SYTYCD 5 Tour Preparations, Top 12 performs to LA crowd


top 12 performing a clip of the Broadway, “Brand New Day” group number and some interviews.

SYTYCD Season 5 top 10 Live on the Ellen Degeneres Show


The Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 perform on Ellen. Ellen shows her groove with a “Calle Ocho” piece which was fun to watch; They’re all in sync! This is in two parts. First part was the dance and the second is Ellen talking about the dance with choreographer Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo and at the rehearsals.

LA Times: SYTYCD 5 Jason Glover and Janette Manrara’s final words


After their (some would say surprising) elimination Thursday night, “So You Think You Can Dance” contestants Jason Glover and Janette Manrara chatted Friday with journalists on a conference call about their experiences on the show.

Jason, on how he felt following Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi’s emotional dance, inspired by a woman’s fight with breast cancer:
I was definitely prepared [to go home] because all the performances were really strong and I think that the piece that everybody will remember obviously was Ade and Melissa’s piece. I think that piece definitely stole the night. It overshadowed all of the other pieces and it was absolutely amazing. I think that it kind of threw everyone for a loop because I don’t think people were expecting to see something that amazing. We were standing backstage and we were like, “Oh, crap, we have to follow that up? Awesome. What do we do now? They’re doing a piece about breast cancer and now we’re doing a piece about death.” Not fun. But I think we just went out there and had fun with it. You can’t think about those things before you step onto a stage because if you do, it’s going to mess you up and it’s going to show in your performance. It’s not going to end up well. I’m very happy for Melissa and Ade to get a piece like that and they got to experience something like that on the show. It changed a lot of lives and affected a lot of people, so I’m very proud of them for being able to do that. I think it overshadowed a lot of the other pieces but, like I said, you can’t worry about that stuff. You just have to go out there and do your best.

Janette on her biggest competition:
I think all the girls this season were really good and very talented in different ways. I wouldn’t be able to pick out one. I’ve heard, because we don’t get to read blogs or anything, a lot of people were saying it would be between Jeanine [Mason], Kayla [Radomski] and myself. But Melissa was also a huge competition because she’s just so talented and so genuine and so very real. I think her personality comes off great through the camera because she’s just such a great person. And not having Randi [Evans] around definitely made us sad because she was such a great person to be around, too, and definitely a powerhouse dancer.

janet_catdeeleyJanette on her previous career as a loan officer:
I was a senior loan processor. I assisted in managing the loan processing unit for Northern Trust Bank and it’s nationwide so I dealt with customers all over the nation. I helped a couple of people get houses and businesses. I had a pretty solid position. I actually was doing very well with my job and it was tough to leave it because, you know, it was just very secure. I had a steady salary, steady benefits. I had an apartment. I had everything going for me before I left it for the dancing so it was scary to take that jump and come into this completely different career of dancing and TV and all that. You should have seen me at the office. All my friends laughed at me. I played music all day and I was in my desk, moving around at all times. We’d have like little luncheons and little corporate events that we do and for Christmas and the different holidays throughout the year and they would always be like, “Oh Janette, can you dance for us? Please? I really want to see you do a little something. Do a little something for us.” I was like, “I can’t do that in a suit.” I really got into dancing a little too late, unfortunately. I realized how much I loved it when I was 19 so I had already started working at the bank. I already had a full-time job and it was very difficult to make that transition. I had to actually quit my job and leave everything that I had and everything that I had known to come and be on this show. It was a major risk that I took but I think it was a risk worth taking. It just feels more like home to be on stage, dancing and getting ready and makeup and hair and all that than sitting behind a desk and filling out paperwork for other people.

