Of Apple Users, Geeks, George Bush and the Politics of Digg

Are there ways to get more DIGGs?  Indeed there are.  It has been noticed that something as simple as the title can make all the difference.  Key words like “Apple” and “Geek” are often found in titles for articles with numerous DIGGs.  Even hating the right person can get you in.  Articles that attack George Bush are quite popular, even though they likely never get read.  However, that isn’t enough, and the real truth on how to get more DIGGs is rather interesting.

We have often wondered about DIGG.COM.  The reason?  It makes no statistical or logical sense that their system could work on a large scale.  DIGG started as a web site for bloggers to help find other bloggers.  A neat idea, but not a commercial one or one that could work on a large scale.   Once commercialized and popular, everything that gets “DUGG” is suspect.  And many so-called blogs now are full blown commercial web sites.  They are no longer the friendly blogs used by individuals to express themselves that they used to be.

We would expect it to be the case, given these circumstances, that as a site such as DIGG advances in popularity, a few successful blogs’ articles would repeatedly grace its top rankings and the masses would generally get ignored.  We would expect, over time, the model for getting DIGGs would change quite dramatically, and indeed it has. Our part 2 will tell you more!  If you would like us to continue our story, please DIGG this article.

DIGG buried it because they don’t want you to know.