Rinse, Repeat


It is looking like we are going to have a bit of a repeat of last year
. They are repeating the Cloris Leachman theme keeping in Steve Wozniak of Apple fame for comic relief. He is funny to watch dance, but he has absolutely no dance talent.

The week went pretty much as predicted. The bottom two left for the dance-off was between our two bottoms next to Steve. The comic relief vote may last a couple of weeks or so before Steve gets the boot, and in the meantime, there is plenty of non-talent to send home.

The two for the dance-off with our comments from last night were:

1. Holly & Dmitry – Top Heavy Holly had a bit of problem getting her weight distribution right last week. She improved this week, but she is still a rather awkward dancer compared to the best in this group, especially when she has to break out of Dmitry’s grip. When he cannot guide her, she looks like a lost forest creature. And when she shakes, well, the upper body is completely out of control. Our advice, get a bra and practice more! (5/10)

2. Denise & Maks – the couple started off the slow slow…and dull…and we thought, no, please. Denise had no uinque and confident moves. She as playing follow the leader and the leader won. Denise is not our cup of tea. (4/10).

And nothing surprising happened. Denise still is not our cup of tea and was eliminated. Holly and Steve-O need to step up their game big time or they are next. Wozniak appears immune for the time being like Chloris was last season no matter how badly she danced.