On whether it was harder to be eliminated after choreographer Mia Michaels declared Janette her favorite:
Actually, it makes it easier to go home. When Mia said that, I was completely shocked and I couldn’t believe that she felt that way about me. Me not being a contemporary dancer and her being a contemporary choreographer, just made me feel very accomplished. It sucks that I couldn’t achieve what Nigel [Lythgoe] and I guess Mia wanted me to achieve. But at the same time I do go home with a sense of still winning. I still accomplished something great and I still reached a goal that I think a lot of other dancers would love to and might still reach. It’s bittersweet. It definitely did make it easier to go home when Nigel said that he felt that he wanted me to win this year. Hard and easy, yes. Both at the same time.

— Claire Zulkey | Los Angeles Times

7/22 SYTYCD 5 Review, Top 8 Perform for votes! A tough one for America.

When you get to the end, it gets so hard to determine who will be the audience’ bottom two. We had the gamut tonight, from dancers that were in last place but launching themselves into first place, and from dancers that delivered consistent and professional performances throughout, but were still short of the first place couple’s dance. What is even more disturbing is that despite performing in the best dance of the evening, one dancer may still be in trouble.

OK, the judges love Kayla, we get that. And we do not deny how great she is, but the other three women are spectacular as well. And when you praise every woman, where do you leave the audience? In confusion perhaps?

The men were the weak notch this week and we are thinking this could be a woman’s year. There are men with confused personalities, but the women are as feminine as they can be, and it gives them an edge. In couples dance, it is all about a man and a woman. It is about their emotions and expression, and a woman that is a man cannot convey it any better than a man that is a woman. Gayness has nothing to do with our opinion of the dancers’ ability, but it does distort chemistry with the other sex in couples dancing. Paired dancing’s history goes back for centuries, and is an expression of the relationship between a man and a woman, and if, in any way, a dancer cannot convey that man or woman perfectly, the dance doesn’t quite have that spark. That dark, handsome and commanding man is just not there this year. But Season 2 winner Benji Schwimmer pulled it off so what do we know? (solo introduction and dance recap video at the near bottom of this post)

Here we go.

Kayla – We loved Kayla tonight and there is no doubt how feminine this lady is. How could she end up eliminated? Here it is in a nutshell. She has great lines, the judges love her, the femininity is there. But she isn’t any more feminine than the other gals, she isn’t sexy and she has an older than she looks feel. We believe that SYTYCD draws a very young crowd. Tonight’s first dance didn’t help in that regard even though she danced it beautifully. The Broadway style was sultry and wonderful, but it should convey sexy when it calls for it and we didn’t get that from Kayla.

In her second performance, she performed a dance that was some mix between Tyce Diorio and Wade Robson. Wade is of Killer Fame, and that is appropriate to honor after Michael Jackon’s recent demise. However, this came across as a mating of the two choreographers and the identity of neither. Still, the dance was extremely well performed… but… you know, Kayla is way too feminine for hip hop, so this is, as it has in past seasons, to be the one dance that hurts the feminine woman and helps the butch one. Kaya’s solo did nothing for us. (8/10)

Jason – Jason is working his ass off to be in this competition to the end. He has flaws, which the judges are often quick to indicate, but we would hate to see him eliminated. But Kayla didn’t convey the winner instinct in this week’s performances and Jason had no chemistry with her. A major part of couple’s dance, and the judges most often point this out, is chemistry. The feeling that this couple is entwined in love or some other bond that is stronger than life. These two look as bonded as oil and vinegar. Still Jason danced brilliantly.

In the hip hop routine, he was the better of the two and they delivered a terrific performance. He had the look, the outfit and the moves. But it may be too little too late. His solo, as always, was spectacular. This man deserves to be on stage alone, he is a consummate soloist. But his two paired performances could not make him stand out for us tonight. (8/10)

Janette – You know, some people are just in it to win. You know the type, they just don’t give up, they fight for everything and quite often they end up leaving as their challengers look on in awe of what they have accomplished. It is that drive, that hunger, that passion that makes winners. At the beginning of this season, we would never have picked Janette as a favorite. This week, despite great overall paired performances, ones better than those that occurred in her couplings, she was the best woman, and the sexiest. And only one dance leaves us in doubt… her solo. We just don’t think the solos turn out to be the deciding factor, even if memorable. (10/10)


