This Mountain Village Was Rejuvenated With An Amazing Hidden Hotel Getaway.

There’s an incredible secret hiding in the Italian town of Matera. Don’t worry. It isn’t scary. It’s actually gorgeous.

Booking a room at La Grotta della Civita, a hotel in the caves of Matera’s Gravina River Valley, will send you back to the simpler times. Its medieval decor and stone walls would be the perfect escape for fans of Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, or anyone looking to embrace something other than their phone.

The mountain village dates back to the Middle Ages.

There are 18 cozy rooms available and a restaurant on site.

The renovations took nearly 10 years to complete.

It was deserted since the 1950s, when those living there in unsanitary conditions were relocated by the Italian government.

Margareta Berg discovered the caves, then inhabited by hippies, when she ran away from home as a teenager.

Later, she would partner with entrepreneur Daniele Kihlgren to create the hotel.

It remains mostly hidden in the community. Most local tourism offices have not heard about it.

There are no telephones or televisions, but for those afraid of completely disconnecting, they do offer WiFi in every room.

Movies often use this picturesque area for the backdrop of their scenes, such as The Passion of the Christ.

Though they mostly stick to the rustic aesthetic, bathrooms feature this luxurious Philippe Starck bathtub.

The staff makes each evening feel like you’re vacationing in your own private cathedral.

Kihlgren hopes to continue reviving the community’s abandoned buildings with restaurants, wine cellars, tea rooms, and more.

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Rooms start at around $250 a night for this unique Italian getaway. You can find more information on booking your trip on their website and Facebook.

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For Some Strange Reason, There’s An Airplane Inside Of This Hotel

In every hotel, there are some mysteries that are…well…best left unsolved. But Redditor yasbo found something inside his hotel that defies all explanation — a room designed to look like the interior of an airplane, complete with first-class seats and compartments to store fake luggage!

And you thought the sounds coming from the next room over were weird…

I looked it up, and Cloud 9 is not a real commercial airline. Not at all. Yet the Cork International Hotel in Ireland keeps a room designed to look like the inside of one of the fictitious airline’s planes.

The plane-themed room is filled with seats that are also massage chairs. For your entertainment, they always have a movie going.

It is eerily detailed.

There are even overhead compartments.

You can pretend to adjust the air on the fake console above, or even have an oxygen mask dropped on you!

I wonder what the view is like.

Why? Just…why?

A few Redditors believe that an airline may use it as a training facility for flight attendants, but this isn’t actually true. The Cork International Hotel says that the space is merely an airplane-themed room designed for businessmen to “relax.” Because what’s more relaxing after a long flight than tricking yourself into thinking that you’re still on an airplane?

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