American Idol 9 Top 5 attempts Sinatra: Mediocrity in Production Leads To Mediocrity In Performance

The hypocrisy of how this show is run never fails to surprise us.  Week after week the judges have decried that the performers should be more current.

In the last four weeks, we have seen themes based on the Beatles, Elvis, Shania Twain and tonight Frank Sinatra.  Are these people oblivious to their audience and most likely their own rhetoric??  Shania Twain is the most current theme they can tap in four straight weeks???   Little question why Fox wants to can this show as it becomes more and more of a joke.

Next week we expect they will use Julia Andrews as the theme artist and have everyone singing tunes from Mary Poppins.  This show has lost all integrity when it comes to production.  It basically sucks.

You could not have paid us to go see a performance of five young rock, soul and country performers imitating Sinatra.  Think about it.  So they torture us on national TV?? Just Grand.  Lawrence Welk even rolled over in his grave.

It seems as though at times that the show is attempting to cater to a specific artist.  For instance, this week, the only artist this could have possibly unfairly favored was Mike.  We believe this show often does cater to the minority element, attempting to keep performers of color as long as possible.  Giving Mike the save over Didi weeks ago just confirms our suspicion.  The way the judges praised Mike’s dull performance tonight was also confirmation.  It was so obviously scripted, it was as laughable as believing the audience does not know the group performances are all lip synched.

Judging will be hard this week.  Why?  Because the show sucked.  Harry Connick, Jr. was the mentor, and is a fantastic artist, but not for a young group of pop wannabe’s.  When is the last time you heard a Harry Connick Jr. song in the top 100?  Would you even know it was his if you did?

We will, as usual, do our best, but our scale this week will be on a boring scale of 1-10, where 1 signifies boredom beyond which no human being could stay awake and 10 indicates boredom subdued to the point where we could actually admire the effort to perform on this sham of a show.

1. Aaron Kelly – “Fly me to the Moon” Half on key this week, this was pure karaoke of Sinatra.  A 17 year old singing Sinatra is comical, and this was akin to watching pinnochio belt out New York, New York.  Painfully bad.  Painfully boring.  Judges kind of liked it, but we have no idea what they were listening to. (4/10)

2. Casey James – “Blue Skies” –  There is absolutely no doubt who this show was targeting this week and last.  Last week they attempted to make us believe that Casey was in the bottom two after being the best of the week.  That said, this was painful.  It was dull, stiff and boring, but Casey, as we have repeatedly indicated, is more of a band lead than a soloist.  So what do you do to hurt him in the competition?  Have him perform a song from a well known soloist who died 12 years ago at 83!!! We give Casey a point extra because this was so unfair. (5/10)

3. Crystal Bowersox – “Summer Wind” This show has twisted Crystal.  They took a talent that was without repute one of the best Idol has seen and made her dull. The staging of the last four weeks makes her look like she is going downhill, but in reality, the show is placing her further and further out of her element and forcing her to perform songs no one wants to hear her sing.  Did anyone ever hear Janis Joplin belt out a Sinatra song?  Well, it was vastly more current then than it is now.  Crystal was interesting as usual, but dull. (5/10)

4. Mike Lynche – “The Way You Look Tonight” – This night was tailor made for Mike.  He came out dressed like Sinatra.  He tried to imitate the Sinatra style (something difficult for Shrek).  And the judges praised him in what was obviously a scripted segment.  They want to keep Mike in the race.  Pucker up Mike. (6/10)

5. Lee DeWyze – “That’s Life” – We have repeatedly said we like Lee, and he gets better each week.  But could he pull off a good night just as we were passing out on the couch?  To repeat ourselves, we believe Lee has the most recordable voice on this show, and he nailed this performance.  It was one we would have turned up on the radio without even realizing we were listening to a song once performed by Sinatra.  Lee just passed Crystal in our top pick for number one because even with all the absolutely dull choices this production crew has made week after week, Lee has stuffed it back in their face with a great performance.  Thanks Lee for taking an absolute sham of a week and making it fun. (10/10)


Last week we were very close to right about who the bottom three would be, but we didn’t think the cutie would go home.  We felt Siobhan would survive despite a horrible performance and a tie with the equally awful Aaron.  And we felt Casey being in the bottom three was just a joke or staged by Idol.  He was great last week, and everyone knew it.

But somehow, and we find it hard to believe it was the voting audience, threw us a curve and placed Casey in the bottom three after a fantastic performance.

Aaron should have gone home, but he didn’t even make the bottom three.  That set up Siobhan for elimination, who we had tied for most pathetic with Aaron.

All that did was leave us to suffer another week of a 17 year old that no one would listen to if paid.  He was lousy and still should go home.  Our scores show the bottom three to be:

Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox

Aaron is so outclassed on this stage, the only possible thing that could save him is how badly Casey and Crystal did Sinatra.  Not that it was their fault, but one has to notice that Lee did it with aplomb.  Lee has more swagger than anyone here and beat these three performers into plow shares.