Ade – There is something to be said for memory, something that gains votes. When people go to vote for a candidate for any political office, they often pick the person they recognize or the name they remember. There are two names in this competition we remember best. Ade and Janette. We have no idea why that is, but it says much for Ade. Unfortunately, Ade and Melissa drew a horrible dance for appeal to a modern audience and downright sucked at it to boot. We were thinking that Ade could be in clear danger with his goofy look and last week’s bottom two appearance, and we already picked Melissa for a trip to the bleachers. Then he and Melissa stormed back with a piece that would bring tears into the hardest and blackest soul. Ade was beautiful in this piece and showed true and memorable superior talent and diversity. His solo was quirky, but powerful. The quirkiness and that first dance could hurt him a tad. (9/10)

Melissa – This Samba wasn’t good. There was basically nothing we liked about it. Ade seemed awkward as though in a collision course with disaster. Melissa just couldn’t get the tempo. The costumes, which were supposed to convey a sexy passion, conveyed a clownish appearance which did nothing for the dancers, even if it was not their fault. The judges keep telling Melissa how sexy she is and what a great body she has. We don’t see it. She is by far the least sexy woman on the stage and does not have the allure to pull off a Samba.

But when it comes to contemporary, which is much closer to her style and focuses on emotion, this woman presents absolute excellence. The piece she and Ade do is one for the ages and brought every judge to tears, as it brought memories of Twitch and Kherington* from last year, but had more passion and was more dance and less theatrics. Yet, despite being more dance, it brought more emotion to the floor than any other piece by allowing the dance to convey the story more than theater. The art is not something words can explain; someone must clearly just see it. Melissa portrays a cancer victim, and it touched us deeply because a good friend just got the shock of his life when being diagnosed with cancer after spending a July 4th being the ultimate host and bringing pleasure and the best of hospitality to us all. Our prayers are with him.

The problem? Melissa isn’t sexy. Her solo was fantastic; ballet is an art form that takes incredible skill and dedication to master, and we appreciate that. We also realize now Melissa has drawn our longest paragraph, so perhaps we are justifying our position as we place someone in the bottom four we love. The less we say, typically the better. (8/10)

(*Thanks for the correction msg. Although we were also thinking of Twitch and Katee’s Emmy nominated “door” dance to the music of “Mercy” by Duffy 🙂 )

Evan – We always get the feeling looking at Evan he is out of his league, and then he surprises us. He has a Charlie Chaplin appeal. Some compare him to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, but while he imitates them, he brings a comedy to the steps more like Chaplain did to his films. The problem Evan has tonight is he is with Janette. She is so much sexier than he is masculine, it makes him seem off balance. She has more reach and more passion. But in the first dance, Evan was quite respectable. He was outclassed by Janette, but he brought a passion to the Jazz dance that was quite strong, but was it good enough for first place? Well? Then there was a romantic waltz. This just isn’t something we like to see a dancer do this late in the competition, especially with a woman much sexier than he. He tried, but try as he might, he didn’t have it. Then, he followed with a solo and, suddenly we remembered how spectacular a personality he is. Still, he cannot win this year. He isn’t as diverse as the other men. Like Benjie, he has the personality to stick around and eventually win on personality alone. Benji, though, was more original and overall …just better. (8/10)

Jeanine – There is a performer that always gets our attention when she dawns the stage. A performer that stops everyone and makes them want to watch. In her contemporary dance, Jeanine was emotional, beautiful and powerful. Her power almost seemed in contradiction to her incredible femininity. Her ability to convey emotion while she dances is something we have not seen the judges make mention of all season, and we cannot see how they are missing it. She also has chemistry with any with whom man she dances. You always believe her. Even if the man seems lacking, she appears as the angel that will eventually transform him. We believe she could dance with a chimpanzee and look spectacular. Jeanine’s solo is always the best of the night. Jeanine’s second dance was as a waltz, the kiss of death. But she made her partner look like he could love no other. Grace, elegance, lines…call it what you will. she had it all. (10/10)

