This Guy Transforms Himself Into Celebrities Using The Magic Of Makeup.

Filipino TV host Paolo Ballesteros has way more talent than the Ryan Seacrests or Carson Dalys we have in the US. His talent extends beyond his onscreen career. He recently started making waves off-air with his Instagram profile, where he shows off his incredible hobby.

Using makeup, wigs, and contacts, Ballesteros transforms himself into remarkably uncanny copies of celebrities. You might find it hard to believe it’s the same face under all that eyeliner and lipstick, but he’s just too good at the details.

Jennifer Lawrence

Ariana Grande

Kim Kardashian

Daenerys Targaryen


Tyra Banks

Julia Roberts

Megan Fox

Katy Perry

(H/T: Design Taxi.)

These are truly transformative. I want to have him give me a makeover now. I’m barely able to get my mascara on in the morning, much less look like an actual superstar.

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