Our bet would be between Aaron and Casey.  Because the judges love to praise Aaron despite how horrible he is, we are leaning towards Casey.  It seems the show is driving him out by repeatedly forcing him out of character.  This is no longer a show comparing the talent of artists to determine the best current performer.  It is now a sham of a show that allows the producers to dictate the winner by manipulating the theme to cater to their priorities.

We will once again say, Aaron should go.  He is immature, off key most of the time, and just plain dull.  But we wouldn’t be surprised to see Casey get the boot given Idol’s apparent objective to take him out.

4/29 American Idol Top 5 Results, Adam Lambert Elimination Shocker?

The show really started when they picked the bottom 3. As we expected, there was no surprise when Matt and Kris ended up in the low crowd. And as we expected, Danny was easily in the safe group. We said last night that Allison was fantastic and that Simon was way off the mark, and it is possible that the audience so strongly disagreed with him that it worked in her favor and put her with Danny, sitting safe, high and dry.

The only surprise, but not all that much, is that Adam ended up likely coming in third. Danny beat him in the votes. Allison did too. It shows he is not invulnerable and if he gets too cocky, he could lose even with his range. Many feel Daughtry got cocky and he went at number 4, and Taylor Hicks, clearly an inferior talent, won the year. And it is not clear at all that Allison and Danny are inferior talents to Adam. A good night in the finals or a bad night for Adam and we could easily see a different #1 than most expect.

The three entered the stage and we got to find out that Kris was safe. Adam lost to Kris too. And now was in the bottom 2. This was not truly believable. We started to believe it was staged by Idol to make things exciting. We have suspected that Idol has done this in the past to build the ratings and suspense.

So, would it be the season shocker? No. Adam was safe and Matt goes home. It had to be Kris or Matt in our eyes and it was Matt. Adam was a suspense thriller likely staged by Idol to keep us on the edge of our seats.


All it proves is that Idol wasted the save on Matt. What if Adam had a fluke tonight and ended up at the bottom like Daughtry. The judges could not have corrected a truly flawed decision. Matt could not win. He is not in Danny and Adam’s league. Allison is. Kris, not really.

So, here we are. Matt is gone. The top four are what they are. No one deserved to be there more this year. These are indeed the best of the best.

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4/28 American Idol Rat Pack Standards From the Top 5: Simon Has Swine Flu and Rap Is Crap

We have to believe for the first half of this show, Simon was completely congested. His ears had to be blocked to not hear what we heard.

That said, we may sound dull, but we have to repeat ourselves. There are two people in this competition. Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. We like Danny better because he is more pure. Adam is already a professional, which gives him a slightly unfair advantage. However, Adam’s range is the strongest male range we have heard on this show and for that, he is so far, the victor.

That said, we have to laugh when the judges say that any artist chose the wrong song. Tonight, the producers chose the wrong show!! Dullsville. No artist made us swoon, nothing kept our yawn from dawning, and there was little excuse for choosing an out of character Jamie Foxx to critique the singers. He had no clue and has less singing talent. Rap is Crap and until Idol has a rap night, we stand by that statement. (Audio performances at the end of this post.)

1. Kris Allen – The Way You Look Tonight — Kris sang everything on key, everything we well presented, he was cute throughout. The judges all seemed to like him. So, is it the show, or did we find him 100% dull for a reason? (7/10)

2. Allison Iraheta – Someone to Watch Over Me – Allison nailed this song. It was an incredibly strong vocal and demonstrated Allison’s range well beyond being a pure rock star. The only possible flaw was it was not in her niche, but that makes it all the more amazing. All the judges saw it but Simon, whose swine flu was showing. (9/10)

3. Matt Giraud – My Funny Valentine — OK, now Matt is not our favorite and he did a nice tune here, but he was outclassed. He had some stellar moments, but overall put us to sleep. Kris can’t win, Matt can’t win, Allison has a prayer if she kills it. Matt or Kris should go home. (7/.10)


4. Danny Gokey – Come Rain or Come Shine — This was a great week for Danny because he has soul, and this kind of music can be soulfully delivered, but Danny took parts to a level we never expected. This was a performance we could listen to a million times. (10/10)

5. Adam Lambert – Feeling Good (Muse Version) – Adam’s range is incredible. There is no doubt, if you go based purely on range that he is the best singer Idol has ever seen. He sang this song with strength and conviction, and gave it a Broadway twist, we loved it. We liked Danny a hair better, but still… (10./10)

We think Kris or Matt should go. We don’t care which. Allison, we would like to see present her challenge to the leaders. She has a magic that is hard to define for a gal 16 years old.

We hope Simon gets over his swine flu, but in many people’s eyes, he will always be…swine.

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