Brandon – You know, Brandon is hot, he is diverse, he is powerful. We cannot say much bad about him except he cannot cast off his gay personna. Again, we have no problem with that, but acting is a huge part of partnering and most often, when we see him dance, we think to ourselves, he just isn’t interested in the woman, there is no chemistry. Brandon danced a spectacular solo, and danced flawlessly tonight. He gets a demerit for not showing enough passion, something Jeanine is never short of. Brandon’s solo was powerful as could be, but it was more gymnastics than dance. Perhaps he is overcompensating in his solo to make up for his femininity in the pairings. (9/10)

Well, wow, we feel like we ran out of dancers. We felt this week’s show was much bigger than the 8 dancers that performed. We saw a dance that, if it isn’t taken on the road, would be a disastrous oversight. But in counting up the numbers, this is the order of our performers.









OK, this makes it simple once again to pick our favorites. Jeanine could never be voted out this early. Janette is just way too entertaining and has proven she could be number one this year. Ade has been the least feminine of the males in dance, and delivered a spectacular piece tonight in his second dance which brought tears to the audience and judges. His expression combined with his strength is just a notch above. Brandon, we will give grace because of his incredible talent. Our problem with him is personality. He has to shake the gayness in couple’s dance or he is out of here. Maybe it even happened this week. but we don’t think so.

So that leaves our bottom four. Evan is wonderful, quirky and romantic, but only by himself. He has a wonderful personality, but nowhere near the diversity of his challengers.While Benji overcame that, we are not sure Evan can. But we do think he has America’s love, and his solo was a classic. Melissa is not sexy, she is not someone we just look at and awe, and she is not star quality without the beauty of her dance. This IS a dance competition, but other factors do get in the way, especially when it is close, so she is in danger. Kayla has the judges’ praises. They say how fantastic she is each week. And we agree, but these gals are all fantastic. Our criticism of Kayla is she doesn’t have have a familiar look. It is hard to pinpoint. Something that says that, while we adore her, we don’t know her. As another difficulty as she nears the finals, she is also severely lacking in the sexy department along with Melissa. We think she is in trouble. Jason is such a spectacular dancer, but once again, we think he is best in his solo. Both his dances tonight were strong and he was better than Evan, but not by much.

So, with all that verbiage, who lost? Wow. It is tough to give you the absolute bottom 2. So we won’t. You see our bottom 4 and it will come down to America’s choice. Flip a coin between Evan and Jason. And flip a coin between Melissa and Kayla. The others are safe, although we do have our dark horse pick for the bottom. Brandon came across too effeminate at times and may draw a low card. We have seen it before. Brandon could get nailed for his first performance. It is all a game.

But we will stick with our bottom four. We believe one of those four should go,and we believe that, of them, only one could win this competition, but it would take an incredible change in personality. Who are they? OK, we will say. Jason and Kayla. But we won’t say which is which.


We were very surprised to see Ellen Degeneres sitting in the judges panel, critiquing the dancers while being funny. She did add ‘some’ fun to the show but was sort of misplaced; even she herself looked as though she didn’t know what she was doing there- other than to watch the show and have the best seat in the house.  The only time she was serious was commenting on Melissa and Ade’s memorable Contemporary performance where everyone else were either teary eyed, sobbing or crying.

