2011 So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Top 20 revealed, Interviews (VIDEOS)

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After thousands of auditions by some of the strongest dancers ever, the judges of So You Think You Can Dance tonight announced the 20 finalists who will compete to be named America’s Favorite Dancer.

This season’s Top 20 are Jordan Casanova, Alexander Fost, Tadd Gadduang, Marko Germar, Ricky Jaime, Wadi Jones, Mitchell Kelly, Chris Koehl, Caitlynn Lawson, Jess LeProtto, Iveta Lukosiute, Miranda Maleski, Sasha Mallory, Melanie Moore, Missy Morelli, Clarice Ordaz, Ryan Ramirez, Ashley Rich, Robert Taylor Jr. and Nick Young.

SYTYCD – Top 20 Contestant Photo Shoot Season 8!

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On Wednesday, June 15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top 20 dance for the judges and America on the season’s first two-hour live performance show. The Top 20 will be paired into 10 couples who will each work with a world-renowned choreographer to compose a dance routine representing their assigned genre. After each Wednesday performance show, the phone lines and online voting window will open and the fate of these 20 finalists – one of whom will be the named America’s Favorite Dancer – will be left up to the voting fans.

Then, on Thursday, June 16 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), America’s vote is revealed during the first live results show. The six contestants comprising the bottom three couples will be given a chance to perform solo routines in the hopes of convincing the judges to keep them in the competition. The judges will then decide which dancers stay and which two will be eliminated. Also that evening, catch British pop star Jessie J performing her latest single, “Who You Are,” from the So You Think You Can Dance stage.

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SYTYCD 8 Profile Spotlight: Marko Germar

Name: Marko Germar
Nickname: Kimboy
Age: 22
Dance style: Jazz
School: currently not in school, but attended the University of Guam for one year.

Previous job: works at Disneyland as a dancer for the show “Aladdin” The Musical Spectacular. I have been working there for about a year and seven months.
other training/talents: trained in tumbling and gymnastics. Technically, I’ve only had one year of training in an actual gymnastics gym.

started dancing at age: age 7 as a street Hip-Hop dancer where I learned most of my tricks on concrete.

formal dance training: nine years of training in a dance studio in Guam called DANZJAZZ starting at the age of 10. I trained in different styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballroom and Gymnastics. I did not train in all of those styles for nine consecutive years due to the lack of instructors on the island and the lack of money to pay for classes, but my dance teacher C’zer Medina was always very helpful and generous to offer me a work study program wherein I cleaned and worked the desk for classes.

Wants to work with Choreographer/s: Travis Wall and/or Mia Michaels because their movement is so organically expressive and full of honesty and truth. The type of movement that will teach you more about yourself than anything else.
SYTYCD dream partner: Kathryn McCormick or Alison Holker because they are both such strong dancers with such strong expressive presence. It would be an absolute honor to share the SYTYCD stage with them and tell a story.
SYTYCD dance inspiration: …Blake McGrath and Travis Wall because when they dance, nobody else matters. Not only are they strong dancers, but also strong story tellers with honest movement. They know how to put themselves in any position or situation that a choreographer asks for and do it beautifully without forcing anything.

Originally from the South Pacific island of Guam, Marko Germar moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue a career in dance. In addition to nine years of studio training, he is now able to learn from a variety of choreographers as part of the SYTYCD family and live his dream.