Top 8 solo introduction and dance performances recap)

The Top 8 performances

Janette Manrara and Evan Kasprzak, Jazz- “Move” (Metronomy Remix) —CSS choreography by Sonya Tayeh
Janette Manrara and Evan Kasprzak, Rumba- “Heartless” —Kris Allen choreography by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Jeanine Mason and Brandon Bryant, Waltz- “May It Be” —Hayley Westenra choreography by Hunter Johnson
Jeanine Mason and Brandon Bryant, Pop-Jazz – “Battlefield” —Jordin Sparks choreography by Laurie Ann Gibson
Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi, Cha-Cha – “Yeah (Como Goza Mi Morena)” —Chino Espinoza y Los Dueños Del Son choreography by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi danced Contemporary – “This Woman’s Work” —Maxwell choreography by Tyce Diorio
Kayla Radomski and Jason Glover, Broadway – “Mr. Monotony” —Kim Criswell choreography by Tyce Diorio
Kayla Radomski and Jason Glover, Hip-hop –  “They’re Everywhere” —Izza Kizza choreography by Shane Sparks

So You Think You Can Dance 2009 Top 8 solo music:
Kayla Radomski: “The Moment I Said It” —Imogen Heap
Jason Glover: “…Slowdance On the Inside” —Taking Back Sunday
Janette Manrara: “Seduces Me” —Celine Dion
Ade Obayomi: “Hater” —Various
Melissa Sandvig: “Heads Will Roll” —Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Evan Kasprzak: “Old Devil Moon” —Jamie Cullum
Jeanine Mason: “Let the Drummer Kick” —Citizen Cope
Brandon Bryant: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” —Robert Randolph and the Family Band

7/16 So You Think You Can Dance 5 Top 10 Results, Ade nearly calls it Anite

Well, not much surprise for us tonight. The two we thought would be eliminated were, and on the women’s side, our second pick for elimination was in the bottom two. Ade was the only dancer that did not belong, and we thought it like last year when Twitch was threatened, but really, had no business even gracing the bottom anything.

By the way, we would like to mention we met Twitch at one of the performances last year in Boston. Twitch was more gracious and more willing to please his fans than any dancer we have seen. He signed and took pictures and tried to please everyone in a very chilly environment in which he could have easily waved and departed. Twitch was not our favorite last year in the dance competition, but he is our favorite personality from SYTYCD to date. He is our favorite SYTYCD performer since its inception because he has grace and presence with his audience as well as on the stage.

randi_kupono_eliminatedAll that said, we were sad that we were right about Randi. Randi got a “luck of the draw” elimination. The Paso Doble eliminated her, and the costume directors eliminated her, and Kubono’s weak performance eliminated her. There was way too much weight on the poor girl. Tonight, she showed her incredibly cute personality, and you could see it was an error to have sent her home this week. But that draw of the cards was drawing a 2 on a high card draw. No matter how well you drew the card, it was still a 2. But she bowed out holding that two with total grace and personality, something we will remember her for.

On the men’s side, we were surprised that Ade made it to the bottom 2. We think perhaps it is his kind of goofy look that, at times, steals from his ability to be the leading man. Joshua had no such problem with any goofy smile. Oddly, Twitch did, but it endeared us to him and he better controlled it. Ade’s smile does not endear, it just makes you think he is a goofy kid. That is sad to say because we love his talent and think it nearly unsurpassed this year, but it may be his undoing. But then, Twitch learned and recovered, and so may Ade.

But the fact is… Kupono called it a night, and the audience called for Ade. Kupono was done tonight and had to be. Again, this was a partially because of a draw of the cards. That Paso Doble was very difficult. But the champions like Joshua pull those dances out of the fire and make them memorable. The lesser dancers cannot present the strength and personality necessary, and Kupono went down in flames taking Randi with him. Kupono dances much like his mentor, Mark Kanemura, but he has a feminine look and no evil or strong persona that could have pulled out that dance like Mark did in this one… He lost because he deserved to lose, combined with the luck of the draw because the dance he was forced to dance did not match his personality.

So there you have it. Kupono and Randi are gone. Randi should not be, and Kupono deserved to be. Melissa is skating on thin Nutcracker ice. We think she is in definite danger to be next. On the men’s side it is totally up in the air.

SYTYCD 5 Solo Performances from the Top 10 Finalists, Watch here!

The top 10 SYTYCD finalists perform their solos, for some of them who have never been in the bottom three- their first time on the spotlight with a solo…


Randi Evans: “Dream” —Priscilla Ahn

Brandon Bryant: “In Your Eyes” —Jeffrey Gaines

Kupuno Aweau: “Marina Gasolina” —Bonde do Rolê

Melissa Sandvig: “Gabriel” —Lamb

Evan Kasprzak: “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” —Rufus Wainwright

Kayla Radomski: “Rock Your Soul” —Elisa

Ade Obayomi: “Unchained Melody” —The Righteous Brothers

Jeanine Mason: “Violento (Up Mix)”–Bailongo!

Jason Glover: “Train Fare Home” —Muddy Waters

Janette Manrara: “This is Miami” —Sander Kleinenberg

7/14 SYTYCD 5 Ten for Ten (almost) for the Top 10 Performances

Tonight breaks the mold because the dancers must all change partners after dancing with their prior partner for weeks. Partnering is a very difficult aspect of dance. Sometimes there is chemistry, sometimes there is beauty and sometimes there is just discomfort. It is conveyed by the dancers if the match is not right and it cannot be hidden.

But as time progresses, as they spend weeks together, a chemistry evolves as the dancers learn each others personality and movements. Their strengths and weaknesses. Their rise and fall.

And then, suddenly, just as the dancers get in a rhythm, they are split apart and thrown at new partners. This is kind of odd in another way, because it does not favor the dancers that lost partners like in prior weeks. A dancer that lost a partner was at a significant disadvantage while the rest of the dancers maintained their partnerships, but tonight, they all were broken.

Other than having to dance with new partners, the solos really come onto play now because every dancer has to suddenly do a solo that can impact America’s vote. And this is even more important because the judges can no longer save a dancer. It is down to America to vote. Whomever gets the lowest votes on the male and female side go home, no excuses, no whining, no second chances.

So, tonight, we have to do things a bit differently. We have to rank each dancer and how well they did in their pairing and solo. We have found in the past the solo weights much more lightly than the pairing because the pairing tends to be more memorable, but it can be a differentiator in a close race.

Before we start, we want to say that all these dancers are fantastic. We love them all and we do not think any should be eliminated. They should all win. Which is what is great about this show, because all these dancers did win. They will all be on the tour, and they will all have the chance to be professionals with exposure beyond most dancer’s dreams.

Let’s start… we shall go in order of the voting numbers.

1. Brandon – Brandon drew Melissa as a partner. She is the most graceful and composed dancer in this competition, so she helped him. They did a contemporary piece to “Aquarius” from the play “Hair”. The piece was the best of the night by any couple. Brandon was strong as ever, leaping with aplomb and yet remaining in character throughout. Brandon win this night among the men, but his masculinity is sometimes just not evident and, in dance, it is required, so we can only give him. Brandon’s solo was too frantic and did not help him. He needs to realize that less is more and timing the music is more important than squeezing in the most moves. (9/10).

2. Randi – Randi drew Kupono, and this was difficult, because he is the tallest man and she is not tall at all. The dance is also a dance meant for a matched pair, the Paso Doble and this couple was not well matched. We felt Randi did a commendable job, but she lost a major feature that has been an advantage in past weeks. Randi is by far the cutest look on the dance floor. She has that truly innocent girlish quality. And this week, she wore a dark wig that hid her personality in an attempt to make her sexy. It may have helped the overall dance, but it did nothing for her personally. She danced the better of the pair and we think America has a major thing for her, but that wig puts her in danger. Her solo was not strong either. It seemed, not frantic, but at times strained. We felt some of the moves were accidents as a result of a slip or stumble and we couldn’t say it was memorable. (8/10)

3. Kupono – Kupono drew Randi, and it was not a successful pairing. There was little chemistry and Kupono was weak in the dance. We have to say, though, we give him credit considering this is a new partner and this was, by far, the hardest dance of the night. But Kupono does not have strength. He studied under Mark from last season, but Mark had this ability to portray a dark personality and an evil strength. Kupono just can’t do it. This dance was not good. Kupono’s solo was quirky and creative as usual and it was among his best. But it can’t save him on that dance. Oh my. (8/10)

brandon_melissa4. Melissa – Melissa drew Brandon and that is a great pairing. They did a contemporary piece to “Aquarius” from the play “Hair” and nailed every move. WE have to give Melissa the nod in this performance, but overall, both were fantastic. Melissa took her time in the solo, she was not frantic like so many others. We felt she could have taken some more risks, but we liked it. Still, there is something unappealing about her, which gets her a demerit. (8/10)

5. Evan – Evan was both lucky and unlucky in the partnering tonight. He drew Kayla, who is the tallest woman in the competition. She brings so much grace to the dance, but she also poses a problem for the shortest man in the competition. They did a Viennese Waltz, which is also trouble because this type of ballroom dance plays to the man’s dominance. The dance looked more like a regular waltz, but was still quite lovely. Evan wore heels to compensate and Kayla wore slippers with no heels. This helped balance them. Evan, we feel, did an amazing job.

There were some criticisms by Nigel, but they were misplaced. What was especially evident was how amazingly well Evan did the lifts. He is much stronger than people thought, as is often the case with compact men. His lifts were smooth and effortless and it made each of them memorable. Evan’s solo did something that only could be done by Evan. It was totally memorable, bringing out the Fred Astaire in the show and yet also proving he is no slouch as he flipped effortlessly near the end. It was the best solo of the night. (9/10)

Top 10 Solo introduction and dance recap

6. Kayla – Kayla is so incredibly graceful. Her points on her dance with Evan were incredible. Every move was graceful, but her dress was too ruffled and distracting. We cannot discredit her for wardrobe although the audience may without realizing why. Kayla’s solo was better timed than many of the women, and she can flip over upside down with both feet almost touching the floor at the same time while her head faces the floor. We have no idea how that is humanly possible. The dictionary shall have to be reprinted to place a picture of Kayla next to the word “flexible”. Kayla is just too diverse and too good to go home yet. (9/10)

7. Ade – Ade partnered with Janette. Now, this was an interesting hip hop piece in which Ade hypnotizes his partner into total funk. He did a commendable job and his strength and rhythm helped him in his performance. His solo, however, was not a help. Not because he didn’t have spectacular moves, but as is the case for so many dancers, he tried to do too much, looking frantic in the process rather than graceful. His acrobatics are undoubtedly the strongest of the dancers, but this is not a gymnastics contest. Still…(9/10)

8. Jeanine – Jeanine drew Jason, which is a good match of styles, height and talent. Jeanine had suffered with Philip, who was clearly inferior, and yet came through every week. Still, that could have been an advantage, consistently making her look superb in comparison. Jeanine is by far the prettiest girl here and it shows. Yet, she has the same cute personality that graces Randi. Her grace is unsurpassed, even by Kayla, who does, admittedly have better lines. Jeanine nailed this contemporary piece and is near the top this week. Her solo was flawless and well timed. She doesn’t do flips and gymnastics, it is just pure dance, and it is beautiful. (9/10)

9. Jason – Jason danced very well with Jeanine. and was on par for one of the best performances of the night, but we feel she outperformed him. The choreography was done by one of the best dancers the show has seen, Travis, who only lost to Benjie in season two on a personality vote. He introduced some incredibly difficult moves and Jason, while executing many of them, did not have Travis’s extension. Still, this was his first attempt at these moves, and Travis is a very tough act to follow. WE are torn on Jason. What can we do? Jason’s solo was cute and performed to character in what could be characterized as his best solo. It wasn’t as acrobatic as many, but it played to his strength and looked like a true performance, not some frantic attempt to get in more moves than the other guy. (9/10)

10. Janette – Janette and Ade did a great hip hop piece, but in our opinion, Janette stole the piece and she is anthing but hip hop. She is not the prettiest dancer in this competition, but she has the best legs and is the sexiest. That does draw attention to her when she dances. She also introduces a massive amount of expression and personality into her dance that makes you believe her. Now, the solo, well, that would of course be a problem right? Janette is all ballroom and a partner dancer. So, how do you pull off a solo with limited contemporary training? Well, Janette has the main component of a ballroom dancer doing a solo. She is sexy. And it shows and it makes her solo memorable where other ballroom dancers would fall. We are certain she can dance pretty much anything except extreme forms of contemporary. Her personality is top notch. (9/10)


So, where does that leave us? Shoot, it is easier to pick the best than the worst again this week. Sigh, it is so difficult to say who should go home, especially considering the luck of the draw can play such a major part in the result. Partnering with a new partner can’t always work, and it that dance doesn’t work, history has shown the solo can’t save you. Remember, this week, they are all ranked separately and the girl and guy with the least votes will go home regardless of whether they partnered or not. And the judges can only weigh in with their opinions, not votes this week.

Our bottom three men…

Kupono, Evan and Jason. How could this be? Look at our scores. These guys are fantastic. Kupono was here because of the dance he was condemned to dance, the Paso Doble. He was not believable. Evan is not as strong a dancer, but has massive personality. We think America will not vote him out, but we can’t place him in the top 2. And Jason, we felt, was not as strong as Ade or Brandon. So, who is at the very bottom? Our guess is Kupono, but this is a tight one.

Our bottom three women…

Randi, Melissa and Janette. Now this is tougher than the men to call. Randi, we believe, sacrificed her own votes for the dance. Wearing the wig hid who she was and America is voting for that all American look. She lost that this week. Melissa just doesn’t have the cute factor. She is graceful, but butch, and it doesn’t play well as we watch her perform. She looks like she is putting in a major effort to be female despite her grace. Janette is fantastic, but we have to give Kayla and Jeanine the night, so someone had to be in the bottom three.

OK, now our absolute bottom this week is Randi. We think the wig, as well as the dance style, blew her chance. And we also believe America had a love affair with Randi and Evan as a couple, and that was busted this week. We think Randi is at major risk. Melissa is also at risk, primarily because of the persona she conveys, and the fact that no one would vote for her above Kayla or Jeanine. If Janette goes home, it is because of the solo, which does not favor ballroom dancers. But we don’t see that weighing that much and think she is safe.

THE DANCES and the music:

The top five girls: Bollywood dance routine, Music to “Dlohna” from Pyar Ki Jeet, choreography by Nakul Dev Mahajan
The top five guys: African dance routine, Music to “Ballant Funk” by Ayanda Clark and Shawn Kelly choreography by Jeffrey Page

The couple routines were done to the following music:
Kayla Radomski and Evan Kasprzak Viennese Waltz, “Kiss from a Rose” —Seal choreography by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Janette Manrara and Ade Obayomi Hip-hop, “Love Sex Magic” —Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake choreography by Tabitha D’umo and Napoleon D’umo
Jeanine Mason and Jason Glover Contemporary, “If It Kills Me”  (The Casa Nova Sessions)—Jason Mraz choreography by Travis Wall
Randi Evans and Kupono Aweau Paso Doble, “Dies Irae” —Karl Jenkins choreography by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Melissa Sandvig and Brandon Bryant Broadway, “Aquarius”  from the musical “Hair” choreography by Tyce Diorio


Brandon Bryant: “In Your Eyes” —Jeffrey Gaines
Randi Evans: “Dream” —Priscilla Ahn
Kupuno Aweau: “Marina Gasolina” —Bonde do Rolê
Melissa Sandvig: “Gabriel” —Lamb
Evan Kasprzak: “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” —Rufus Wainwright
Kayla Radomski: “Rock Your Soul” —Elisa
Ade Obayomi: “Unchained Melody” —The Righteous Brothers
Jeanine Mason: “Violento (Up Mix)”–Bailongo!
Jason Glover: “Train Fare Home” —Muddy Waters
Janette Manrara: “This is Miami” —Sander Kleinenberg